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Gossip Column: Crazy Prop Bet Has Poker Player Living in a Dark Room For 30 Days & Poker Night in America Faces Heat For Mocking Amateurs

Crazy Prop Bet & Poker Night In America
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 29, 2018
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Did you hear about the crazy prop bet that’s been taken up by an unknown player? He’s going to live it out in a dark bathroom for 30 days without any outside connect and only a refrigerator stocked with food and yes, also a bed among few other things! Everyone is trying to find out who this player is, and Danielle ‘DMoonGirl Andersen seems to be among the few who knows the identity of the mystery player but she’s not telling.

Poker Night in America (PNIA) hasn’t been very nice to poker newbies in the past and has routinely been seen sharing videos and commentary picking on amateurs for their lack of experience. The poker TV show is now facing the ire of PokerStars pro Jake Cody who lambasted the program hosts for the “disgusting” commentary on an amateur player, Sebastien Labbe who was on the final table of the C$2,200 World Cup of Cards Canadian Poker Championship. PNIA had posted a YouTube video mocking Labbe.

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Crazy Prop Bet Has Poker Player Living in a Dark Room For 30 Days

Outrageous prop bets are quite usual in the poker circuit and some players can go to any length to gamble over bizarre bets. From what we hear, a certain poker player has agreed to a prop bet that will have him living in a dark bathroom for 30 days, all for $100,000!

Dark Room Prop Bet

Going by the bet, the individual will have to stay in a dark, unlocked bathroom with no human interaction. Though he’d get a refrigerator with enough food and water and can also have fresh food delivered to him, along with vitamins but there’s no way he can have alcohol, sleep aids or other drugs. Oh and yes, toiletries, a bed, padde ball and a Rubik’s cube are going to be his only sources of comfort.

Well, haven’t we heard that before? Back in 2008, a Bellagio regular had bet Andrew Robl and Alec Torelli that he would live in a lit bathroom at a Bellagio hotel room for 30 days. We really don’t know what happened of that bet since there was no declared outcome, but the player did have it easier, with access to a DVD player and limited access to a phone.

This latest one takes the cake for stepping up on outrageousness and the poker world is not keeping quiet.

“This is the most damaging prop bet I’ve ever come across,” said poker veteran Paul Oresteen. And Nolan Dalla seemed to agree. “There’s nothing either appealing or entertaining or intriguing about this unless one enjoys wagering on acts of torture and potential mental deformity,” he said.

As to who the player is, who’s agreed to the bet, none except Danielle ‘DMoonGirl Andersen knows. Andersen made the bet public in a recent Facebook post, and clarified that the player wanted to keep his identity a secret.

Danielle ‘DMoonGirl Andersen
Danielle ‘DMoonGirl Andersen

“As some of you may be aware, us poker players like to bet on everything & anything. This is one of the crazier ones I’ve heard of in a while. Figured I’d share for those interested in this crazy world,” Andersen posted. “A guy I play with has bet another player 100k he can stay in a DARK bathroom, with no human interaction for 30 days. I’m not 100% on the specifics of the bet, but here are the conditions…”

Later, Allen Kessler reposted Andersen’s post on TwoPlusTwo and found tons of comments. In fact, Kessler also took a poll on this, seeking opinion from people and questions whether they would be able to accomplish the feat.

Many felt that the player didn’t have much of a chance to complete the bet. But there’s the catch. On failing to complete the bet, the player will have to dish out $100,000 from his own pocket.

Others said it wasn’t so difficult as it seems. “I love this prop,” said Josh Turner. “Personally, I think with the provisions he gets, if his mental game is even close to semi-strong, it shouldn’t be that hard. I think people can and do endure much, much worse with no permanent side effects.”

Evidently there’s a livestream/camera set up to ensure that the player doesn’t cheat.

Would the anonymous player be able to pull it off in the end?

According to Andersen’s FB post, he’s already a few days into it. In Andersen’s own words, “Easy money or drawing dead?” We can’t wait to find out.

Poker Night in America Accused of Mistreating Amateurs

A little playful bantering or trash talking during indoor/outdoor sporting events is fun, but downright bullying is not! And that’s exactly what the television program Poker Night in America (PNIA) has been accused of. PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody recently took to Twitter to call out PNIA for routinely picking on amateurs for their lack of experience.

PokerStars pro Jake Cody
PokerStars pro Jake Cody

A clip was posted on YouTube by PNIA from the final table of the C$2,200 buy-in World Cup of Cards Canadian Poker Championship held on September 2017. In the clip, PNIA hosts were heard making snide remarks about recreational poker player Sebastien Labbe.

Prior to the event, Labbe only had a single score of $374 to his credit which came in the C$200 + 30 No Limit Hold’em 8-Max Bounty at the 2016 World Cup of Cards, Kahnawake. The commentators at the event felt it necessary to mention this to the viewing audience, that too, within the concerned player’s earshot. They even alleged that Labbe was intentionally slow-playing with one commentator adding, “Labbe, wasting our time for no reason.”

Cody posted a tweet calling out PNIA for unnecessarily mocking Labbe.


Cody also looked up a few of PNIA’s older videos and discovered that those too involved a lot of player-shaming.


Cody received a lot of positive feedback from the poker fraternity. Summer Tobie, a recreational poker player, stated “I actually agree that’s so gross. It’s so embarrassing already as a new player without being picked on like this. Everyone says poker needs new players but with attitudes like this it’s not surprising so many people don’t get into it.”

Poker player and streamer Kevin Martin also commented on the thread.


PNIA attempted to salvage the situation and responded to Cody’s tweet.


But it seems the effort fell flat!


While the brand has now changed the title of the video to “He Called with What?”, but it seems that it`s all too little too late.

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