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Brandon Eisen Takes Down 2018 SHRPO Championship For $771,444

Brandon Eisen Takes Down 2018 SHRPO Championship For $771
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  • PG News August 16, 2018
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The 2018 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $5,250 Championship attracted 914 entries, obliterating the $3 Million guarantee by collecting a total $4,432,900 in prize money.

Topping the start-studded field that included poker heavy weights like former WSOP bracelet winners Ryan D’Angelo, Jeremy Ausmus and WSOPC gold ring winner Joseph Cheong, it was Brandon Eisen (cover image) who outlasted the massive player field to take home the championship title and his career-best score of $771,444. Eisen’s total live earnings now amount to $1,514,312.

With the top 115 places receiving payouts, several notables managed to pick up scores including Noah Schwartz (11th for $62,415), Ihar Soika (16th for $40,561), Loni Harwood (19th for $34,045), John Racener (23rd for $28,637), Indian-origin player Raman Sivkumar (34th for $20,037), Patrick Clarke (41st for $17,333), Ralph Massey (59th for $13,919), along with Indian-origin players Ajay Chabra (76th for $11,747) and Kunal Patel (83rd for $10,728).

Matt Bretzfield (10th for $62,415) bubbled the nine-handed final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Brandon Eisen – 7,330,000

2. Stoyan Obreshkov – 6,540,000

3. Marcos Exterkotter – 4,370,000

4. Jeremy Ausmus – 4,090,000

5. Jared Griener – 3,975,000

6. Ryan D’Angelo – 3,810,000

7. Adam Adler – 3,745,000

8. Ido Ashkenazi – 1,470,0003

9. Joseph Cheong – 1,265,000

Final Table Recap

Early on, Stoyan Obreshkov and Marcos Exterkotter went head-to-head for a pot worth 3.2 million. With the board showing , Obreshkov shoved all in with for a turned straight and Exterkotter called with but exited in ninth place.

On the 17th hand of the final table, short-stacked Joseph Cheong moved all-in and was called by Jeremy Ausmus. The former’s could not match up to the latter’s with a king coming up on the window, resulting in Cheong’s exit in eight place.

Nine hands later, with the flop open , Jared Griener check-raised all in holding . Obreshkov called with . While the turn completed Griener’s clubs flush, the river brought Obreshkov a full house and Griener busted in seventh place.

On the 54th hand, another short-stacked player Ido Ashkenazi pitted his against Eisen’s . With the runout not offering much help to Ashkenazi, he was sent packing in sixth place.

Soon thereafter, Adam Adler 3-bet all in and received a call from Ausmus. Both players tabled their cards.

Adam Adler

Jeremy Ausmus

Usually this would be a chop, but Adler was a slight favourite with suited cards. But as luck would have it, the community cards spread out and Ausmus rivered a one card hearts flush ending Adler’s run in fifth place.

In the very next hand,Ausmus opened, Eisen called and Ryan D’Angelo 3-bet. Ausmus folded, Eisen shoved all in with and D’Angelo called with . The board missed both players and Eisen’s pocket sixes won him the pot, resulting in D’Angelo’s fourth place finish.

The game was down to three-handed play and on the 61st hand, Stoyan Obreshkov limped, Ausmus raised while Eisen 3-bet from big blind. Obreshkov called again and Ausmus folded. The flop fell , Eisen bet 900,000 and Obreshkov called increasing the pot of 4.6 Million. The turn brought , Eisen check-raised all in and Obreshkov called.

Brandon Eisen

Stoyan Obreshkov

Needing an ace or a queen on the river, Obreshkov instead found the and hit the rail in third place.

The heads-up play started with Brandon Eisen in the lead with 23,000,000 in chips to Jeremy Ausmus`s 13,000,000. The heads-up confrontation continued for 23 more hands and on 84th hand, Eisen and Ausmus saw a flop of . Ausmus bet 300,000 and Eisen called to see the turn . Ausmus bet 800,000 and Eisen called. The river card opened and Eisen led out for 2.1 Million. Ausmus check-raised to 8 Million, prompting Eisen to call, creating a pot of 18.9 Million. Eisen revealed that he had rivered a nine-high straight with, but Ausmus tabled for a flopped full house. This hand reversed the chip counts putting Ausmus firmly in the lead with 23,550,000, and now Eisen had to catch up with 13,050,000.

Eisen chipped his way back to the top and on the 144th hand, Eisen moved all-in from the small blind and Ausmus tanked for a while before calling from the big blind.

Brandon Eisen

Jeremy Ausmus

The flop came and Eisen hit two pairs. Ausmus picked up top pair of kings on the turn and needed another king or a five, but the river brought the , dashing Ausmus hopes, while Eisen won the championship title along with the top prize of $771,444.

Brandon Eisen
Brandon Eisen

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Brandon Eisen – $771,444

2. Jeremy Ausmus – $540,459

3. Stoyan Obreshkov – $349,889

4. Ryan D’Angelo – $258,615

5. Adam Adler – $195,491

6. Ido Ashkenazi – $156,215

7. Jared Griener – $129,308

8. Joseph Cheong – $102,843

9. Marcos Exterkotter – $77,132

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