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Daily Majors: Abhishek Sonu, Aditya Singh, Akansha Sehgal, Anmolraj Singh Chawla & Buhr Advirkar Champion the Monday Marquees

Abhishek Sonu, Aditya Singh, Akansha Sehgal, Anmolraj Singh Chawla, Buhr Advirkar
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  • RUPAM THAKUR February 8, 2022
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The poker tempo dropped considerably yesterday, with the IOPC and APT India wrapping up their respective runs over the weekend. With most regs taking a break after the hectic grind, most of the Monday flagships ended up filling in overlays.

Last month`s PokerBaazi Classics – The Value Town winner Abhishek Sonu went on a breakout run last night, winning two PokerBaazi titles and a collective 2.36 Lakhs in prize money. He took down The Big Show for 1.79 Lakhs and Holdem BOOST for 39,913.

The Adda52 reg ‘Samimeel’ bagged the Iron Man title for 2.05 Lakhs, with ‘hhaishwary’ taking second place for 1.22 Lakhs.

The user ‘stonedurr’ championed Spartan Poker’s ReCharge for 2 Lakhs. ‘swimminwdafishies’ finished runner-up for 1.33 Lakhs.

Aditya Singh came out on top in PokerBaazi’s all-new Daily Boost for 1.55 Lakhs. The former Sunday Superstack winner bested ‘Steelbala’ (2nd for 1.08 Lakhs) heads-up.

Akansha Sehgal made quite the run with six ITM finishes, collectively worth 1.58 Lakhs. Her top finishes came in PokerBaazi’s The Big Show (4th for 59,778) and Adda52’s Nano DST (1st for 50,434).

Anmolraj Singh Chawla won PokerStars India’s Battle Royale for an impressive fifth time yesterday for 1 Lakh (includes 44,922 in bounties). Devang Mehta finished runner-up for 77,731 (includes 22,187 in bounties).

Buhr Advirkar was the last player standing in PokerBaazi`s SPRINT (7-Max) and won 1.10 Lakhs.

Pradip Ghosh, Raghav Ananth, Ritesh Kumar, Kuldeep Jorwal (two titles), Abhineet Singla, Nishant Pandey, and Adwait Pol won the other Monday marquees.

Here are the Monday highlights!

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Spartan Poker

With another guarantee-crushing edition of the IOPC now in the books, the MTT action on Spartan Poker saw the regular Monday marquees returning!

The site`s Monday mainstay, ReCharge, registered 403 entries, falling a substantial 1.94 Lakhs short of its advertised 10 Lakhs guarantee. The top 39 places got paid, and by the time the dust settled, it was past 3 AM. The user ‘stonedurr’ walked away with the title and the 2 Lakhs up-top with ‘swimminwdafishies’ finishing runner-up for 1.33 Lakhs.

‘stonedurr’ also FT-ed the 2 Lakhs GTD Monster Stack (3rd for 23,132), while also cashing the Deepstack, making away with 2.27 Lakhs in cumulative earnings. Their Spartan Poker stats: Site Winnings: 2.82 Lakhs | Site Profits: 1.28 Lakhs

The 5 Lakhs GTD Deepstack recorded 452 entries, filling in 48,000 in overlays. The top 47 spots earned a share of the spoils, with the final three players eventually opting for a deal. ‘AngryShark’ clinched the title for 69,562, with Peter ‘Sigmund’ Nazareth (2nd for 68,188) and ‘UnsafeChoice’ (3rd for 68,000) being the other two beneficiaries of the deal.

Peter Nazareth
Peter Nazareth


Nazareth’s deep finish boosted his online tally to 91.46 Lakhs.

The 3.50 Lakhs GTD Sundowner brought in 740 players, generating a guarantee-crushing 3.70 Lakhs prize pool. The tournament went down the wire following a heads-up deal that handed the title to the former Wednesday Vibes champion ‘OfcourseOfcourse,’ who earned 58,969. ‘LARA LARA’ finished runner-up for 57,234.

‘ImluckNuts’ (Won Night Rider – Monster Stack 1.75 Lakhs GTD for 51,336) and ‘Sumitsingh199’ (Won Monster Stack 2 Lakhs GTD for 49,793) won the other Spartan Poker marquees.



With the third edition of the APT India Online Series in the books, PokerBaazi switched back to its regular line-up of marquees.

The Monday headliner, 7.50 Lakhs GTD The Big Show, registered a 324-strong player field, collecting 8.10 Lakhs in the prize pool. The top 36 places walked past the money line with a min-cash worth 5,508. The PBC – The ValueTown winner Abhishek ‘chipndchair’ Sonu came out on top to win 1.79 Lakhs in prize money. He beat ‘1lakhdaily’ (2nd for 1.26 Lakhs) heads-up.

Abhishek Sonu
Abhishek Sonu


Abhishek Sonu won two titles as he also took down the Holdem BOOST, topping a 155-entry field to collect 39,913. The two titles and an FT finish in the Daily Night SPRINT, saw him filling in 2.36 Lakhs into his Monday tally.

His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in PokerBaazi’s The Big Show for 1.79 Lakhs

> 1st in PokerBaazi’s Holdem BOOST for 39,913

> 4th in PokerBaazi’s Daily Night SPRINT for 17,181

Abhishek Sonu’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 88.99 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 31.23 Lakhs

Akansha ‘gogikaran’ Sehgal was another standout winner last night. She ITM-ed six events, making away with almost 1.58 Lakhs.

Akansha Sehgal
Akansha Sehgal


Her ITM finishes include:

> 4th in PokerBaazi’s The Big Show for 59,778

> 1st in Adda52’s Nano DST for 50,434

> 2nd in Spartan Poker’s Night Rider – Monster Stack for 34,776

> 18th in PokerBaazi’s SPRINT 7-Max for 5,650

> 31st in PokerBaazi’s Daily Boost for 4,760

> 40th in Spartan Poker’s Deepstack for 2,850

Akansha Sehgal’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 47.78 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 8.98 Lakhs

It wasn`t the best debut for the new 7 Lakhs GTD Daily Boost on PokerBaazi, with the 10:30 PM event clocking in a 267-entry field on its inaugural run, registering an overlay worth ₹1.66 Lakhs. It was 3:53 AM on the tournament clock by the time the former Sunday Superstack winner Aditya ‘konstantin’ Singh held all the chips in play to win 1.55 Lakhs. ‘Steelbala’ placed runner-up for 1.08 Lakhs.

Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh


Sunday’s Adda52 Millions runner-up finisher, Aditya Singh, cashed another two events collectively banking 1.71 Lakhs. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 2.07 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 61.35 Lakhs

The 5 Lakhs GTD SPRINT 7-Max drew 304 runners, overlaying 44,000. Buhr ‘buhr1085’ Advirkar was the last player standing and won 1.10 Lakhs. The Daily BOOST runner-up finisher ‘Steelbala’ had to settle for a runner-up finish again and pocketed 77,500.

Buhr Advirkar
Buhr Advirkar


Buhr Advirkar also ITM-ed Spartan Poker’s ReCharge (21st for 9,800), adding 1.20 Lakhs in Monday winnings. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 97.65 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 21.13 Lakhs

Raghav ‘scambrahm’ Ananth (Won Daily Night SPRINT 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 51,420), ‘vedprakash923’ (Won Hyper SPRINT 2 Lakhs GTD for 50,230), Ritesh ‘KingOfAllSpades’ Kumar (Won Daily SPRINT 1 Lakh GTD for 33,600), Abhineet ‘abbubro’ Singla (Won PLO Boost Monster 1 Lakh GTD for 22,550), and ‘kidpoker6969’ (Won 5-Max Daily 50K GTD for 10,700) won the other PokerBaazi marquees.


PokerStars India

Headlining PokerStars India’s Monday MTT line-up was the 5 Lakhs GTD Battle Royale (7-Max). The 2,750 buy-in event recorded a 153-entry field, filling in 1.17 Lakhs in overlays. Anmolraj ‘modi chai wala’ Singh Chawla was the last player standing and won 1 Lakh (includes 44,922 in bounties), while Devang ‘Infic11’ Mehta came second for 77,731 (includes 22,187 in bounties).

Anmolraj Singh Chawla
Anmolraj Singh Chawla


Last night was Anmolraj Singh Chawla`s fifth time winning the Battle Royale title. He also FT-ed Adda52’s Voyager (4th for 25,500), rounding up 1.26 Lakhs in Monday winnings. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 1.11 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 27.69 Lakhs

The user ‘$00th$ayer’ overcame the 94-entry field in the 1.50 Lakhs GTD Deepstack, pocketing ₹43,261 (includes ₹21,455 in bounties). ‘awesse112’ took home ₹19,607 (includes ₹2,842 in bounties) in second place. The ₹1,375 buy-in event overlaid 32,500.

‘$00th$ayer’s PokerStars India’s stats: Site Winnings: 14.34 Lakhs

‘AlreadyWinner’ (Won Omania 30K GTD for 30,000), ‘Rchauchau’ (Won Ultrasonic 1 Lakh GTD for 26,995), ‘anandh.2018’ (Won Afternoon on Stars 50K GTD for 15,179), ‘PAAKTS’ (Won Deepstack 50K GTD for 11,738), and Adwait ‘Adwait Pol’ Pol (Won Primetime Grind 50K GTD for 8,876) shipped the other Monday marquees on PokerStars India.



Adda52 8 Lakhs GTD Iron Man clocked in 277 entries, who bought in for 2,200, and the top 30 places benefitted from the 2.46 Lakhs in overlay value added by the site. The online reg ‘Samimeel’ won the title for 2.05 Lakhs, with ‘hhaishwary’ placing second for 1.22 Lakhs.

‘Samimeel’s Adda52 stats: Site Winnings: 39.97 Lakhs | Site Profits: 22.18 Lakhs

The 3 Lakhs GTD Voyager couldn`t escape the overlay avalanche as well and ended up filling in a 37,000 shortfall after 263 entrants signed up for 1,100. Only 27 places got paid, and Pradip ‘Nit2Donk’ Ghosh walked away with the lion’s share of the prize money worth 78,000. ‘Checkthat’ came second for 46,500.

Pradip Ghosh
Pradip Ghosh


Pradip Ghosh cumulatively lapped up over 1.20 Lakhs from five ITM finishes. These include:

> 7th in Adda52’s Iron Man for 24,000

> 18th in PokerBaazi’s Daily Boost for 7,910

> 34th in Spartan Poker’s ReCharge for 6,900

> 36th in Spartan Poker’s Deepstack for 3,200

Pradip Ghosh’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 1.40 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 59.31 Lakhs.

Monday also marked the beginning of another edition of the site`s micro-stakes Nano Poker Series. The 1 Crore guaranteed series had seven events on tap on Day 1. Akansha ‘Akanshasehgal’ Sehgal (Won Nano DST 2 Lakhs GTD for 50,434), Kuldeep ‘lmspro7’ Jorwal (Won Nano Monday Adda 90K GTD for 28,724), ‘dr_zook81’ (Won Nano Siesta 1 Lakh GTD for 27,750), Nishant ‘stockfull’ Pandey (Won Nano Inception 1.70 Lakhs GTD for 22,438), ‘rujula16’ (Won Nano Crack Jack 70K GTD for 14,355), ‘ardutta’ (Won Nano Battleship 30K GTD for 8,400), and Kuldeep ‘lmspro7’ Jorwal (Won Nano PLO 25K GTD for 7,250) won titles.



Khelo365 user ‘Mohitk’ took down the 10K GTD Quick Freeze for 7,000 and defeated ‘jainew’ (2nd for 3,000) heads-up.


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