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Daily Majors: Anant Purohit, Devrat Singh, Sandeep Bhatnagar & Gaurav Sood Champion the Wednesday Flagships

Daily Majors
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  • RUPAM THAKUR April 1, 2021
  • 3 Minutes Read

Wednesday turned out to be another value-driven day for the MTT players, with all sites barring Spartan Poker filling in significant overlays.

Anant Purohit, one of the top winners of 2020, has kept a relatively low profile this year. He made a smashing return to the spotlight last night after taking down Spartan Poker’s ₹23 Lakhs GTD Destiny for ₹6.28 Lakhs. Along with his second Destiny title, he became the first player to win a seat in the Destiny 19.0 SnG Finale.

The other title winners were all familiar names like Devrat Singh, Sandeep Bhatnagar, Young Gun Gaurav Sood, and Arpan Majhi.

Here are the Wednesday highlights!


Spartan Poker

Spartan Poker`s Destiny 19.0 series named its first champion last night. The ₹5,500 entry buy-in tourney piled in a guarantee-crushing 474 entries to collect ₹23.70 Lakhs in the prize pool. The Destiny 12.0 winner, Anant ‘Prometheius’ Purohit, outlasted the competition to win his first tourney title of 2021, netting ₹6.28 Lakhs for his splendid run.

Anant Purohit
Anant Purohit


This is Purohit`s second time winning the Destiny. He had previously won the event in November 2019 for ₹7.80 Lakhs. The Wednesday night win has made Purohit the first player to book a seat in the Destiny 19.0 SnG Finale set for June 13 (9 PM). He currently boasts of ₹6.54 Crores in lifetime online winnings.

Monday’s The Race runner-up finisher, Akshay ‘Jacks24’ Kadam, missed out on winning a Spartan Poker flagship for a second consecutive day after placing second behind Purohit in the Destiny for ₹3.87 Lakh.

Runner-up Akshay Kadam
Runner-up Akshay Kadam


The ₹5.50 Lakhs GTD Wednesday Vibes did even better than the Destiny, with 527 entrants generating a hefty ₹7.91 Lakhs prize pool. Overcoming the competition was none other than the undisputed 2020 annual leaderboard topper, Young Gun Gaurav ‘mozzie17’ Sood, who clinched the title for ₹1.54 Lakhs. The DPTXpress ₹5K Burn-N-Turn winner Shrey ‘Kingsb30’ Baj finished runner-up for ₹97,864.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


The Wednesday score has catapulted Sood above Manish Lakhotia at #2 on the annual leaderboard with ₹1.12 Crores in yearly winnings. There is less than ₹20,000 separating Sood from claiming the top seat from PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh. Sood currently boasts of ₹7.80 Crores in lifetime online winnings.


PokerStars India

PokerStars India’s Wednesday headliner, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Night on Stars, registered 233 entries, overlaying ₹86,891. The tourney ended at 2:44 AM with mystery reg ‘cardshark6191’ navigating their way to the top to win ₹96,614. Rising Star Ritwik ‘Fisherman1997’ Khanna placed runner-up for ₹76,475.

Runner-up Ritwik Khanna
Runner-up Ritwik Khanna


‘cardshark6191’ went on a rampage on PokerStars India on Wednesday as they outlasted a field of 210 runners in the ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD Big Bubble Rush to win a second title and ₹36,653 (bounties worth ₹18,484) in prize money. In all, the mystery player cashed over ₹1.33 Lakhs on the site. Abhiroop ‘durrlagtahain’ Gupta finished runner-up for ₹29,152 (bounties worth ₹10,984).

Runner-up Abhiroop Gupta
Runner-up Abhiroop Gupta


The Night on Stars runner-up, Ritwik Khanna, placed eighth in Spartan Poker’s Destiny for ₹56,880 and cashed the Wednesday Vibes, raking in ~₹1.36 Lakhs overall.



PokerBaazi’s Wednesday mainstay, the ₹10 Lakhs GTD The Pride, registered 222 entries, filling in a glaring ₹2.23 Lakhs in overlays. Sandeep ‘Chor’ Bhatnagar went the distance last night, adding ₹2.35 Lakhs to his bankroll. Ashit ‘Nexus010’ Sharma persisted with his winning form and secured a runner-up payday worth ₹1.65 Lakhs.

Sandeep Bhatnagar
Sandeep Bhatnagar


‘blacksuit22’ (Won ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD Holdem Boost DST for ₹51,060), Mohit ‘imohitahuja21’ Ahuja (Won ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD Turbo for ₹45,000), and ‘saurav29’ (Won ₹1 Lakh GTD PLO Monster for ₹30,820) took down the other marquee tourneys on PokerBaazi.



The Wednesday night marquee on Adda52, the ₹15 Lakhs GTD Maverick, registered 596 entries, experiencing an overlay shortfall of ₹1.44 Lakhs. The top 63 places got paid, with the former Full House champion Devrat ‘Vickypune’ Singh coming out on top to win ₹3.83 Lakhs. Abhishek ‘Quant00’ Reddy Rachur scored ₹2.18 Lakhs for his second runner-up finish of the day.

Devrat Singh
Devrat Singh


Devrat Singh could have easily won two tourney titles on Wednesday as he had earlier placed runner-up in the Afternoon Adda for ₹33,696. Singh added ₹3.55 Lakhs to his bankroll yesterday, pushing his lifetime tally upwards of ₹1.38 Crores.

The ₹4 Lakhs GTD La Luna saw a turnout of 222 hopefuls, registering ₹35,920 in overlays. Arpan ‘Distroyer’ Majhi was the last player standing and won ₹1.10 Lakhs. PokerStars India`s ‘Star of the Month’ – March and Monday’s Sixth Sense winner, Harsh ‘BuddhaBhikari’ Dembla, placed runner-up for ₹64,000.

Runner-up Harsh Dembla
Runner-up Harsh Dembla


The other Wednesday winners were:

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Arpan 'Distroyer' Majhi₹1.09 LakhsLa Luna ₹4 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Ranveer 'seven2222' Singh Sandhu
₹57,810Afternoon Adda ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD
atulkhurana₹54,261Monster Stack ₹2.75 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
blacksuit22₹51,0606-Max Holdem Boost DST ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Mohit ‘imohitahuja21’ Ahuja₹44,000Turbo ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
cardshark6191₹36,653Big Bubble Rush ₹1.75 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
₹35,826Nighttide DST Adda ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD
Ravi ‘Rvjn91’ Jain₹31,035Mega Freeze ₹1.50 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
saurav29₹30,820PLO Boost Monster ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
hengokamki₹10,7506 Feet Under 25K GTD PLO DeepstackKhelo365
Dhum33₹6,800Grinder 2.0 ₹20K GTD NLHEKhelo365


Destiny 23 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 219

Re-entries – 104

Rebuys – 151

Prize Pool – ₹23,70,000

Places Paid – 40

Spartan Poker kicked off the Destiny 19.0 series at 8 PM last night. The Wednesday flagship will be making 10 scheduled runs before the SnG Finale on June 13.

Offering the most-massive prize money of the day, the ₹5,500 entry buy-in tourney rode past its ₹23 Lakhs advertised guarantee to collect ₹23.70 Lakhs in the prize pool. MTT reg Anant ‘Prometheius’ Purohit, who has been keeping a relatively low profile this year, made a smashing comeback by winning the title for a hefty ₹6.28 Lakhs. The former Destiny runner-up finisher, Akshay ‘Jacks24’ Kadam, missed out on the title yet again, banking ₹3.87 Lakhs in second place

Purohit’s last major score was his sixth-place finish in the ₹1 Crore GTD FTS#17 Highroller for ₹6.59 Lakhs on March 13.

PokerGuru Ambassador Mitun ‘Zima Blue’ Mahesh (3rd for ₹2.37 Lakhs), Arjunn ‘Arjunn Ag’ Agrawal (4th for ₹1.49 Lakhs), our latest Young Gun Sanat ‘mehro2511’ Mehrotra (5th for ₹1.07 Lakhs), Rahul Kumar ‘LEd-ZEppELiN’ M Jain (7th for ₹64,783), and Ritwik ‘Fisherman1997’ Khanna (8th for ₹56,880) FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. Anant ‘Prometheius’ Purohit – ₹6,28,050
  2. Akshay ‘Jacks24’ Kadam – ₹3,87,103
  3. Mitun ‘Zima Blue’ Mahesh – ₹2,37,000
  4. Arjunn ‘Arjunn Ag’ Agrawal – ₹1,49,310
  5. Sanat ‘mehro2511’ Mehrotra – ₹1,06,650
  6. iamraman – ₹82,950
  7. Rahul Kumar ‘LEd-ZEppELiN’ M Jain – ₹64,783
  8. Ritwik ‘Fisherman1997’ Khanna – ₹56,880


Maverick 15 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹2,500

Entries – 292

Re-entries – 304

Prize Pool – ₹15,00,000

Places Paid – 63

Adda52’s Wednesday signature tourney, the ₹15 Lakhs GTD Maverick, locked in 596 entries, falling ₹1.44 Lakhs short of the break-even mark.

Devrat ‘Vickypune’ Singh was the last player standing and added ₹3.83 Lakhs in winnings. The former Full House champion bested Abhishek ‘Quant00’ Reddy Rachur (runner-up for ₹2.18 Lakhs) en route to taking down his first-ever Maverick title.

Singh posted a bunch of deep runs on Wednesday. He placed runner-up in the Afternoon Adda for ₹33,696 and made a 19th place finish in the La Luna for ₹4,400, cashing ₹4.20 Lakhs overall. He now has ₹1.35 Crores in lifetime online winnings.

The star-studded final table was replete with top regs like Umang ‘Umang94’ Kakarania (3rd for ₹1.49 Lakhs), two-time Millionaire champion Yudhishter ‘yud1006’ Jaswal (4th for ₹1.09 Lakhs), Honey ‘ho9ey’ Bijlani (5th for ₹75,000), Chandan ‘darkfish15’ Arora (6th for ₹52,500), Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ Choudhury (7th for ₹41,250), and Tuesday`s The Endeavour winner Rajat ‘Happyfish’ Mahajan (8th for ₹30,000).

Final Table Results

  1. Devrat ‘Vickypune’ Singh – ₹3,82,500
  2. Abhishek ‘Quant00’ Reddy Rachur – ₹2,17,500
  3. Umang ‘Umang94’ Kakarania – ₹1,49,250
  4. Yudhishter ‘yud1006’ Jaswal – ₹1,08,750
  5. Honey ‘ho9ey’ Bijlani – ₹75,000
  6. Chandan ‘darkfish15’ Arora – ₹52,500
  7. Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ Choudhury – ₹41,250
  8. Rajat ‘Happyfish’ Mahajan – ₹30,000


The Pride 10 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹3,850

Entries – 127

Re-entries – 95

Prize Pool – ₹10,00,000

Places Paid – 36

Sandeep ‘Chor’ Bhatnagar overcame the 222-entry field in PokerBaazi’s ₹10 GTD The Pride, banking ₹2.35 Lakhs. On March 5, Bhatnagar had finished runner-up in Spartan Poker’s The Elite for ₹5.66 Lakhs.

MTT reg Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma has been in phenomenal form recently, and he added another ₹1.65 Lakhs to his burgeoning bankroll after placing runner-up to Bhatnagar.

The tourney ended up filling in a massive ₹2.23 Lakhs in overlays, and the top 36 players benefitted from this added value by the site.

Chirag ‘miyagi’ Sodha (3rd for ₹1.06 Lakhs), FTS Challenger winner Rohan ‘likeaboss85’ Bhasin (6th for ₹47,200), online reg Aditya ‘konstantin’ Singh (7th for ₹39,200), and PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (8th for ₹31,400) FT-ed the event.

Runner-up Ashit Sharma
Runner-up Ashit Sharma


Final Table Results

  1. Sandeep ‘Chor’ Bhatnagar – ₹2,35,300
  2. Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma – ₹1,65,100
  3. Chirag ‘miyagi’ Sodha – ₹1,06,200
  4. piyudh1111 – ₹78,600
  5. spacefreak – ₹59,000
  6. Rohan ‘likeaboss85’ Bhasin – ₹47,200
  7. Aditya ‘konstantin’ Singh – ₹39,200
  8. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – ₹31,400


Wednesday Vibes 5.50 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹1,650

Entries – 254

Re-entries – 97

Rebuys – 176

Prize Pool – ₹7,90,500

Places Paid – 47

Spartan Poker`s ₹5.50 Lakhs GTD Wednesday Vibes attracted 527 entries, collecting a generous ₹7.90 Lakhs in prize money.

It took less than seven hours to play down to a winner, and Young Gun Gaurav ‘mozzie17’ Sood came out on top, netting his 10th tourney title of 2021 and the ₹1.54 Lakhs first-place cash prize. The DPTXPress ₹5K Burn and Turn winner, Shrey ‘Kingsb30’ Baj, placed runner-up for ₹97,864.

Arguably the most consistent MTT player in the country, Sood was an almost permanent fixture at the top of the 2020 annual leaderboard rankings. And he is all but ready to grab the top spot again. He is currently ranked #2 on the leaderboard standings in a tight three-way race with Laksh Pal Singh (leading at #1 for ₹18,172) and Manish Lakhotia (trailing at #3 for ₹96,458).

Sood`s last won the ₹75 Lakhs GTD FTS #2 Kick-Off for ₹14.39 Lakhs on March 8.

The other known players on the FT were Laldingliana ‘patea1971’ Tlau Vantawl (3rd for ₹73,358), Kriti ‘ironlady’ Kuksal (4th for ₹59,367), and Saurabh ‘Shade45’ Barwa (6th for ₹35,731).

Runner-up Shrey Baj
Runner-up Shrey Baj


Final Table Results

  1. Gaurav ‘mozzie17’ Sood – ₹1,54,068
  2. Shrey ‘Kingsb30’ Baj – ₹97,864
  3. Laldingliana ‘patea1971’ Tlau Vantawl – ₹73,358
  4. Kriti ‘ironlady’ Kuksal – ₹59,367
  5. Chowmeinchoudhary – ₹46,798
  6. Saurabh ‘Shade45’ Barwa – ₹35,731
  7. Persie – ₹26,245
  8. KevinPietersen – ₹19,288


Night on Stars 5 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹1,950

Entries – 130

Re-entries – 103

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 27

PokerStars India`s ₹5 lakhs GTD Night on Stars had to fill in ₹86,891 in overlays after 233 entrants bought in for ₹1,950.

The mystery reg cardshark6191’ went on a tear last night as he took down both the Wednesday night marquees on PokerStars India. The winner netted ₹96,614 in the Night on Stars before piling in another ₹36,653 in the Big Bubble Rush.

Rising Star Ritwik ‘Fisherman1997’ Khanna placed runner-up in the Night on Stars for ₹74,241 – one of three tourneys he ran deep on Wednesday.

Rahul ‘Unleashed2519’ Sahni (3rd for ₹57,049), Tapan ‘tweedu_taps’ Mansotra (4th for ₹43,838), Kaushik ‘breadbutterjam’ Tibrewal (5th for ₹33,686), Anurag ‘GutshotHaiBro’ Srivastava (8th for ₹15,285), and Debneil ‘ChhotaD0N’ Mukherjee (9th for ₹11,745) FT-ed the tourney!

Final Table Results

  1. cardshark6191 – ₹96,614
  2. Ritwik ‘Fisherman1997’ Khanna – ₹74,241
  3. Rahul ‘Unleashed2519’ Sahni – ₹57,049
  4. Tapan ‘tweedu_taps’ Mansotra – ₹43,838
  5. Kaushik ‘breadbutterjam’ Tibrewal – ₹33,686
  6. asdfmrinal – ₹25,885
  7. JC1870 – ₹19,891
  8. Anurag ‘GutshotHaiBro’ Srivastava – ₹15,285
  9. Debneil ‘ChhotaD0N’ Mukherjee – ₹11,745


La Luna 4 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,800

Entries – 108

Re-entries – 114

Prize Pool – ₹4,00,000

Places Paid – 24

Adda52`s ₹4 Lakhs GTD La Luna logged in 222 entries, overlaying ₹35,920.

Arpan ‘Distroyer’ Majhi was the last player standing and won ₹1.09 Lakhs. The runner-up Harsh ‘BuddhaBhikari’ Dembla banked ₹64,000.

Dembla, PokerStars India’s “Star of the Month” – March and Monday`s Sixth Sense champion, posted a 10th place finish in PokerBaazi’s The Pride as well for ₹17,200.

Shankar ‘stormshadow’ Choudhary (5th for ₹24,000) and Bhavit ‘Tyrogambit’ Jain (6th for ₹17,000) FT-ed the tourney.


Big Bubble Rush 1.75 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 116

Re-entries – 94

Prize Pool – ₹2,10,000

Places Paid – 23

The ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD Big Bubble Rush collected a profitable ₹2.10 Lakhs prize pool from 210 contenders. The 9:30 PM tourney got in the books at 2:50 AM today, and the top 23 places finished ITM.

Banking the ₹36,653 up-top was none other than the Night on Stars champion ‘cardshark6191,’ who prevailed over Abhiroop ‘durrlagtahain’ Gupta (runner-up for ₹29,152) in the heads-up showdown to bag his second title on Wednesday.

Varun ‘wardev’ Devayya finished fourth for ₹9,098.


6-Max Holdem Boost DST 1.5 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 131

Re-entries – 86

Prize Pool – ₹2,17,000

Places Paid – 27

PokerBaazi`s 9 PM special, the ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD 6-Max Holdem BOOST, brought in 217 participants. The top 24 places took a bite out of the ₹2.17 Lakhs prize pool.

Mystery player ‘blacksuit22’ banked the lion`s share of the prize money worth ₹51,060, with the ever-consistent Aditya ‘konstantin’ Singh placing runner-up for ₹35,827.


6 Feet Under 25K GTD PLO Deepstack – Khelo365

Buy-in – ₹550

Entries – 22

Re-entries – 18

Prize Pool – ₹25,000

Places Paid – 5

The ₹25K GTD 6 Feet Under PLO Deepstack played out amid 40 runners yesterday, overlaying ₹5,000. ‘hengokamki’ fired three bullets before taking down the tourney for ₹10,750. ‘Gameoo007’ placed runner-up for ₹5,750.


Grinder 2.0 20K GTD NLHE – Khelo365

Buy-in – ₹275

Entries – 44

Re-entries – 27

Prize Pool – ₹20,000

Places Paid – 8

Dhum33’ shipped Khelo365’s ₹20K GTD Grinder 2.0 for ₹6,800, with ‘poker9’ finishing runner-up for ₹4,000.


This report was updated at 3 PM on 1.4.2021.

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