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Daily Majors: Faiz Alam, Sushil Kumar, Sreeharsha Boneni, Siddhanth Kapoor & Kanishka Samant Headline the Monday Action

Daily Majors 30-08
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  • Namita Ghosh August 31, 2021
  • 10 Minutes Read

After two months of non-stop high adrenaline action, first across the IOPC and then APT Online India and the WPT Online India stops, yesterday brought players a well-deserved break.

That said, the WPTOI excitement is not yet over. The tournaments are done with, but Adda52 was scheduled to run the final chapter of the series – the ₹7 Lakhs GTD WPT Winners SNG and the ₹3 Lakhs GTD WPT Bubble SNG yesterday. However, both SNGs have been moved to today.

Headlining the Monday winners was the former Maverick champion Debapriya Manna who bested a 389-strong field to win Adda52’s Iron Man for ₹1.98 Lakhs. Juli Kumari came second for ₹1.20 Lakhs. She also won the Sundown Adda for ₹18,036, collectively earning 1.45 Lakhs.

Faiz Alam cashed in all the flagship offerings and most prominently won PokerBaazi’s The Big Show for ₹1.46 Lakhs after striking a three-way deal with ‘Instamuck’ (2nd for ₹1.09 Lakhs) and ‘slyblazer’ (3rd for ₹1 Lakh).

Sushil Kumar dominated the show on Spartan Poker, where he championed the ReCharge for ₹1.41 Lakhs – his second time winning the event. Kumar struck a three-way deal with Siddhanth Kapoor (2nd for ₹1.12 Lakhs) and ‘royalflush84’ (3rd for ₹1.12 Lakhs).

Sreeharsha Boneni came out trumps in PokerStars India Battle Royale, winning the event for the third time last night for ₹1.29 Lakhs after defeating poker streamer Shivam Jain (2nd for ₹60,597) heads-up.

Prateek Ajmani won the Daily SPRINT on PokerBaazi for ₹1.08 Lakhs, with the long-time circuit regular and poker coach Kanishka Samant taking second place for ₹96,630.

Young Gun Karan Radia took down the Voyager for ₹95,500, with ‘Adit8783’ placing runner-up for ₹57,873.

Rising Star Aman Parakh shipped two late-night marquees. He took down PokerBaazi’s Daily Night SPRINT for ₹48,000, also winning the Adda52-hosted Nighttide DST Adda for ₹34,191. Like Alam, he scored in most of the Monday flagships, raking in ₹1.14 Lakhs cumulatively to storm his way past the ₹3 Crore mark in online winnings.

Clinton Tavares, Devinder Bahia, Vikram Pratapdan Langa & Abhishek Sonu won the other Monday marquees.

Here are the Monday highlights!


Spartan Poker

Spearheading the Monday action on Spartan Poker was the ₹8 Lakhs GTD ReCharge. The ₹2,200 entry buy-in event attracted 423 entrants, and the top 39 places got a share from the ₹8.46 Lakhs prize pool. A three-way deal saw the former Sunday Superstack fifth-place finisher Sushil ‘lex_veldi82’ Kumar taking down the ReCharge title for the second time last night for ₹1.41 Lakhs. Actor, DJ, and poker player Siddhanth ‘Liu Kang’ Kapoor (2nd for ₹1.12 Lakhs) and ‘royalflush84’ (3rd for ₹1.12 Lakhs) were the other beneficiaries of the deal.

Sushil Kumar
Sushil Kumar


Sushil Kumar had won the ReCharge previously on July 5 for ₹1.74 Lakhs. His stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹66.54 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 12.12 Lakh

Aditya ‘konstantinn’ Singh crossed the money line in three events on Monday, netting a cumulative ₹75,758.

Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh


His scores include:

> 6th in Spartan Poker’s ReCharge for ₹39,508

> 5th in PokerBaazi’s Daily Sprint 7-Max for ₹30,250

> 24th in Adda52’s Iron Man for ₹6,000

The IOPC#129 Saturday Prime champion ‘Giraldik’ shipped Spartan Poker`s second Monday marquee, the ₹4.50 Lakhs GTD DeepStack for ₹87,705. Amit ‘Penguin071’ Gaikwad came second for ₹55,710. The ₹1,100 entry buy-in event logged in a total of 450 entries – the exact count needed to break even on its listed guarantee.

Runner-up Amit Gaikwad
Runner-up Amit Gaikwad


The champion now has ₹14.25 Lakhs in recorded earnings on Spartan Poker with ₹8.35 Lakhs in site-profits.

Devinder ‘Greko’ Bahia (Won Monster Stack ₹2.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹45,479), Vikram ‘Tatvmasi’ Pratapdan Langa (Won Night Rider – Monster Stack ₹2.1 Lakhs GTD for ₹43,327), and ‘ameya7777’ (Won Epic ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹22,778) championed the other Spartan Poker marquees!



PokerBaazi`s ₹7.50 Lakhs GTD The Big Show experienced an overlay shortfall of ₹50,000 after 280 participants coughed up ₹2,750 to enter. Faiz ‘AilaGaya’ Alam added his 16th title for the year as he overcame the competition to win ₹1.46 Lakhs. He chopped the top prize three-way with ‘Instamuck’ (2nd for ₹1.09 Lakhs) and ‘slyblazer’ (3rd for ₹1 Lakh).

Faiz Alam
Faiz Alam


Faiz Alam impressively made ITM finishes in the Monday flagships across the top four sites, breaching ₹3.87 Crores in tracked online winnings (₹87.62 Lakhs in net profits).

The ₹5 Lakhs GTD (7-Max) Daily SPRINT featuring a ₹2,200 entry buy-in, clocked in 205 entrants to leave an overlay of ₹90,000, and the top 24 places boarded the money bus. Prateek ‘Pm1123’ Ajmani was the last player standing and won ₹1.08 Lakhs following a heads-up chop with seasoned poker pro (and one of our former Young Gun`s) Kanishka ‘Highness’ Samant (2nd for ₹96,630).

Runner-up Kanishka Samant
Runner-up Kanishka Samant


Rising Star Aman ‘KarmaPoker’ Parakh championed two late-night events on Monday. He took down the ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD Daily Night SPRINT for ₹48,000 while also winning Adda52’s Nighttide DST Adda for ₹34,191. Add five more ITM finishes, and Parakh lapped up over ₹1.14 Lakhs last night, storming his way into the 3 Crore Club.

Aman Parakh
Aman Parakh


‘Jbaat’ (Won Holdem BOOST ₹3 Lakhs GTD for ₹72,450), ‘awarahoon’ (Won Turbo ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹45,000), ‘aikansh98’ (Won PLO Boost Monster ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹24,450), ‘jjain108’ (Won Daily Afternoon SPRINT ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹18,650), and ‘Royalflush84’ (Won 5-max Daily ₹50K GTD for ₹9,493) took down the other Monday marquees on PokerBaazi.



The ₹25 Crores GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) kept MTT players on edge all through August, and we were expecting the series to wrap up on Monday with the two scheduled SNGs – the ₹7 Lakhs GTD WPT Winners SNG and the ₹3 Lakhs GTD WPT Bubble SNG. However, both the SNGs have been rescheduled to today and will take place from 7.30 PM.

Instead, the site`s ₹8 Lakhs GTD Iron Man was the biggest draw on Monday. The event wrangled in 389 players, filling in ₹22,000 in overlays. The final 43 players got paid, and walking away with the title was the former Maverick champion Debapriya debapriya_12345’ Manna, who bagged his third career title for ₹1.98 Lakhs. Former Adda52 Big Game finalist Juli ‘Lily8’ Kumari stood second for ₹1.20 Lakhs.

Juli Kumari placed one better in the ₹50K GTD Sundown Adda, netting ₹18,036 for the win. Two more ITM finishes saw her earn a cumulative ₹1.45 Lakhs, boosting her online tally to ₹36.30 Lakhs.

Young Gun Karan ‘Reg_Slayer’ Radia (opted out of our tracking) outran a 382-entry field in the ₹3 Lakhs GTD Voyager to collect ₹95,500. ‘Adit8783’ placed second for ₹57,873.

Karan Radia
Karan Radia


Rising Star Aman ‘karmapoker’ Parakh (Won Nighttide DST Adda ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD for ₹34,191), ‘rehsz’ (Won Punch ₹90K GTD for ₹27,020), and ‘prasad1naik’ (Won Evening Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹12,463) won the other Monday marquees.


PokerStars India

Sreeharsha ‘DonkeyCommitted’ Boneni championed PokerStars India’s Monday headliner, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Battle Royale (7-Max), banking ₹1.29 Lakhs (includes ₹80,097 in bounties). Poker streamer Shivam ‘cyflopse’ Jain placed runner-up for ₹60,597 (includes ₹11,210 in bounties).

Sreeharsha Boneni
Sreeharsha Boneni


Last night was Sreeharsha Boneni’s third time winning the Battle Royale title. His stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹1.60 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹54 Lakhs

PokerStars India regular and Sunday’s Big Bubble Rush champion, Clinton ‘Clinton Tavares’ Tavares, added another title to his tally after taking down the ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD Deepstack for ₹48,425 (includes ₹29,453 in bounties). Swapnil ‘pokpom1’ Patil finished runner-up for ₹23,151 (includes ₹4,179 in bounties). This was Clinton Tavares’ sixth title win of the month, pushing his online winnings to ₹27.59 Lakhs (₹8 Lakhs in net profits).

Clinton Tavares
Clinton Tavares


The two-time Sunday Special champion Abhishek ‘Addysonu’ Sonu, who has won the Ultrasonic title no less than 10 times, repeated the feat for the 11th time yesterday, winning the late-night event for ₹28,455.

Abhishek Sonu
Abhishek Sonu


Abhishek Sonu`s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹54.66 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: ₹18.36 Lakhs

‘MrBigSlick139’ (Won Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹25,360), ‘pokerdoom789’ (Won Afternoon on Stars ₹60K GTD for ₹17,117), ‘gb253’ (Won Ultra KO 90% ₹50K GTD for ₹15,332), ‘MynameAK47’ (Won Deepstack ₹50K GTD for ₹12,911), and ‘xzqtr1′ (Won Primetime Grind ₹60K GTD for ₹11,353) won the other titles on the site.

The other Monday winners are:

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Jbaat₹72,450Holdem BOOST ₹3 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Aman ‘KarmaPoker’ Parakh₹48,000Daily Night
SPRINT ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD
Abhishek 'Addysonu' Sonu₹28,455Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
MrBigSlick139₹25,360Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
Clinton 'Clinton Tavares' Tavares₹48,425Deepstack ₹1.75 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
aikansh98₹24,450PLO Boost Monster ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
jjain108₹18,650Daily Afternoon SPRINT ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
pokerdoom789₹17,117Afternoon on Stars ₹60K GTDPokerStars India
gb253₹15,332Ultra KO 90% ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
MynameAK47₹12,911Deepstack ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
xzqtr1₹11,353Primetime Grind ₹60K GTDPokerStars India
Royalflush84₹9,4935-max Daily ₹50K GTDPokerBaazi
Saaho5520₹1,840Hustle ₹4K GTDKhelo365


Iron Man ₹8 Lakhs GTD Adda52

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 205

Re-entries – 184

Prize Pool – ₹8,00,000

Places Paid – 43

With the second edition of the WPT Online India Series now all but over, it was back to the usual routine at India`s largest online poker site. The biggest draw of the day, the ₹8 Lakhs GTD Iron Man, registered 389 participants, resulting in an overlay shortfall of ₹22,000.

The event played down to a winner a little before 2 AM, with former Maverick champion Debapriya ‘debapriya_12345’ Manna walking away with the title and the ₹1.98 Lakhs up-top. Juli ‘Lily8’ Kumari secured a runner-up payday worth ₹1.20 Lakhs.

Juli Kumari, an Adda52 Big Game finalist, did even better in the ₹50K GTD Sundown Adda, as she won the title for ₹18,036. With over ₹1.45 Lakhs in total winnings on Adda52 last night, Kumari improved her online scorecard to ₹36.30 Lakhs.

Raman ‘Ranzoo9’ Arora (3rd for ₹64,000) and Rachit ‘baba_ramdev’ Soni (7th for ₹22,000) also FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. Debapriya ‘debapriya_12345’ Manna – ₹1,98,400
  2. Juli ‘Lily8’ Kumari – ₹1,20,000
  3. sanjeevbhargava – ₹84,000
  4. Raman ‘Ranzoo9’ Arora – ₹64,000
  5. beachka – ₹41,600
  6. hc27 – ₹28,000
  7. Rachit ‘baba_ramdev’ Soni – ₹22,000
  8. mrjo – ₹18,000


ReCharge ₹8 Lakhs GTD Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 203

Re-entries – 84

Re-buys – 136

Prize Pool – ₹8,46,000

Places Paid – 39

Spartan Poker’s ₹8 Lakhs GTD ReCharge collected a generous ₹8.46 Lakhs from a starting field of 423 participants, making it the only Monday flagship that didn’t record an overlay.

The Monday headliner played down to a three-way deal with Sushil ‘lex_veldi82’ Kumar clinching the ReCharge title for the second time for ₹1.41 Lakhs. Actor and poker player Siddhanth ‘Liu Kang’ Kapoor (2nd for ₹1.12 Lakhs) and ‘royalflush84’ (3rd for ₹1.12 Lakhs) secured podium finishes and comparable payouts, courtesy of the three-way deal.

PokerBaazi’s Daily Sprint 7-Max fifth-place finisher Aditya ‘konstantinn’ Singh (6th for ₹39,508) and Guruprasad ‘DONKAKING’ Gupta (8th for ₹21,319) also FT-ed the event.

Runner-up Siddhanth Kapoor
Runner-up Siddhanth Kapoor


Final Table Results

  1. Sushil ‘lex_veldi82’ Kumar – ₹1,41,061*
  2. Siddhanth ‘Liu Kang’ Kapoor – ₹1,11,989*
  3. royalflush84 – ₹1,11,829*
  4. kunsuzz – ₹66,580
  5. chemprac – ₹52,198
  6. Aditya ‘konstantinn’ Singh – ₹39,508
  7. enigma77 – ₹29,018
  8. Guruprasad ‘DONKAKING’ Gupta – ₹21,319

*denotes a three-way deal


The Big Show ₹7.50 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 173

Re-entries – 107

Prize Pool – ₹7,50,000

Places Paid – 36

PokerBaazi’s ₹7.50 Lakhs GTD The Big Show found a champion in Faiz ‘AilaGaya’ Alam, who collected a winner’s paycheck worth ₹1.46 Lakhs after striking a three-way chop with ‘Instamuck’ (2nd for ₹1.09 Lakhs) and ‘slyblazer’ (3rd for ₹1 Lakh).

This was Faiz Alam’s 16th title victory of the year. The Kolkata-resident cashed in all the Monday flagships yesterday to cross the ₹3.87 Crores mark in online winnings.

Ranjeet ‘Rj147’ Negi (4th for ₹55,350), PokerGuru Ambassador Nadeem ‘SpadeHunter’ Basha (5th for ₹41,550), and Dhiraj ‘supernuts’ Lakhotia (6th for ₹33,225) also FT-ed the tourney!

The ₹2,750 entry buy-in event overlaid ₹50,000 after clocking in 280 participants. The 8 PM event ended at 2:39 AM, and the top 36 places landed in the money zone.

Final Table Results

  1. Faiz ‘AilaGaya’ Alam – ₹1,46,976*
  2. Instamuck – ₹1,09,057*
  3. slyblazer – ₹1,00,667*
  4. Ranjeet ‘Rj147’ Negi – ₹55,350
  5. Nadeem ‘SpadeHunter’ Basha – ₹41,550
  6. Dhiraj ‘supernuts’ Lakhotia – ₹33,225
  7. Divyansh1995 – ₹27,600
  8. vaaku – ₹22,125

*denotes three-way deal


Battle Royale (7-Max) ₹5 Lakhs GTD PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 101

Re-entries – 75

Total Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Regular Prize Pool – ₹2,80,000

Bounty Prize Pool – ₹2,20,000

Places Paid – 20

Sreeharsha ‘DonkeyCommitted’ Boneni won PokerStars India`s Battle Royale for the third time last night as he took down the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Battle Royale (7-Max) for ₹1.29 Lakhs (includes ₹80,097 in bounties). Boneni also placed 13th in the Deepstack for ₹3,202, working up ₹1.32 Lakhs in total winnings.

Poker streamer Shivam ‘cyflopse’ Jain came second for ₹60,597 (includes ₹11,210 in bounties).

The ₹2,750 entry buy-in event could only muster 176 participants, falling ₹60,000 short of its advertised guarantee.

Runner-up Shivam Jain
Runner-up Shivam Jain


Final Table Results

  1. Sreeharsha ‘DonkeyCommitted’ Boneni – ₹1,29,485
  2. Shivam ‘cyflopse’ Jain – ₹60,597
  3. dealthemaces – ₹36,052
  4. PSTAR114 – ₹31,082
  5. GodPGuru – ₹31,376
  6. Casanovoracle – ₹16,978
  7. shrey30 – ₹18,172


(7-Max) Daily SPRINT ₹5 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 123

Re-entries – 82

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 24

Prateek ‘Pm1123’ Ajmani outran the competition in the ₹5 Lakhs GTD (7-Max) Daily SPRINT and walked away with his second biggest score worth ₹1.08 Lakhs. He chopped the title heads-up with poker coach Kanishka ‘Highness’ Samant (2nd for ₹96,630).

After last night`s score, the former IOPC 27 Monster Stack champion Prateek Ajmani touched ₹16.63 Lakhs in recorded online earnings.

Himanshu ‘ISquirtBullets’ Dewan (4th for ₹40,300), Aditya ‘Konstantin’ Singh (5th for ₹30,250), Rafiq ‘Mrkhan’ Khan (6th for ₹24,200), and Vivek ‘calculator18’ Karwa (7th for ₹20,100) posted FT scores.

The ₹2,200 entry buy-in event registered 205 entrants, and the top 24 finishers benefitted from the ₹90,000 overlay value filled in by the site (an 18% deficit on the advertised guarantee).

Final Table Results

  1. Prateek ‘Pm1123’ Ajmani – ₹1,08,770*
  2. Kanishka ‘Highness’ Samant – ₹96,630*
  3. thesword – ₹54,400
  4. Himanshu ‘ISquirtBullets’ Dewan – ₹40,300
  5. Aditya ‘Konstantin’ Singh – ₹30,250
  6. Rafiq ‘Mrkhan’ Khan – ₹24,200
  7. Vivek ‘calculator18’ Karwa – ₹20,100

*denotes heads-up deal


DeepStack ₹4.50 Lakhs GTD Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 235

Re-entries – 81

Re-buys – 134

Prize Pool – ₹4,50,000

Places Paid – 47

Spartan Poker`s second Monday marquee, the ₹4.50 Lakhs GTD DeepStack, hit the sweet spot with an entry field of 450 hopefuls making for the exact count the event needed to meet its listed guarantee. It took almost eight hours of play for the IOPC#129 Saturday Prime champion ‘Giraldik’ to win the Deepstack title for ₹87,705. Amit ‘Penguin071’ Gaikwad secured a runner-up payday worth ₹55,710.

Ayaz ‘SHEARKHAN’ Khan (3rd for ₹41,760), Himanshu ‘venomaster’ Aggrawal (4th for ₹33,795), Rishav ‘oreo123’ Garodia (5th for ₹26,640), and Biplob ‘hellhell’ Rana (6th for ₹14,940) also FT-ed the tourney!


Voyager ₹3 Lakhs GTD Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 185

Re-entries – 197

Prize Pool – ₹3,82,000

Places Paid – 38

Adda52’s Voyager pulled in 382 hopefuls, generating a profitable ₹3.82 Lakhs prize pool. Starting at 9.30 PM, the tournament ran for over six hours to eventually declare a winner in former Young Gun Karan ‘Reg_Slayer’ Radia, who won ₹95,500. The user ‘Adit8783’ came second for ₹57,873.

Abhishek ‘abhiric12’ Gautam (4th for ₹30,560) and Chaitanya ‘crylighter’ Dhingra (5th for ₹20,628) also FT-ed the event.


Deepstack ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹1,375

Entries – 88

Re-entries – 38

Total Prize Pool – ₹1,75,000

Regular Prize Pool – ₹96,250

Bounty Prize Pool – ₹78,750

Places Paid – 13

Sunday`s Big Bubble Rush winner Clinton ‘Clinton Tavares’ Tavares shipped the ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD Deepstack for ₹48,425 (includes ₹29,453 in bounties), extending his winning run to a second consecutive day. Tavares also finished 29th in the Battle Royale for ₹3,398, netting ₹51,824 in Monday winnings.

The 16-time Ultrasonic winner, Swapnil ‘pokpom1’ Patil, locked in the runner-up payout worth ₹23,151 (includes ₹4,179 in bounties).

Akshay ‘IamUltron’ Dhingra (4th for ₹12,744) and last night’s ₹50K GTD Deepstack champion ‘MynameAK47’ (9th for ₹4,995) also FT-ed the event.


Hustle NLHE ₹4K GTD Khelo365

Buy-in – ₹44

Entries – 30

Rebuys- 41

Addons – 24

Prize Pool – ₹4,000

Places Paid – 4

‘Saaho5520’ took down Khelo365’s ₹4K GTD Hustle NLHE for ₹1,840. ‘Xyfold’ secured a runner-up payday worth ₹1,040.


This report was updated at 5 PM on 31.08.2021.

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