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Daily Majors: Ashish Ahuja, Gaurav Sood, Ayush Garg, Bharat Vasan & Kunal Sharma Bank Huge Scores on Friday

Ashish Ahuja, Gaurav Sood, Ayush Garg, Bharat Vasan, Kunal Sharma
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  • Arpit Jain October 16, 2021
  • 5 Minutes Read

The online poker action was significantly more electrifying on Friday with almost all marquee titles conquered by seasoned pros.

The day’s single biggest score was once again bagged by a PokerGuru Ambassador and continuing his mini-heater, Ashish Ahuja picked up his third title in four days! The Chandigarh based crusher took down Adda52’s ₹22.50 Lakhs GTD The Ballers for ₹5.85 Lakhs.

The #1 ranked player of the year (both profits and cashes), Young Gun Gaurav Sood returned to the online grind with a bang and triumphed Spartan Poker’s ₹22 Lakhs GTD The Elite for ₹5.23 Lakhs. Ankit Omprakash Bajaj placed runner-up for ₹3.54 Lakhs.

Ayush Garg raked in over ₹3.50 Lakhs after four ITM finishes, including PokerBaazi’s The Weekly Highroller title for ₹2.75 Lakhs!

Wednesday’s The Pride winner Bharat Vasan continued his online dominance and took down the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Friday Bounty on Adda52 for ₹1.66 Lakhs.

Kunal Sharma made a podium finish for the third consecutive day and championed Spartan Poker’s ₹8 lakhs GTD Futuristic for ₹1.53 Lakhs.

Vinayak Bajaj, Kunal Yadav, Ram Kakkar, Rohit Malhotra, Priyank Kothari, and Saahib Bawa dominated the other Friday MTTs!

Here are the Friday highlights!

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Spartan Poker

The richest draw on Spartan Poker last night, the ₹22 Lakhs GTD The Elite brought together 225 contestants who coughed up the ₹11,000 buy-in to help generate the guarantee surpassing ₹22.50 Lakhs prize pool.

The winningest player in the country since 2020, Gaurav ‘mozzie17’ Sood was the last player standing and took away ₹5.23 Lakhs up top after prevailing over Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash Bajaj (runner-up for ₹3.54 Lakhs) in the heads-up battle. Sood returned to online felts after almost two weeks since the poker prodigy was in attendance at the EPT Sochi where he cashed in three events, including an FT finish.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


Gaurav Sood`s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹10.37 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹5.39 Crores | Titles Won in 2021: #23 | Annual Winnings: ₹3.67 Crores | Ranked #1 in Annual Leaderboard Standings | Ranked #1 in Annual Profits

The other major Friday attraction was the ₹8 Lakhs GTD Futuristic which recorded a starting field of 959 participants who bought in for ₹880 to leave an overlay of ₹32,800 and the top 87 places were paid. At the end, two Kunal’s squared off with each other, with Kunal ‘UnityPro’ Sharma coming out trumps for ₹1.53 Lakhs and Kunal ‘kunaly005’ Yadav placing runner-up for ₹95,360.

Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma


PriyankSatoshi_Nakamato Kothari (Won Ultimate 6 Card PLO ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹28,867), Abhishek Bittur Chaurasia (Won Epic – ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹25,160) and ‘amitmack16’ (Won The Centurion ₹85K GTD for ₹16,656) won the other Spartan Poker MTTs on Friday.



PokerBaazi’s Friday schedule was dominated by the ₹12 Lakhs GTD The Weekly Highroller which fell short of breaking even by three entries after pulling in 117 hopefuls who coughed up the ₹11,000 buy-in. After almost eight hours of non-stop gameplay, it was Ayush ‘Proman502’ Garg who navigated to the top and walked away with ₹2.75 Lakhs in cash prize following a heads-up chop with Vinayak ‘salmanbhai’ Bajaj (runner-up for ₹2.72 Lakhs). Garg lapped up over ₹3.50 Lakhs in cash last night after three more deep runs. His other ITM finishes include:

Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg


> 5th in Friday Bounty for ₹35,813

> 14th in The Ballers for ₹28,125

> 9th in Uppercut for ₹22,138

Ayush Garg`s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹4.36 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹1.67 Crores

The ₹1.50 Lakhs Holdem BOOST clocked in 215 entrants who bought in for ₹1,100 to generate a guarantee smashing ₹2.15 Lakhs prize pool and the top 27 places boarded the money bus. Taking home the title was Rohit ‘mrblue1205’ Malhotra who earned a paycheck of ₹44,550 following a heads-up chop with Kunal ‘callmeifyoucan’ Yadav (runner-up for ₹41,540).

Rohit Malhotra
Rohit Malhotra


haanji (Won Daily Night SPRINT ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹44,110), Jai BoyJ Sharma (Won PLO Daily ₹40K GTD for ₹14,270), ‘AshleyFernandes’ (Won PLO Boost Monster ₹50K GTD for ₹12,030), and ‘JamirP’ (Won 5-Max ₹50K GTD for ₹8,910) championed the other Friday marquees on PokerBaazi.


PokerStars India

The day`s headliner on PokerStars India, the ₹8 Lakhs GTD Uppercut MAGIC Edition suffered an overlay deficit of ₹1.24 Lakhs on the back of 169 challengers who bought in for ₹4,400 and the top 19 places finished ITM. Racing past the competition was ‘imac2000’ who took away ₹1.67 Lakhs up top after prevailing over Ram ‘TheLagLawyer’ Kakkar (runner-up for ₹1.09 Lakhs) in the heads-up clash.

Runner-up Ram Kakkar
Runner-up Ram Kakkar


The ₹2 Lakhs GTD The Classic PKO clocked in 115 challengers who signed up for ₹1,650 and the top 13 places took advantage of the ₹27,500 overlay. Taking down the title was ‘garima14’ who collected the winner’s paycheck worth ₹46,164 after defeating ‘amminikutty’ (runner-up for ₹34,211) heads-up.

‘khelosab’ (Won Ultrasonic ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹37,843), ‘yuvidilwariya’ (Won Ultra KO 75% ₹50K GTD for ₹19,547), ‘PAAKTS’ (Won Afternoon on Stars ₹60K GTD for ₹13,757), ‘maanav1012’ (Won Deepstack ₹50K GTD for ₹13,270), and ‘TheBlack(3’ (Won Primetime Grind ₹50K GTD for ₹10,560) won the other Friday MTTs on PokerStars India.



Adda52’s Friday mainstay, the ₹22.50 Lakhs GTD The Ballers faced an overlay avalanche worth ₹4.05 Lakhs after clocking in 246 contestants who bought in for ₹7,500. Taking home his third title in four days was PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja who padded his ever-growing bankroll by ₹5.85 Lakhs after prevailing over Thursday’s Monster Stack champion ‘Machine541’ (runner-up for ₹3.48 Lakhs).

Ashish Ahuja
Ashish Ahuja


With this score, Ahuja has climbed up to the #7 rank in the 2021 cashes leaderboard. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹9.10 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹3.50 Crores | Annual Winnings: ₹2.59 Crores

The ₹5 Lakhs GTD Friday Bounty was the other marquee hosted last night. The ₹2,700 buy-in MTT gathered a player pool of 203 entrants and the top 21 places finished ITM. Topping them all was Wednesday’s The Pride winner Bharat ‘rungooserun’ Vasan who collected ₹1.66 Lakhs up top, with ‘MallaNi’ finishing runner-up for ₹95,203.

Bharat Vasan
Bharat Vasan


iamalooser’ (Won Nighttide DST ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹35,982), Saahib saahibBawa (Won Afternoon Adda ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹30,301), DogaXII (Won Punch ₹80K GTD for ₹18,735), and ‘Samimeel’ (Won Evening Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹10,020) also won titles on the site on Friday.


Keep following PokerGuru for daily updates on the biggest winners across the major domestic networks!

Note: Due to the Durga Puja festival in West Bengal, we will not be carrying the detailed reports for our Daily Majors recap until October 17.

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