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Brandon Sheils Wins partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK £1,100 Open For £180,000

Brandon Sheils
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  • PG News October 4, 2018
  • 6 Mins Read

Fielded across five starting flights, the £1,100 Open at the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK drew in a total of 1,009 runners, generating a prize pool worth £1,009,000. Outlasting the massive field was Birmingham native Brandon Sheils (cover image), who emerged as the victor and claimed the trophy and first-place prize money worth £180,000.

Entering the final table as the chip leader, Sheils dominated the game eliminating Tom Smith, Iaron Lightbourne, Rory Liffey and Artur Gjoka, to emerge as the eventual champion!

With the top 119 places receiving payouts, several notables finished in the money including Chris Da-Silva (11th for £8,500), Joe Parsons (14th for £7,750), Stephen Ayres (22nd for £6,250), Benny Glaser (28th for £5,500), partypoker pro Natalia Breviglieri (45th for £4,800) and Adam Maxwell (56th for £4,100).

Mark Dyson (10th for £8,500) bubbled the final table.

partypoker LIVE
partypoker LIVE

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Brandon Sheils – 253,500,000

2. Rory Liffey – 162,000,000

3. Artur Gjoka – 140,500,000

4. Daniel Rezaei – 130,000,000

5. Iaron Lightbourne – 93,500,000

6. Dean Hutchison – 80,000,000

7. Anthony Wickert – 56,500,000

8. Tom Smith – 54,000,000

9. Anatoly Filatov – 36,500,000

Final Table Recap

Short-stacked Tom Smith was the first to depart from the nine-handed final table. He raised to 5.5 Million from under-the-gun and received a call from Daniel Rezaei in middle position, while Brandon Sheils raised to 23.5 Million from the small blind. Smith shoved all-in for 78 Million with ace-king. Sheils called with a pair of jacks and Rezaei folded. The board brought four-five-six-ten-five, and the stronger hand eliminated Smith in ninth place.

A little while after the first 15-minute break, Artur Gjoka orchestrated the double elimination of Anthony Wickert and Anatoly Filatov. Wickert moved all-in from under-the-gun for around 35 Million and sitting next to him, Filatov reshoved for around one million more. Gjoka jammed from the cutoff and the rest of the table folded.

Anthony Wickert card 1card 3

Anatoly Filatov card 2card 1

Artur Gjoka card 1card 3

The community cards opened card 3card 2card 3card 3card 1 and Gjoka’s pocket jacks ousted both players from the game. Filatov was confirmed to have the bigger stack of the two departing players and therefore he finished in seventh place, while Wickert took home the eighth place prize money.

Less than five minutes later, short-stacked Daniel Rezaei went all-in from big blind with card 3card 1 and Rory Liffey called from small blind with card 3card 3 putting the former’s tournament life at risk. The runout card 1card 1card 2card 1card 2 missed both players and Liffey’s ace-kicker held on, as Rezaei was eliminated in sixth place.

A few hands later, the action folded to Iaron Lightbourne in the small blind and he raised to 10 Million holding card 2card 2. Sheils 3-bet to 31 Million from big blind with card 1card 3. Lightbourne counted his stack and tanked for 20 seconds before moving all in and Sheils snap-called. The board revealed card 3card 3card 3card 2card 3, and Sheils clipped a set of kings on the flop, while Lightbourne was sent to the rail in fifth place.

Prior to the dinner break, Liffey jammed from the cutoff holding card 3card 1 and Dean Hutchison called from the big blind with card 1card 3. The flop card 3card 3card 2 didn’t effect either player, but the remaining two streets card 1 & card 2 spelled disaster for Hutchison, as Liffey rivered a straight eliminating the former in fourth place.

Just after the dinner break, Gjoka folded on the button, while Sheils moved all in for 749 Million from the small blind with pocket threes. He picked up a caller in Rory Liffey, who called from the big blind holding card 3card 3. The flop card 1card 3card 3 gave Liffey the lead and the turn card 3 had no impact on either player. The card 2 on the river bettered Sheils hand to three-of-a-kind threes, which ended Liffey’s run in third place.

The heads-up play began with Brandon Sheils in a commendable lead with 869,000,000, while Artur Gjoka had 189,000,000. As the match-up continued, Sheils extended his lead and within an hour the event was over. On the final hand, Gjoka called from the button with card 2card 3 and Sheils checked with card 3card 3. The flop fell card 3card 1card 3 and Sheils picked up an eight-high straight while Gjoka landed top pair. With the pot already amounting to 8 Million, Gjoka bet another 25 Million and Sheils moved all-in. Gjoka snap-called. With rapidly dwindling chances of winning the pot, the card 2 on the turn was of no help to Gjoka. The card 3 on the river completed the board and dashed Gjoka’s chances of winning the event as he settled for a runner-up finish. Sheils’ rail erupted with cheers as he took down the trophy and top prize of £180,000.

Brandon Sheils
Brandon Sheils

Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Brandon Sheils – £180,000

2. Artur Gjoka – £112,000

3. Rory Liffey – 7£5,000

4. Dean Hutchison – £50,000

5. Iaron Lightbourne – £35,000

6. Daniel Rezaei – £25,000

7. Anatoly Filatov – £18,000

8. Anthony Wickert – £13,000

9. Tom Smith – £10,030

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