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Daily Majors: Siddarth Singhvi, Nikhil Arora, Ashish Kumar, Abhijeet Kumar & Naman Puri Make the Tuesday Headlines

Daily Majors
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  • Arpit Jain July 14, 2021
  • 12 Minutes Read

The 11th edition of the IOPC completed its third day on Tuesday and saw six players walking away with IOPC Gold Badges.

The long-time circuit regular Siddarth Singhvi championed the day’s headliner, the ₹33 Lakhs GTD IOPC#16 Tuesday Prime, for ₹6.16 Lakhs after striking a three-way deal with ‘FengFu’ (2nd for ₹4.56 Lakhs), and Nikhil Arora (3rd for ₹4.25 Lakhs).

Nikhil ‘blastupinside’ Arora made heads turn last night as, along with his three-way chop in the IOPC #16 Tuesday Prime, the Delhi-based player also took down PokerBaazi`s The Endeavour for ₹3.05 Lakhs.

Naman Puri featured prominently among the standout winners on Tuesday after winning two titles, including an IOPC Gold Badge.

Ashish Kumar, Vishnu Khandelwal, Paras Jain, Abhijeet Kumar, Himanshu Bagdwal, Dev Singh, and Debneil Mukherjee made top finishes in the other Tuesday marquees.

Here are the Tuesday highlights!

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Spartan Poker

The IOPC July Edition is off to a guarantee-crushing start and Day 3 had six events playing down to a winner. The day`s top draw, the ₹33 Lakhs GTD IOPC#16 Tuesday Prime, registered a starting field of 1,295 contestants who bought in for ₹3,300. The event obliterated its posted guarantee by ₹5.85 Lakhs (an almost 20% surplus), and the top 111 places walked past the money line. The IOPC 2020 Edition Destiny (and Destiny Finale) champion Siddarth ‘PeterPunter’ Singhvi was the last player standing after the grueling eight-hour grind and won ₹6.16 Lakhs to emerge as the day`s biggest winner. Before taking down the title, he struck a three-way deal with ‘FengFu’ (2nd for ₹4.56 Lakhs) and last night`s The Endeavour champion Nikhil ‘fatfish’ Arora (3rd for ₹4.25 Lakhs).

Siddarth Singhvi
Siddarth Singhvi


A former The Big Deal champion, Siddarth Singhvi is an online MTT regular with numerous top finishes to his name, and this was his first title victory in over three and a half months. His stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹5.66 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹2.26 Crores

The ₹11 Lakhs GTD IOPC#17 Tuesday Spotlight found a champion in Ashish ‘King$layer’ Kumar, who persisting with his winning form bagged his first IOPC Gold Badge and a ₹2.77 Lakhs payday. He chopped the top prize heads-up with the former IOPC title winner Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain (2nd for ₹2.15 Lakhs). The ₹1,650 entry buy-in event logged in 1,181 entrants, collecting a juicy ₹17.71 Lakhs prize pool.

Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar


Abhijeet ‘TheSupremeOne’ Kumar was the last player standing in the ₹10 Lakhs GTD IOPC#18 All Rounder and won ₹1.86 Lakhs following a three-way deal with ‘astersanpai’ (2nd for ₹1.80 Lakhs) and ‘My Dear’ (3rd for ₹1.77 Lakhs).

Abhijeet Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar


Abhijeet Kumar scored another two ITM finishes, collecting over ₹2 Lakhs last night. The 11 PM event registered 675 participants, collecting ₹13.50 Lakhs in the prize pool (over 35% more than the posted guarantee).

The user ‘Drunkenstein’ took down the ₹6.75 Lakhs GTD IOPC#14 PKO for ₹1.66 Lakhs with Himanshu ‘baagdi’ Bagdwal placing runner-up for ₹1.10 Lakhs. The tourney generated a profitable ₹9.20 Lakhs prize pool from an entry field of 460 entrants.

Runner-up Himanshu Bagdwal
Runner-up Himanshu Bagdwal


The mid-stakes crusher Naman ‘Nammy09’ Puri bagged his first IOPC Gold Badge after outlasting the 907-entry field in the ₹4.85 Lakhs GTD IOPC#15 DeepStack, winning ₹1.57 Lakhs! ‘DONKT@RD’ placed runner-up for ₹99,262. This was Naman Puri`s second title victory of the day. He had earlier won PokerBaazi`s Afternoon DST for ₹33,027.

Naman Puri
Naman Puri


The ₹3 Lakhs GTD IOPC #13 saw the user ‘Tolltax’ walking away with the title and the ₹71,349 up-top after cutting a three-way deal with ‘Rb21’ (2nd for ₹70,009) and ‘simba11’ (3rd for ₹61,194).

IOPC July Edition Leaderboard Standings After Day 3

1Abhishek 'MambaMentality' Goindi2,502
2Nishkarsh 'DesiKanye' Madavi2,381
3Bhanu 'spectre' Prakash KC2,274
4Suraj 'MR.BEAST' N Yadav2,236
5Tanmay 'PlusEv' Benara2,216
6Abhijeet 'TheSupremeone' Kumar1,834
7Shardul 'Faucet Failure' Parthasarathi1,793
8Biru 'Donyipolo' Nasi1,785
9Aniket 'Ntwadumela' Waghmare1,774
10Saroj 'Pepperchino' Mehta1,713



Even with the IOPC hogging most of the limelight, PokerBaazi held its ground with all the day`s marquees crushing their listed guarantees. The Tuesday staple ₹12 Lakhs GTD The Endeavour registered 434 challengers, posting a hefty ₹15.19 Lakhs prize pool. Improving upon his runner-up finish in the BSS#4 Superstack on Sunday, Nikhil ‘blastupinside’ Arora outran the competition to collect ₹3.05 Lakhs for the win. Vishnu ‘violator’ Khandelwal came second for ₹2.14 Lakhs.

Nikhil Arora
Nikhil Arora


This was one of Nikhil Arora`s two top finishes last night. He also chopped the IOPC #16 Tuesday Prime three-way for ₹4.25 Lakhs.

The Baazi Grinders Series completed Day 2 last night. The day`s star attraction, the ₹2 Lakhs GTD Grinders #10 6-Max Holdem Boost, was taken down by the site-reg ‘Realfc’ (anonymity requested), who fired five bullets before taking down the title for ₹67,375. The user ‘Messironaldo007’ placed runner-up for ₹47,275. The ₹1,100 entry buy-in event registered 305 entrants, and the top 36 places got a share of the ₹3.05 Lakhs prize pool.

Dipankar ‘dbelieves’ Arhat (Night DST ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹44,425), ‘RahulBigFish’ (Won Turbo ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹40,256), ‘Pokerstars’ (Won Grinders#11 PLO Boost ₹1.25 Lakhs GTD for ₹35,188), The Endeavour champion Naman ‘KidPoker09’ Puri (Won Afternoon DST ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹33,027), ‘Rangila007’ (Won Grinders#12 6-Max ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹32,362), ‘ginishvadera’ (Won Grinders#9 ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹22,747), ‘hatelamubbi’ (Won 5-Max Daily ₹50K GTD for ₹12,821), Shivam ‘broosky’ Shukla (Won Grinders#8 ₹60K GTD for ₹11,996), and ‘Messironaldo007’ (Won Grinders#7 5-Max ₹10K GTD for ₹2,378) won the other Tuesday marquees.


PokerStars India

PokerStars India`s ₹5 Lakhs GTD Sixth Sense logged in the precise 250 entries it needed to break even. The 7:30 PM tourney ended at 2:49 AM, with the user ‘kabir2298’ taking down the title for ₹96,614. ‘Sahni1509’ came second for ₹71,829.

Debneil ‘ChhotaD0N’ Mukherjee shipped the ₹2 Lakhs GTD Uppercut Mini for ₹46,912. ‘peeyush1956’ placed second for ₹27,117.

Gurpal ‘twizelll’ Singh (Won Afternoon on Stars ₹60K GTD for ₹15,872), ‘Raghuveer saini’ (Won Deepstack ₹50K GTD for ₹6,147), Clinton ‘Clinton Tavares’ Tavares (Won Ultra KO 75% ₹50K GTD for ₹19,015), Shubham ‘Psyche42’ Singh (Won Primetime Grind ₹50K GTD for ₹12,370), Umesh ‘dhondu.chilll’ Sharma (Won Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹21,036), and ‘Dawn11600’ (Won Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹30,804) took down the other Tuesday marquees.

Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh




The Adda52 Tuesday marquees had an eventful run with the day`s headliner, the ₹15 Lakhs GTD The Mint, logging in 456 entrants to collect a profitable ₹15.96 Lakhs prize pool. After over seven and a half hours of intense action, the mystery reg ‘dp178’ shipped the title for ₹2.63 Lakhs after striking a four-way deal involving ‘rtuteja’ (2nd for ₹2.45 Lakhs), Akshay ‘nofuchsgiven’ Dhingra (3rd for ₹2.10 Lakhs) and Chandan ‘darkfish15’ Arora (4th for ₹1.82 Lakhs).

Akshay Dhingra
Akshay Dhingra


Dev ‘Eatmedia’ Singh captured the ₹3 Lakhs GTD Voyager title to win a personal best ₹87,000. ‘Shokpei123’ came second for ₹52,722. The 9:30 PM event logged in 348 entrants to generate a ₹3.48 Lakhs prize pool.

Dev Singh
Dev Singh


Pankaj ‘Pok3rking’ Nanda (Nighttide DST ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD for ₹30,660), Avinash ‘aksinha97’ Kumar (Punch ₹80K GTD for ₹25,620), ‘akshay9109’ (Won Sundown Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹13,724), and ‘Ashadcrkm’ (Won Evening Adda ₹50K GTD for ₹11,200) won the other Tuesday titles on Adda52.

The other Tuesday winners were:

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Naman 'Nammy09' Puri₹1.58 LakhsIOPC#15 DeepStack ₹4.85 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Dev ‘Eatmedia’ Singh₹87,000Voyager ₹3 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Dipankar 'dbelieves' Arhat₹44,425Night DST ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
RahulBigFish₹40,256Turbo ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Pokerstars₹35,188Grinders#11 PLO Boost ₹1.25 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Naman 'KidPoker09' Puri ₹33,027Afternoon DST ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
Rangila007₹32,362Grinders#12 6-Max ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
Dawn11600₹30,804Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Pankaj ‘Pok3rking’ Nanda₹30,660Nighttide DST ₹1.75 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Avinash ‘aksinha97’ Kumar₹25,620Punch ₹80K GTDAdda52
ginishvadera₹22,747Grinders#9 ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
Umesh ‘dhondu.chilll’ Sharma₹21,036Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTD PokerStars India
Clinton ‘Clinton Tavares’ Tavares₹19,015Ultra KO 75% ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
Gurpal 'twizelll' Singh₹15,872Afternoon on Stars ₹60K GTDPokerStars India
Suhit 'trickpoker' Khanna₹14,800The Centurion ₹90K GTDSpartan Poker
akshay9109₹13,724Sundown Adda ₹50K GTDAdda52
hatelamubbi₹12,8215-Max Daily ₹50K GTDPokerBaazi
Shubham ‘Psyche42’ Singh₹12,370Primetime Grind ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
Shivam 'broosky' Shukla₹11,996Grinders#8 ₹60K GTDPokerBaazi
Ashadcrkm₹11,200Evening Adda ₹50K GTDAdda52
poker noob star₹8,129Striker ₹35K GTDSpartan Poker
Raghuveer saini₹6,147Deepstack ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
Messironaldo007₹2,378Grinders#7 5-Max ₹10K GTDPokerBaazi


IOPC#16 Tuesday Prime 33 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹3,300

Entries – 553

Re-entries – 236

Re-buys – 506

Prize Pool – ₹38,85,000

Places Paid – 111

Pune-based IT professional Siddarth ‘PeterPunter’ Singhvi trounced the 1,295 entry field in Spartan Poker’s ₹33 Lakhs GTD IOPC#16 Tuesday Prime to win his second IOPC title and a ₹6.16 Lakhs payday.

The former SSS The Millionaire X5 winner has accumulated ₹5.66 Crores in lifetime online earnings and ₹2.25 Crores in net profits.

A three-way deal saw ‘FengFu’ (runner-up for ₹4.56 Lakhs) and The Endeavour champion Nikhil ‘fatfish’ Arora (3rd for ₹4.25 Lakhs) also secured podium finishes.

Sunday’s IOPC#2 Sunday Prime runner-up finisher Avinit ‘pushnpray17’ Bagri (6th for ₹1.43 Lakhs), Young Gun Shardul ‘Faucet Failure’ Parthasarathi (7th for ₹1.02 Lakhs) and Ankit ‘Asymptote05’ Khattar (8th for ₹70,318) also featured on the final table.

Final Table Results

  1. Siddarth ‘PeterPunter’ Singhvi – ₹6,16,714*
  2. FengFu – ₹4,56,319*
  3. Nikhil ‘fatfish’ Arora – ₹4,25,023*
  4. JohnnieRunner-Runner – ₹2,39,316
  5. DRUMLORD88 – ₹1,89,588
  6. Avinit ‘pushnpray17’ Bagri – ₹1,43,357
  7. Shardul ‘Faucet Failure’ Parthasarathi – ₹1,02,952
  8. Ankit ‘Asymptote05’ Khattar – ₹70,318

*denotes three-way deal


The Mint 15 Lakhs GTD (8-Max) – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹3,850

Entries – 245

Re-entries – 211

Prize Pool – ₹15,96,000

Places Paid – 49

The ₹15 Lakhs GTD The Mint took off at 8 PM, and the play culminated at 3:36 AM with the final four players agreeing to a deal.

The former DOPT JAQK and Iron Man championdp178’ clinched the title to collect a new personal-best ₹2.64 Lakhs, with ‘rtuteja’ (₹2.45 Lakhs), Akshay ‘nofuchsgiven’ Dhingra (3rd for ₹2.10 Lakhs) and Chandan ‘darkfish15’ Arora (4th for ₹1.82 Lakhs) banking the other top payouts.

The ₹3,850 entry buy-in event registered 456 entrants, and the top 49 places got paid from the ₹15.96 Lakhs prize pool.

The champion ‘dp178’ now has ₹14.09 Lakhs in recorded winnings on Adda52, with ₹7.87 Lakhs in site profits.

Vivek ‘victor2coolsmart’ Karwa (7th for ₹43,890) and Parth ‘punit7690’ Aggarwal (8th for ₹35,910) also FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. dp178 – ₹2,63,784*
  2. rtuteja – ₹2,45,488*
  3. Akshay ‘nofuchsgiven’ Dhingra – ₹2,10,379*
  4. Chandan ‘darkfish15’ Arora – ₹1,82,089*
  5. Tyche – ₹79,800
  6. shivmay – ₹55,860
  7. Vivek ‘victor2coolsmart’ Karwa – ₹43,890
  8. Parth ‘punit7690’ Aggarwal – ₹35,910

*denotes four-way deal


The Endeavour 12 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹3,850

Entries – 206

Re-entries – 228

Prize Pool – ₹15,19,000

Places Paid – 54

Nikhil ‘blastupinside’ Arora topped the 434-entry field in PokerBaazi`s ₹12 Lakhs GTD The Endeavour to win ₹3.05 Lakhs. This was his second top finish of the day as he also chopped the IOPC #16 Tuesday Prime three-way for ₹4.25 Lakhs, netting ₹7.30 Lakhs in Tuesday winnings.

The former PPL The MoneyMaker fourth-place finisher & Sunday’s BSS SuperStack runner-up finisher, Nikhil Arora, breached the ₹50 Lakh-mark in lifetime MTT winnings after his splendid Tuesday night run.

The NPS#91 Sunday Marathon champion Vishnu ‘violator’ Khandelwal secured a runner-up payday worth ₹2.14 Lakhs.

Rising Star Ritwik ‘Ritwikkhanna’ Khanna posted three-FT scores yesterday, collectively earning ₹1.93 Lakhs. His deep runs include:

> 3rd in PokerBaazi’s The Endeavour for ₹1.38 Lakhs

> 3rd in Adda52’s Voyager for ₹38,280

> 5th in PokerBaazi’s Grinders#10 Holdem Boost for ₹16,897

Ritwik Khanna’s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹2.69 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹67.80 Lakhs

PokerStars India`s “Star of the Month” – February Armaan ‘Armaan007’ Kochhar made five ITM finishes, netting ₹1.38 Lakhs cumulatively. His FT finishes included:

> 4th in PokerBaazi’s The Endeavour for ₹1.02 Lakhs

> 7th in PokerStars India’s Bigstack Turbo for ₹5,209

Armaan Kochhar’s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹5.11 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹1.01 Crores

Sanket ‘blackcod’ Arora (5th for ₹76,406), Karan ‘collingwood’ Sitlani (6th for ₹61,216), Rising Star Aman ‘KarmaPoker’ Parakh (7th for ₹51,038), and Ankit ‘Ankitmodi’ Modi (8th for ₹40,709) also FT-ed the event.

Runner-up Vishnu Khandelwal
Runner-up Vishnu Khandelwal


Final Table Results

  1. Nikhil ‘blastupinside’ Arora – ₹3,05,319
  2. Vishnu ‘violator’ Khandelwal – ₹2,14,027
  3. Ritwik ‘Ritwikkhanna’ Khanna – ₹1,37,621
  4. Armaan ‘Armaan007’ Kochhar – ₹1,01,773
  5. Sanket ‘blackcod’ Arora – ₹76,406
  6. Karan ‘collingwood’ Sitlani – ₹61,216
  7. Aman ‘KarmaPoker’ Parakh – ₹51,038
  8. Ankit ‘Ankitmodi’ Modi – ₹40,709


IOPC#17 Tuesday Spotlight 11 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹1,650

Entries – 541

Re-entries – 169

Re-buys – 471

Prize Pool – ₹17,71,500

Places Paid – 103

Ashish ‘King$layer’ Kumar came out on top in the ₹11 Lakhs GTD IOPC#17 Tuesday Spotlight to win his first IOPC Gold Badge and ₹2.77 Lakhs in prize money. The former Destiny champion now sits atop ₹56.56 Lakhs in lifetime online winnings (₹19.07 Lakhs in net profits).

A heads-up deal saw Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain take home ₹2.15 Lakhs in prize money. This was his second FT finish of the night as he also placed fourth in IOPC#14 PKO for ₹65,163.

The IOPC#17 Tuesday Spotlight recorded 1,181 entries, collecting a ₹17.71 Lakhs prize pool. The top 103 places received payouts.

Rohit ‘ToTheStreets’ Agarwal (4th for ₹1.11 Lakhs), PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit ‘Shippament’ Wadhawan (6th for ₹67,848), Prakhar ‘Prak27’ Kapoor (7th for ₹49,071) and Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta (8th for ₹33,481) also FT-ed the event.

Paras Jain
Paras Jain


Final Table Results

  1. Ashish ‘King$layer’ Kumar – ₹2,77,205*
  2. Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain – ₹2,15,731*
  3. Ataraxia – ₹1,94,582
  4. Rohit ‘ToTheStreets’ Agarwal – ₹1,11,073
  5. magicmountain – ₹88,398
  6. Ankit ‘Shippament’ Wadhawan – ₹67,848
  7. Prakhar ‘Prak27’ Kapoor – ₹49,071
  8. Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta – ₹33,481

*denotes heads-up deal


IOPC#18 All Rounder 10 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 338

Re-entries – 103

Rebuys – 234

Prize Pool – ₹13,50,000

Places Paid – 63

The 11 PM IOPC #18 All Rounder witnessed a healthy turnout of 675 entries, collecting a generous ₹13.50 Lakhs prize pool.

Abhijeet ‘TheSupremeOne’ Kumar proved the last player standing and won his first IOPC Gold Badge for ₹1.86 Lakhs, following a three-way deal with ‘astersanpai’ (runner-up for ₹1.80 Lakhs), and ‘My Dear’ (3rd for ₹1.78 Lakhs).

Kumar had come close to winning an IOPC title on January 28, when he finished runner-up in the ₹16.50 Lakhs GTD IOPC #98 for ₹2.20 Lakhs. Kumar ITM-ed two more events yesterday, netting over ₹2 Lakhs. He crossed ₹1.40 Crore in lifetime online winnings after last night`s run.

Prakash ‘Robin Van Charsi’ Gupta (6th for ₹57,645), and Young Gun Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav (8th for ₹30,780) also FT-ed the event.

Final Table Results

  1. Abhijeet ‘TheSupremeOne’ Kumar – ₹1,86,151*
  2. astersanpai – ₹1,80,116 *
  3. My Dear – ₹1,77,784*
  4. TejuHel – ₹93,825
  5. Gabbar1973 – ₹73,575
  6. Prakash ‘Robin Van Charsi’ Gupta – ₹57,645
  7. Shahir36 – ₹43,335
  8. Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav – ₹30,780

*denotes three-way deal


IOPC#14 PKO 6.75 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 209

Re-entries – 68

Re-buys – 183

Total Prize Pool – ₹9,20,000

Prize Pool – ₹8,28,000

Knockout Pool – ₹92,000

Places Paid – 39

The first PKO event at the ongoing IOPC series, the ₹6.75 Lakhs GTD IOPC#14 PKO, was taken down by the mystery user ‘Drunkenstein’ for ₹1.66 Lakhs. Himanshu ‘baagdi’ Bagdawal came second for ₹1.10 Lakhs.

The champion now boasts ₹3.29 Lakhs in recorded winnings on Spartan Poker.

Nishkarsh’DesiKanye’ Madavi (3rd for ₹80,730), Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain (4th for ₹65,163), Sandeep ‘PS_Sunshine’ Singh (6th for ₹38,667) and PokerGuru Ambassador Vivek ‘KasolHieghts’ Singh (8th for ₹20,865), also earned final table payouts.

Final Table Results

  1. Drunkenstein – ₹1,66,014
  2. Himanshu ‘baagdi’ Bagdwal – ₹1,10,372
  3. Nishkarsh’DesiKanye’ Madavi – ₹80,730
  4. Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain – ₹65,163
  5. YeHaathHumkoDeThakur – ₹51,087
  6. Sandeep ‘PS_Sunshine’ Singh – ₹38,667
  7. Lologotu – ₹28,400
  8. Vivek ‘KasolHieghts’ Singh – ₹20,865


Sixth Sense 5 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 133

Re-entries – 117

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 29

PokerStars India’s 7:30 PM Tuesday event, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Sixth Sense, registered the precise 250 entries it needed to break even. The top 29 places finished ITM.

It took almost seven and half hours of gameplay for ‘kabir2298’ to cut their way across the field for a payday worth ₹96,614. ‘Sahni1509’ placed runner-up for ₹71,829.

PokerStars India regular Bharath ‘hzgod’ Kumar (3rd for ₹53,403), Monday’s multiple FT scorer Tarush ‘busssster’ Gupta (6th for ₹21,945), and the Afternoon on Stars champion Gurpal ‘twizelll’ Singh (7th for ₹17,742) also FT-ed the event.

Final Table Results

  1. kabir2298 – ₹96,614
  2. Sahni1509 – ₹71,829
  3. Bharath ‘hzgod’ Kumar – ₹53,403
  4. kvanj123 – ₹39,703
  5. Niraj2401 – ₹29,518
  6. Tarush ‘busssster’ Gupta – ₹21,945
  7. Gurpal ‘twizelll’ Singh – ₹17,742


IOPC#15 DeepStack 4.85 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹990

Entries – 384

Re-entries – 112

Re-buys – 411

Prize Pool – ₹8,16,300

Places Paid – 71

Naman ‘Nammy09’ Puri traversed the 907-entry field in Spartan Poker’s ₹4.85 Lakhs GTD IOPC#15 DeepStack to collect a personal best ₹1.57 Lakhs. A mid-stakes specialist, Puri bested ‘DONKT@RD’ (runner-up for ₹99,262) heads-up en route to winning his first IOPC title.

Naman Puri also shipped PokerBaazi’s Afternoon DST for ₹33,027, netting over ₹1.80 Lakhs overall.

Gokul ‘gokul5381’ Murugesan (3rd for ₹71,099), Monday’s IOPC#7 champion Brijesh ‘AilaaProAaya’ Negi (4th for ₹55,998) and the #1 ranked player of the year Manish ‘thekid’ Lakhotia (5th for ₹43,998) FT-ed the tourney.


Voyager 3 Lakhs GTD (8-Max) – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 207

Re-entries – 141

Prize Pool – ₹3,48,000

Places Paid – 38

Dev ‘Eatmedia’ Singh came out on top in Adda52`s ₹3 Lakhs GTD Voyager to win a personal-best ₹87,000. ‘Shokpei123’ placed runner-up for ₹52,722.

Rising Star Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna (3rd for ₹38,280) and Praveen ‘thepokerfaceblr’ Chandra (6th for ₹13,050) were the other known players on the final table.


Grinders #10 6-Max Holdem Boost 2 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 178

Re-entries – 127

Prize Pool – ₹3,05,000

Places Paid – 36

The featured event on Day 2 of PokerBaazi`s Grinders Series, the ₹2 Lakhs GTD Grinders #10 6-Max Holdem Boost, registered a massive 305 entries crushing the listed guarantee by ₹1.05 Lakhs.

NPS #81 Sprint winner ‘Realfc’ (anonymity requested) fired five bullets and managed to score a decent ROI as he took down the title for ₹67,375. ‘Messironaldo007’ placed runner-up for ₹47,275.

Rahul ‘GhatakTheGreat’ Sengar (4th for ₹22,509), The Endeavour third-place finisher Ritwik ‘Ritwikkhanna’ Khanna (5th for ₹16,897), and Jerry ‘nongtuh’ Bareh (6th for ₹13,512) also FT-ed the event.

Shubham ‘BamBhole3796’ Tyagi money-bubbled the FT in seventh place for ₹11,224.


Uppercut Mini 2 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹1,375

Entries – 112

Re-entries – 88

Regular Prize Pool – ₹1,25,000

Bounty Prize Pool – ₹1,25,000

Total Prize Pool – ₹2,50,000

Places Paid – 23

Debneil ‘ChhotaD0N’ Mukherjee outlasted the 200-entry field in PokerStars India`s ₹2 Lakhs GTD Uppercut Mini to win ₹46,912 (includes ₹25,283 in bounties). ‘peeyush1956’ came second for ₹27,117 (includes ₹5,488 in bounties).

Abhiroop ‘durrlagtahain’ Gupta placed seventh for ₹17,700.


Battlefield Tuesday WTB 1 Lakh GTD – PokerDangal

Buy-in – ₹1,100

Entries – 67

Re-entries – 26

Total Prize Pool – ₹1,00,000

Places Paid – 15

PokerStars India regular ‘StunGunner’ championed PokerDangal`s ₹1 Lakh GTD Battlefield Tuesday WTB to win ₹24,000. The user ‘fakeer’ netted ₹17,500 for their runner-up finish.


Under The Gun PLO 20K GTD Khelo365

Buy-in – ₹330

Entries – 18

Re-entries – 2

Rebuys – 13

Add-ons – 15

Prize Pool – ₹10,000

Places Paid – 23

The user ‘Sohailll’ defeated Khelo365 regular ‘burnturn’ heads-up to win the ₹20K GTD Under The Gun for ₹10,000. The latter added ₹6,000 for their runner-up finish.


This report was updated at 9:30 PM on 14.7.2021.

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