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Daily Majors: Raghav Bansal, Siddhanth Kripalani, Harshad Barve, Dhaval Mudgal & Rahul Mech Hit the BIG Friday Scores

Raghav Bansal, Siddhanth Kripalani, Harshad Barve, Dhaval Mudgal, Rahul Mech
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis January 22, 2022
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The 12th edition of the IOPC has got the adrenaline pumping among MTT players as they head into an action-packed weekend. The biggest attraction yesterday was the 50 Lakhs GTD IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight, and Amit More walked away with the title and the juicy 11.91 Lakhs up-top. Chasing his first title of 2022, Raghav Bansal placed runner-up, banking an impressive 8.49 Lakhs. MPL Poker Team pro Dhaval Mudgal rounded out the podium in third place, adding 5.78 Lakhs cumulatively.

The former IOPC – The Millionaire champion Anurag Srivastava went on a rampage last night, winning two IOPC events within hours of each other. He won IOPC #8 and IOPC #12 – All Rounder (Deepstack), making away with 4.22 Lakhs in total winnings.

Mang Hanghing (Won IOPC #10 – Friday Prime for 3.62 Lakhs) and Mohit Mehta (Won IOPC #7 for 93,898) won the other IOPC titles!

Young Gun Siddhanth Kripalani couldn`t have asked for a better start to the year! Already among the January leaderboard toppers, the 27-year-old shipped PokerBaazi’s The Weekly HighRoller for the third time yesterday for 5.41 Lakhs. He collected added 6.45 Lakhs in Friday earnings across four ITM finishes.

Improving upon his runner-up finish in Spartan Poker`s Destiny two days ago, Harshad Barve shipped Adda52’s The Ballers last night for 5.81 Lakhs. He chopped the title heads-up with Rahul Mech (2nd for 5.37 Lakhs)!

Kunal Yadav won PokerStars India’s Winter Series-70 Super Highroller for 4.71 Lakhs. Rajat Sharma finished runner-up for 3.56 Lakhs.

Pawan Kumar, Anmolraj Singh Chawla, Niteen Raj, Karan Sitlani, Nilahsmi Rahule, Gopal Bajaj, and Pratik Doshi shipped the other Friday majors!

Here are the Friday highlights!


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Spartan Poker

Day 2 of the ongoing IOPC series ran through another busy schedule of value-laden events! However, nothing matched up to the 50 Lakhs GTD IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight. The 11,000 buy-in event roped in a 616-entry field, and the top 63 places got a share of the 61.60 Lakhs prize pool. It took Amit ‘Timaerom’ More over nine hours to come out on top to win 11.91 Lakhs. He now has 32.82 Lakhs in online winnings on Spartan Poker.

The two seasoned MTT pros Raghav ‘thatssosick’ Bansal (2nd for 7.51 Lakhs) and MPL Poker Team pro Dhaval ‘ElegantlyWasted’ Mudgal (3rd for 5.39 Lakhs), secured podium finishes.

Runner-up Raghav Bansal
Runner-up Raghav Bansal


Even though Raghav Bansal is still chasing his first of the year, last night`s run was his best in over a year. The MTT pro lapped up 8.49 Lakhs in total winnings on the back of two top finishes.

> 2nd in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight for 7,51,520

> 6th in Adda52’s The Ballers for 98,298

Dhaval Mudgal wasn`t too far behind with 5.78 Lakhs in total winnings from two deep runs.

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal


> 3rd in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight for 5,39,000

> 10th in PokerBaazi’s The Weekly HighRoller for 39,560

The 20 Lakhs GTD IOPC #10 – Friday Prime saw Mang ‘natokos’ Hanghing take down the event for 3.62 Lakhs, following a heads-up deal with Joseph ‘axone’ Touthang (2nd for 3.61 Lakhs). The 990 buy-in event clocked in an impressive 3,000 entries, posting a juicy 27 Lakhs prize pool. The top 255 places were paid.

Mang Hangshing


Anurag ‘CultOfPersonality’ Srivastava was hands down the star of the day. No, he didn`t win the most money but pulled out one of the most impressive runs we have seen in the early stages of the ongoing IOPC series, winning two IOPC titles and 4.22 Lakhs in cumulative winnings. He got the ball rolling by taking down the 6.75 Lakhs GTD IOPC #8 for 1.73 Lakhs. A few hours later, he crossed the finish line in the 12 Lakhs GTD IOPC #12 – All Rounder (Deepstack), pocketing 2.44 Lakhs after a three-way deal. He also cashed Adda52’s Friday Bounty (32nd for 5,175).

Anurag Srivastava
Anurag Srivastava


Anurag Srivastava`s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 6.77 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 2.13 Crores

The IOPC #12 – All Rounder (Deepstack) logged in 750 entries, collecting 15 Lakhs in the prize pool. PokerHigh user Chanti ‘majay2’ Nayak (2nd for 1.79 Lakhs) & Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal (3rd for 1.73 Lakhs) were the other beneficiaries of the three-way deal.

Runner-up Chanti Nayak
Runner-up Chanti Nayak


Mohammad ‘Cupid stunt’ Azhar (2nd for 1.09 Lakhs) and Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash Bajaj (3rd for 82,406) posted top-three finishes in IOPC#8.

Runner-up Mohammad Azhar
Runner-up Mohammad Azhar


The user ‘golddigger1905’ topped the 1,025-entry field in the 7.50 Lakhs GTD IOPC #9 – DST to win 1.96 Lakhs, just as Atul ‘atulkhurana’ Khurana locked in a second-place payout worth 1.22 Lakhs.

Runner-up Atul Khurana
Runner-up Atul Khurana


Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta was the last player standing in the 4 Lakhs GTD IOPC #7 and pocketed a winner’s paycheque worth 93,898. A heads-up chop saw Manoj ‘cutymannu’ Sharma collect 77,563 in second place.

Mohit Mehta
Mohit Mehta


The 1.50 Crores GTD IOPC – Blaze played out its second starting flight yesterday, and 64 players from the 396-strong starting field made it across to Day 2. PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer ‘bazzingaa’ Singh Chadha (317,132) bagged another top stack at the series with Young Gun Arsh ‘BigggTymeR’ Grover (173,247) and Sriharsha ‘Sygrayem’ Doddapaneni (171,031) a distant second and third in chips.

Arjanveer Singh Chadha
Arjanveer Singh Chadha


The 30 Lakhs GTD IOPC – D’Lite hosted two flights, Day 1C and 1D. Here are the stats:

Day 1C: Entries – 549| Survivors – 57| Chip Leader – golibaj (253,189)

Day 1D: Entries – 580| Survivors – 53| Chip Leader – kunalkksn2 (275,768)

It`s still early in the 1 Crore IOPC Leaderboard Race, and Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal (2,484 points) tops the charts even though there is stiff competition breathing down his neck. Anurag ‘CultOfPersonality’ Srivastava (2,378 points) has catapulted to #2 after his back-to-back wins last night. Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta (2,308 points) sits at #3.

IOPC Leaderboard Standings

1Vinay 'BeepBeepImaJeep' Rajpal2,484
2Anurag 'CultOfPersonality' Srivastava2,378
3Mohit 'thejoker' Mehta2,308
4Mang 'natokos' Hangshing2,216
5Manish 'thekid' Lakhotia2,207
6Yash 'babyshark10' Chitre2,201
8Ankit 'ON_MY_MAC' Bajaj1,724
9Punya 'madhumangal' Behera1,718
10Armaan 'space ace' Kochhar1,698



PokerBaazi’s 12 Lakhs GTD The Weekly HighRoller obliterated its advertised guarantee with 230 participants signing up to play the 11,000 buy-in event. The 23 Lakhs prize pool was distributed among the top 27 finishers. The Game Changer 3.0 champion, Young Gun Siddhanth ‘ender’ Kripalani, kept his hot run going as he took down the title for the third time for 5.41 Lakhs.

Siddhanth Kripalani
Siddhanth Kripalani


Siddhanth Kripalani crossed the money line in three more events, collectively adding 6.45 Lakhs.

His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in PokerBaazi’s The Weekly HighRoller for 5.41 Lakhs

> 7th in Adda52’s The Ballers for 77,234

> 21st in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #10 – Friday Prime for 20,994

> 31st in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #9 – DST for 5,228

Siddhanth Kripalani’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 5.34 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 2.41 Crores

Nitin ‘philhermouth’ Arora was another player to hit the big scores yesterday, adding 4.56 Lakhs across five ITM finishes.

Nitin Arora
Nitin Arora


His ITM finishes include:

> 4th in PokerStars India’s Winter Series#70 Super Highroller for 2.03 Lakhs

> 4th in PokerBaazi’s The Weekly HighRoller for 1.81 Lakhs

> 13th in Adda52’s The Ballers for 35,106

> 50th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight for 27,720

> 16th in PokerStars India’s Winter Series#72 Uppercut Mini for 8,960

Nitin Arora’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 4.57 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 1.07 Crores

The 5 Lakhs GTD SPRINT 7-Max registered a 480-entry field, and the top 54 places got a piece of the guarantee-crushing 7.20 Lakhs prize pool. A min-cash was worth 3,312. The user ‘gd1921’ was the last player standing and won the title for 1.08 Lakhs. A three-way deal saw Armaan ‘Armaan007’ Kochhar (2nd for 1.03 Lakhs) and Bharat ‘bharat4623’ Wadhwani (3rd for 99,701) collecting comparable payouts.

Armaan Kochhar
Armaan Kochhar


‘gd1921’s PokerBaazi stats: Site Winnings: 57.25 Lakhs | Site Profits: 3.89 Lakhs

Thursday’s chartbuster Armaan ‘Armaan007’ Kochhar cashed in five events yesterday – including two runner-up scores – earning 1.98 Lakhs altogether.

His ITM finishes include:

> 2nd in PokerBaazi’s Sprint 7-Max for 1.03 Lakhs

> 2nd in PokerStars India’s Winter Series#72 Uppercut Mini for 57,896

> 59th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight for 26,796

> 129th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #10 – Friday Prime for 5,091

> 40th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #12 – All Rounder for 4,883

Armaan Kochhar’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 6.04 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 1.18 Crores

‘bungakat’ (Won Daily Night SPRINT 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 56,952), ‘kalakhata’ (Won Holdem BOOST 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 46,875), ‘Vishesh07’ (Won SPRINT 1 AM 1 Lakh GTD for 43,470), Anmolraj ‘PINCIOTTI’ Singh Chawla (Won Evening SPRINT 1 Lakh GTD for 41,225), Karan ‘collingwood’ Sitlani (Won SPRINT 1 PM 1 Lakh GTD for 38,012), ‘Realfc’ (Won PLO Boost Monster 1 Lakh GTD for 33,500), and Nilahsmi ‘AndhaDhun’ Rahule (Won Daily Afternoon SPRINT 1 Lakh GTD for 32,430) won the other PokerBaazi marquees.


PokerStars India

PokerStars India’s Winter Series After Party has been bringing in the crowds, and the Friday turnouts didn`t disappoint! The day`s headliner, 20 Lakhs GTD Winter Series-70 Super Highroller, clocked in a healthy 151-player field who signed up for 16,500, and the top 23 places got a piece of the 22.65 Lakhs prize pool. Kunal ‘kunnotaguero’ Yadav was the last player standing and walked away with the 4.71 Lakhs up-top, with Rajat ‘sharabikebabi’ Sharma placing runner-up for 3.56 Lakhs.

Kunal Yadav
Kunal Yadav


Kunal Yadav ITM’ed five events, filling in 5.13 Lakhs to his Friday tally.

His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in PokerStars India`s Winter Series-70 Super Highroller for 4.71 Lakhs

> 37th in Spartan Poker`s IOPC #11 – Friday Spotlight for 32,648

> 9th in PokerBaazi`s Daily Night SPRINT for 5,695

> 158th in Spartan Poker`s IOPC #10 – Friday Prime for 2,040

> 35th in Adda52`s Friday Bounty for 900

Kunal Yadav`s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 75.56 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 8.07 Lakhs

The other Friday marquee, 5 Lakhs GTD Winter Series-72 Uppercut Mini, also posted a profitable run as 207 challengers signed up for 2,750, and the top 23 places got a cut from the 5.18 Lakhs prize pool. The user ‘ZEHER17’ won the title for 1.15 Lakhs, with IOPC #4 Thursday Prime champion Armaan ‘armaan007111’ Kochhar placing runner-up for 57,896.

‘Sumitm74’ (Won Winter Series-74 Ultrasonic 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 26,983), Gopal ‘MrBigSlick139’ Bajaj (Won Winter Series-61 Deepstack 1 Lakh GTD for 20,530), ‘badlav323’ (Won Winter Series-73 Omania 40K GTD for 14,469), ‘killeerbeee’ (Won Winter Series-71 Primetime Grind 60K GTD for 14,011), Pratik ‘pratspratik’ Doshi (Won Afternoon on Stars 50K GTD for 13,904), and ‘Roy1693’ (Won Winter Series-69 Bounty Builder Progressive KO 35K GTD for 10,642) took down the other PokerStars India marquees.



Adda52’s 22.5 Lakhs GTD The Ballers drew a packed 410-player field, each of ponying up 7,500 to play the event. Only 43 among them got a share from the 28.09 Lakhs prize pool. Just two days after his runner-up finish in Spartan Poker’s Destiny, the former IOPC #4 Blaze of Glory champion Harshad ‘Laiibhari’ Barve redeemed himself by taking down the title for 5.81 Lakhs. He struck a heads-up deal with Rahul ‘lucky_bastered’ Mech – the latter collecting a career-best 5.37 Lakhs in second place.

Harshad Barve
Harshad Barve


Harshad Barve`s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹2.75 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹27.96 Lakhs

Continuing his trail of title wins, Thursday’s Bounty Adda and Nighttide DST Adda champion, Pawan ‘bubba88’ Kumar had another electrifying run on Adda52 yesterday. He overcame a 230-player field in the Friday Bounty to claim the top prize of 1.05 Lakhs (includes 26,319 in bounties). Young Gun Karan ‘Reg_Slayer’ Radia finished runner-up for 58,377 (includes 12,377 in bounties).

Runner-up Karan Radia
Runner-up Karan Radia


Pawan Kumar now boasts of 43.48 Lakhs in tracked online winnings.

Niteen ‘niteenplus’ Raj (Won Nighttide DST Adda 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 38,955), ‘tujhekya’ (Won Afternoon Adda 1.20 Lakhs GTD for 31,980), ‘saiom93’ (Won Bounty Adda 60K GTD for 15,615) and ‘Murti8’ (Won Freeze Out Adda 50K GTD for 13,537) also the other Adda52 marquees.



Khelo365 reg ‘nishantdreams’ was the last player standing in the 30K GTD Prime Time PLO and won 11,100. ‘tirangaWave’ finished runner-up for 7,500.


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