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Captain of Ports in Goa Proposes Significant Increase in Mooring Fees & Rent For Offshore Casinos

Captain of Ports
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  • Atmadeep Ghosh February 12, 2023
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The Captain of Ports (CoP) in Goa has proposed significant changes to the mooring fees and rent for all floating vessels like offshore casinos, floating restaurants, river cruises, and fishing vessels operating within its jurisdiction. In a move aimed at increasing the department’s revenue, CoP has done away with the earlier flat fee structure based on the vessel size and introduced five categories for vessels, each with its own monthly mooring fee structure and rent.

Under the new system, offshore casinos, vessels, transhippers, and floating restaurants will be required to pay ₹500 per sq. meter per month to moor anywhere within CoP’s jurisdiction. Floating jetties will pay ₹400 per sq. meter, while all other vessels will only need to pay ₹50 per sq. meter. This marks a major change from the previous fixed rate of ₹10 per sq. meter for all vessels.

The CoP has also raised the upfront rental fees for jetty space, with casinos now paying ₹3,000 per sq. meter for office and reception space, compared to their previous ₹1,000 to ₹2,000 per sq. meter. On the other hand, river cruises will have to shell out a nominal ₹100 per sq. meter.

According to Ports Captain Vikas Gaunekar, the department has given the business community and other stakeholders 15 days to express any concerns about the proposed changes. He also stated that traditional fishermen will now pay ₹10 per sq. meter per month, while workshops will be subject to the highest rate of ₹200 per sq. meter per month.

In addition to these changes, the CoP has introduced penalties for failure to renew permission before it expires, pegged at 5% of the mooring fee. For the annual renewal of the permit, an inspection fee of ₹1,000 will be charged.

The proposed fees are subject to government approval. Still, if approved, they are expected to significantly increase the operating costs for casinos and other vessels operating from River Madovi and other coastal waters in Goa.

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