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Daily Majors: Arjanveer Singh Chadha, Ajay Dhayal, Ankit Wadhawan & Atishay Samuel Dominated the Tuesday Flagships

Daily Majors 28-09
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  • Arpit Jain September 29, 2021
  • 10 Minutes Read

PokerGuru Ambassadors had a field day yesterday, with three Chandigarh lads dominating the Tuesday charts.

PokerStars India`s INCOOP-137 Deepstack Championship was the biggest guaranteed tournament running, and the event played down to a heads-up deal between PokerGuru Staking’s Arjanveer Singh Chadha (1st for ₹6.10 Lakhs) and his close friend and stablemate Ashish Ahuja (2nd for ₹5.40 Lakhs).

There is just no stopping PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan right now, who was the third PokerGuru Staking player from Chandigarh to post a top finish. Last week`s FTS 3.0 Main Event champion took down Spartan Poker’s Mega Stack – Millionaire Bubble, scoring ₹2.92 Lakhs and his third flagship title this month.

Ajay Dhayal came out on top in Adda52’s The Mint to win ₹3.47 Lakhs.

Atishay Samuel was the last player standing in PokerBaazi’s The Endeavour and won the title for the second time last night for ₹2.19 Lakhs.

Karan Radia persisting with his winning form, took down the INCOOP-139 PLO Championship on PokerStars India for ₹2.02 Lakhs.

Harsh Dembla, Yash Chitre, Jaikiran Kumar, Abhishek Reddy Rachur, Rakshit Vedh, Navaneesha P & Amit Kumar Singh dominated the other marquee tournaments.

Here are the Tuesday headlines!

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Spartan Poker

PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit ‘Shippament’ Wadhawan has been the poster boy of September, and he is not done yet. Last week`s FTS 3.0 Main Event champion overcame a 492-entry field in Spartan Poker’s Tuesday headliner, the ₹15 Lakhs GTD Mega Stack – Millionaire Bubble, winning the event for the second time last night for ₹2.92 Lakhs. Mitesh Kumar ‘mikefrbike’ Gupta placed runner-up for ₹1.86 Lakhs.

Ankit Wadhawan
Ankit Wadhawan


Wadhawan had won the Mega Stack for the first time in December 2019 for ₹3.90 Lakhs. This was his 13th title of the year and boosted his online tally to ₹7.26 Crores (₹2.57 Crores in net profits).

Incidentally, another PokerGuru Ambassador, Vishal ‘CrownUpJr’ Bajaj, money-bubbled the Mega Stack in 48th place to collect a free ticket to Day 1A of the upcoming The Millionaire. The weekend flagship starts on Thursday, September 30, and guarantees ₹20 Lakhs to the eventual winner.

Vishal Bajaj
Vishal Bajaj


Spartan Poker`s second Tuesday marquee, the ₹6 Lakhs GTD The Race, brought in a 427-entry field, accumulating a profitable ₹6.40 Lakhs prize pool. After six hours and twenty-seven minutes of play, former Monster Stack winner ‘GulzarSahab’ (anonymity requested) came out on top to win ₹88,267. The player struck a four-way deal with ‘MILKYBARKID’ (2nd for ₹84,463), Manoj ‘Stone1994’ V (3rd for ₹77,751), and ‘rDx141’ (4th for ₹75,144).

Abhishek ‘Quant00’ Reddy Rachur won the ₹2.50 Lakhs GTD Monster Stack for ₹47,279.



PokerBaazi`s ₹12 Lakhs GTD The Endeavour was championed by last Wednesday’s INCOOP-86 Deepstack winner Atishay ‘nutscracker’ Samuel, who won the title for the second time in consecutive months for ₹2.19 Lakhs. He struck a heads-up deal with ‘asg9966’ (2nd for ₹2.09 Lakhs).

Atishay Samuel
Atishay Samuel


This was Samuel’s eighth title victory of the year and his second in September. His stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹1.10 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹31.12 Lakhs

Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla trounced the 201-entry field in the ₹4 Lakhs GTD (5-Max) Daily SPRINT to collect the lion’s share of the ₹4.02 Lakhs prize pool worth ₹85,570. A heads-up deal ensured Sunday’s UVS#45 Everest runner-up finisher JaiKiran ‘testify’ Kumar ₹79,570 in prize money.

Harsh Dembla
Harsh Dembla


Harsh Dembla’s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹2.51 Crores|Lifetime Profit: ₹95 Lakhs

‘royalking’ (Won Holdem BOOST ₹2 Lakhs GTD for ₹58,120), ‘hungryanimal’ (Won Daily Night SPRINT ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹37,130), and ‘vikas705’ (Won PLO5 BOOST ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹22,460), shipped the other PokerBaazi marquees.


PokerStars India

The second edition of PokerStars India’s India Championship of Online Poker (INCOOP) wrapped up on Tuesday, with the last 11 events closing out the series.

The star attraction of the day, not just on PokerStars India but also across sites, was the ₹35 Lakhs GTD INCOOP-137 Deepstack Championship. The ₹8,250 entry buy-in event registered 306 entries, filling in a landslide ₹12.05 Lakhs in overlays. And benefiting the most from the massive added value were the two close friends from Chandigarh – PokerGuru Ambassadors Arjanveer ‘ballistik310’ Singh Chadha and Ashish ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ Ahuja. The duo struck a heads-up deal that awarded Chadha the title and ₹6.10 Lakhs in prize money, while Ahuja made away with a ₹5.40 Lakhs bankroll boost.

Arjanveer Singh Chadha
Arjanveer Singh Chadha


Arjanveer Singh Chadha`s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹8.11 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹2.76 Crores | Annual Winnings: ₹2.51 Crores | Ranked #7 in the Annual Leaderboard Standings

Ashish Ahuja`s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹8.89 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹3.36 Crores | Ranked #9 in the Annual Leaderboard Standings

The ₹10 Lakhs GTD INCOOP-139 PLO Championship experienced a ₹3.52 Lakhs overlay shortfall after 162 participants joined the ₹4,400 entry buy-in event. Karan ‘The AnnihiIator’ Radia kept his scorecard ticking by taking down the title for ₹2.02 Lakhs.

Karan Radia
Karan Radia


Rakshit ‘4betshov’ Vedh (Won INCOOP-132 Final Warm-Up ₹3 Lakhs GTD for ₹56,944), Navaneesha ‘np406’ P (Won INCOOP-142 Last Chance Ultrasonic ₹2 Lakhs GTD for ₹44,215), ‘ssmg6617’ (Won INCOOP-140 Bigstack Turbo ₹2 Lakhs GTD for ₹36,305), Amit ‘Akumarss’ Kumar Singh (Won INCOOP-135 Ultra KO 75% ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹33,304), Amit ‘Akumarss’ Kumar Singh (Won INCOOP-134 Deepstack ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹29,241), ‘Xbox0710’ (Won INCOOP-138 Primetime Grind ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹22,366), Pranav ‘PranV’ Agrawal (Won INCOOP-141 PL Omaha ₹30K GTD for ₹10,897), ‘IamSandySingh’ (Won INCOOP-133 The Hot ₹40K GTD for ₹8,064), ‘akm1995’ (Won INCOOP-136 Bounty Builder ₹40K GTD for ₹7,883) won the other INCOOP titles on the final day of the series.

Amit Kumar Singh
Amit Kumar Singh


As for the INCOOP leaderboard standings, Akhilesh ‘GM2318’ Gautam grabbed the pole position to collect ₹2 Lakhs, with Manish ‘manish jangid’ Jangid (2nd for ₹1.40 Lakhs) and Amit ‘Akumarss’ Kumar Singh (3rd for ₹85,000) securing podium finishes.



Adda52’s ₹14 Lakhs GTD The Mint rallied up a 397-entry field, filling in a marginal ₹10,500 in overlays. Last Friday’s The Ballers runner-up finisher Ajay ‘messironaldo007’ Dhayal was the last player standing and won ₹3.47 Lakhs. Sahil ‘imhighishove’ Mehboobani placed runner-up for ₹2.10 Lakhs.

Ajay Dhayal
Ajay Dhayal


Ajay Dhayal had won his entry in The Mint through a ₹385 satellite. He also placed eighth in PokerBaazi’s Holdem BOOST for ₹7,756, netting a cumulative ₹3.55 Lakhs on Tuesday. His stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹68.51 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: ₹27.31 Lakhs

Yash ‘Babyshark21’ Chitre was the other standout winner on Adda52 as he overcame a 392-entry field in the ₹3 Lakhs GTD Voyager to collect ₹97,216. ‘FB-hancock’ finished runner-up for ₹58,800.

Yash Chitre
Yash Chitre


‘ash_9’ (Won Afternoon Adda ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹40,500), Shubham ‘kingsman41’ Saroch (Won Punch ₹80K GTD for ₹22,061), ‘A1904’ (Won Sundown Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹14,500), ‘Ajooba4416’ (Won Morning Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹14,500), Basant Kumar ‘Rush99’ Singh (Won Evening Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹9,939) and ‘sourpa7285’ (Won Classic 200 for ₹5,800) bagged the other marquee titles.

The other Tuesday winners were:

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Harsh '100crdream' Dembla₹85,567(5-Max) Daily SPRINT ₹4 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
royalking₹58,120Holdem BOOST ₹2 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Abhishek 'Quant00' Reddy Rachur₹47,279Monster Stack ₹2.5 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
ash_9₹40,500Afternoon Adda ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
hungryanimal₹37,130Daily Night SPRINT ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
vikas705₹22,460PLO5 BOOST ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
Shubham ‘kingsman41’ Saroch₹22,061Punch ₹80K GTDAdda52
A1904₹14,500Sundown Adda ₹50K GTDAdda52
Ajooba4416₹14,500Morning Adda ₹50K GTDAdda52
FULLMOONZZ₹11,400Under The Gun PLO ₹20K GTDKhelo365
Basant Kumar ‘Rush99’ Singh₹9,939Evening Adda ₹50K GTDAdda52
sourpa7285₹5,800Classic 200Adda52


INCOOP-137 [Deepstack Championship] ₹35 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹8,250

Entries – 159

Re-entries – 147

Prize Pool – ₹35,00,000

Places Paid – 39

Tuesday turned out to be an eventful one for PokerGuru Staking, with the team posting three top finishes and winning two flagship titles.

The team stormed the headliner of the day, PokerStars India`s ₹35 Lakhs GTD INCOOP-137 [Deepstack Championship], with stablemates Arjanveer ‘ballistik310’ Singh Chadha and Ashish ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ Ahuja chopping the title. Starting at 7:30 PM, it took over nine hours of intense gameplay before the two PokerGuru Ambassadors were the only ones left standing. Chadha bagged the title (his first INCOOP title) and ₹6.11 Lakhs in prize money, while Ahuja settled for a runner-up payday worth ₹5.41 Lakhs, courtesy of the deal.

The #7 ranked player on the yearly leaderboard, Arjanveer Singh Chadha, boasts of ₹8.11 Crores in recorded online winnings (₹2.76 Crores in lifetime profits).

On the other hand, Ahuja crossed ₹8.89 Crores in online earnings, with ₹2.89 Crores in lifetime profits after his Tuesday night run. He also climbed to #9 in the annual leaderboard rankings.

The two-day event registered an entry field of 306 runners, filling in landslide ₹12.05 Lakhs in overlays.

PokerStars India regular Amit ‘AKumarss’ Kumar Singh (3rd for ₹3.6970), Aditya ‘TheSurmai’ Degala (5th for ₹2.08 Lakhs), Myron ‘khAAbib’ Pereira (6th for ₹1.56 Lakhs), and Aditya ‘addurrB’ Bahl (7th for ₹1.17 Lakhs) were the other notable FT finishers.

Runner-up Ashish Ahuja
Runner-up Ashish Ahuja


Final Table Results

  1. Arjanveer ‘ballistik310’ Singh Chadha – ₹6,10,900*
  2. Ashish ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ Ahuja – ₹5,40,900*
  3. Amit ‘AKumarss’ Kumar Singh – ₹3,69,667
  4. ritvik07 – ₹2,76,986
  5. Aditya ‘TheSurmai’ Degala – ₹2,07,541
  6. Myron ‘khAAbib’ Pereira – ₹1,55,507
  7. Aditya ‘addurrB’ Bahl – ₹1,16,519
  8. Pistons1810 – ₹87,306
  9. masterssmaan – ₹73,202

*denotes heads-up deal


Mega Stack – Millionaire Bubble ₹15 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹3,300

Entries – 243

Re-entries – 78

Rebuys – 171

Prize Pool – ₹15,00,000

Places Paid – 47

Spartan Poker’s Tuesday mainstay, Mega Stack – Millionaire Bubble, registered 492 participants, falling eight entries, i.e., ₹24,000 short of its advertised ₹15 Lakhs GTD.

The dust settled at 3:56 AM with the FTS 3.0 Main Event champion PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit ‘Shippament’ Wadhawan walking away with the title (his second time winning the Mega Stack) for ₹2.92 Lakhs. Mitesh Kumar ‘mikefrbike’ Gupta placed second for ₹1.86 Lakhs.

PokerGuru Ambassador Vishal ‘CrownUpJr’ Bajaj was the last player to fall out empty-handed in 48th place. The former Millionaire champion won a free entry into Day 1A of The Millionaire that promises ₹20 Lakhs to the eventual champion!

Harsh ‘Chiraunjilal Khosla’ Bubna (3rd for ₹1.39 Lakhs), NaveenKumar ‘Gaddarinsaan’ S (4th for ₹1.13 Lakhs) Dhiraj ‘supernuts’ Lakhotia (5th for ₹88,800), Ramji ‘bluffpolice123’ Kishore G (7th for ₹49,800), and INCOOP-139 PLO Championship fourth-place finisher Vinay ‘ConCrete’ Bk (8th for ₹36,600) also FT-ed the event.

Sunday`s Adda52 Big Game champion Mohammad ‘Cupid stunt’ Azhar bubbled the FT in ninth place for ₹30,000.

Final Table Results

  1. Ankit ‘Shippament’ Wadhawan – ₹2,92,350
  2. Mitesh Kumar ‘mikefrbike’ Gupta – ₹1,85,700
  3. Harsh ‘Chiraunjilal Khosla’ Bubna – ₹1,39,200
  4. NaveenKumar ‘Gaddarinsaan’ S – ₹1,12,650
  5. Dhiraj ‘supernuts’ Lakhotia – ₹88,800
  6. pot@to – ₹67,800
  7. Ramji ‘bluffpolice123’ Kishore G – ₹49,800
  8. Vinay ‘ConCrete’ Bk – ₹36,600


The Mint 14 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹3,850

Entries – 228

Re-entries – 169

Prize Pool – ₹14,00,000

Places Paid – 43

Adda52’s The Mint clocked in 397 entries on its latest run, filling in a marginal ₹10,500 in overlays. The tournament ran from 8 PM to 3.32 AM, with Friday’s The Ballers runner-up Ajay ‘messironaldo007’ Dhayal converting a ₹385 satellite entry into a winner’s payday worth ₹3.47 Lakhs. Sahil ‘imhighishove’ Mehboobani finished runner-up for ₹2.10 Lakhs.

Ajay Dhayal also scored an eighth-place finish in PokerBaazi’s Holdem BOOST for ₹7,756, netting ₹3.55 Lakhs cumulatively. He now boasts of ₹68.51 Lakhs in online earnings.

Sanchit ‘TheRedWaste’ Pande (3rd for ₹1.47 Lakhs), Sumanth ‘sp175’ Kumar (5th for ₹72,800), PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (6th for ₹49,000) and Rashim ‘potkiller86’ Garg (7th for ₹38,5000) also FT-ed the Tuesday flagship.

Runner-up Sahil Mahboobani
Runner-up Sahil Mahboobani


Final Table Results

  1. Ajay ‘messironaldo007’ Dhayal – ₹3,47,200
  2. Sahil ‘imhighishove’ Mehboobani – ₹2,10,000
  3. Sanchit ‘TheRedWaste’ Pande – ₹1,47,000
  4. jasvir88 – ₹1,12,000
  5. Sumanth ‘sp175’ Kumar – ₹72,800
  6. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – ₹49,000
  7. Rashim ‘potkiller86’ Garg – ₹38,5000
  8. Padma37 – ₹31,500


The Endeavour 12 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹3,850

Entries – 193

Re-entries – 145

Prize Pool – ₹12,00,000

Places Paid – 45

Atishay ‘nutscracker’ Samuel won The Endeavour for the second time last night after striking a heads-up deal with ‘asg9966’ (2nd for ₹2.09 Lakhs). Samuel pocketed ₹2.19 Lakhs, touching ₹47.31 Lakhs in annual earnings.

The ₹3,850 entry buy-in event registered 338 participants, falling five entries (or ₹17,000) short of its advertised guarantee. The top 45 places were paid.

The star-studded final table featured well-known names like Manish ‘thekid’ Lakhotia (3rd for ₹1.13 Lakhs), Pranay ‘5pranay’ Chaudhry (4th for ₹84,000), Bhanu ‘Chennaino1’ Prakash KC (5th for ₹63,000) and PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun ‘thepokeraja’ Mahesh (7th for ₹42,000).

Final Table Results

  1. Atishay ‘nutscracker’ Samuel – ₹2,19,909*
  2. asg9966 – ₹2,09,491*
  3. Manish ‘thekid’ Lakhotia – ₹1,13,400
  4. Pranay ‘5pranay’ Chaudhry – ₹84,000
  5. Bhanu ‘Chennaino1’ Prakash KC – ₹63,000
  6. sumeet1256 – ₹50,400
  7. Mithun ‘thepokeraja’ Mahesh – ₹42,000
  8. barbaad777 – ₹33,600

*denotes heads-up deal


INCOOP-139 [PLO Championship] ₹10 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹4,400

Entries – 95

Re-entries – 67

Prize Pool – ₹10,00,000

Places Paid – 19

Young Gun Karan ‘The AnnihiIator’ Radia seems to be unstoppable at the moment. Last night, Radia took down PokerStars India’s ₹10 Lakhs GTD INCOOP-139 PLO Championship, bagging ₹2.03 lakhs. The user ‘DeuceSeven09’ came second for ₹1.54 Lakhs.

Karan Radia has accumulated ₹40.91 Lakhs on PokerStars India this year alone, with ₹17.18 Lakhs in net profits.

The event registered 162 runners, and the top 19 places benefitted from the ₹3.52 Lakhs overlay value.

WPTOI ME runner-up finisher, Ram ‘TheLagLawyer’ Kakkar (3rd for ₹1.17 Lakhs), Vinay ‘CharleSCorreA’ B (4th for ₹89,372), Anmol ‘freak_weird0’ Agarwal (6th for ₹51,775), and Sanchit ‘devilsanchit’ Anand (7th for ₹41,989) FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. Karan ‘The AnnihiIator’ Radia – ₹2,02,682
  2. DeuceSeven09 – ₹1,54,268
  3. Ram ‘TheLagLawyer’ Kakkar – ₹1,17,419
  4. Vinay ‘CharleSCorreA’ B – ₹89,372
  5. ROYALSMEENA – ₹68,024
  6. Anmol ‘freak_weird0’ Agarwal – ₹51,775
  7. Sanchit ‘devilsanchit’ Anand – ₹41,989


The Race ₹6 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹1,650

Entries – 220

Re-entries – 56

Rebuys – 151

Prize Pool – ₹6,40,500

Places Paid – 39

Spartan Poker’s ₹6 Lakhs GTD The Race accumulated ₹6.40 Lakhs in the prize pool on the back of 427 entries. The former Monster Stack champion ‘GulzarSahab’ (anonymity requested) came up trumps to win ₹88,267 following a four-way deal with ‘MILKYBARKID’ (2nd for ₹84,463), Manoj ‘Stone1994’ V (3rd for ₹77,751), and ‘rDx141’ (4th for ₹75,144).

Arunkumar ‘denoi’ Singh (5th for ₹38,489), Vivek ‘acchemicals’ Karwa (6th for ₹29,911), Sandeep ‘ChasingExcellence’ Bhatnagar (7th for ₹21,969), and M ‘LACHANCE’ Balakrishnan (8th for ₹16,141) also FT-ed the event.

Final Table Results

  1. GulzarSahab – ₹88,267*
  2. MILKYBARKID – ₹84,463*
  3. Manoj ‘Stone1994’ V – ₹77,751*
  4. rDx141 – ₹75,144*
  5. Arunkumar ‘denoi’ Singh – ₹38,489
  6. Vivek ‘acchemicals’ Karwa – ₹29,911
  7. Sandeep ‘ChasingExcellence’ Bhatnagar – ₹21,969
  8. M ‘LACHANCE’ Balakrishnan – ₹16,141

*denotes a four-way deal


(5-Max) Daily SPRINT ₹4 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 105

Re-entries – 96

Prize Pool – ₹4,02,000

Places Paid – 24

Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla was the last player standing in PokerBaazi`s ₹4 Lakhs GTD Daily SPRINT and won ₹85,567 following a heads-up deal with the Game Changer 4.0 champion JaiKiran ‘testify’ Kumar (2nd for ₹79,575).

The event registered 201 entries, just about crossing its listed 200-player guarantee and wrapped in well under five hours.

Siddharth ‘Siddonuts’ Pandey (4th for ₹32,401) was the only other known name on the five-handed final table.

Runner-up Jaikiran Kumar
Runner-up Jaikiran Kumar


Final Table Results

  1. Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla – ₹85,567*
  2. JaiKiran ‘testify’ Kumar – ₹79,575*
  3. royalking7424 – ₹43,738
  4. Siddharth ‘Siddonuts’ Pandey – ₹32,401
  5. akash33776 – ₹24,321

*denotes heads-up deal


Voyager 3 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 210

Re-entries – 182

Prize Pool – ₹3,92,000

Places Paid – 43

The ₹3 Lakhs GTD Voyager started 90 minutes after The Mint and wound up just 10 minutes after the latter. A field of 392 entries created a ₹3.92 Lakhs prize pool, and Yash ‘Babyshark21’ Chitre walked away with the lion`s share of the prize money worth ₹97,216 after beating ‘FB-hancock’ (2nd for ₹58,800) in heads-up.

Vijay ‘GajaniG’ Pandit (4th for ₹31,360), Harsh ‘harsh20’ Karanpuria (5th for ₹20,384), Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ C (7th for ₹10,780) and Aniket ‘WhiteRabbit’ Sharma (8th for ₹8,820) also FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. Yash ‘Babyshark21’ Chitre – ₹97,216
  2. FB-hancock – ₹58,800
  3. Mantri97 – ₹41,160
  4. Vijay ‘GajaniG’ Pandit – ₹31,360
  5. Harsh ‘harsh20’ Karanpuria – ₹20,384
  6. rtuteja – ₹13,720
  7. Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ C – ₹10,780
  8. Aniket ‘WhiteRabbit’ Sharma – ₹8,820


Under The Gun PLO 20K GTD – Khelo365

Buy-in – ₹330

Entries – 23

Re-entries – 2

Rebuys – 31

Add-ons – 20

Prize Pool – ₹22,800

Places Paid – 3

Khelo365 user ‘FULLMOONZZ’ outlasted a guarantee-crushing 76-entry field in the ₹20K GTD Under The Gun PLO to win ₹11,400.


This report was updated at 6:30 PM on 29.09.2021.

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