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Daily Majors: Sumeet Modi, Kunal Patni, Bharat Vasan, Ashish Ahuja & Anuj Yadav Dominate the Friday Flagships

Sumeet Modi, Kunal Patni, Bharat Vasan, Ashish Ahuja, Anuj Yadav
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis January 29, 2022
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January is about to end, and given the record-crushing numbers we have seen at the 12th edition of the IOPC, get ready for a blockbuster weekend.

Sumeet Modi topped the Friday charts as he won the IOPC #56 – Friday Spotlight on Spartan Poker for 10 Lakhs. Vishal Bansal collected 9.24 Lakhs in second place, courtesy of a heads-up deal.

The banker-turned poker pro Kunal Patni moved further up the monthly-annual leaderboard standings on the back of deep runs in IOPC #56 – Friday Spotlight & The Weekly HighRoller, altogether adding 5.70 Lakhs.

Chandan Das shipped IOPC #55 – Friday Prime for 3.57 Lakhs, just as Dhirendra Kumar finished runner-up for 3.18 Lakhs, courtesy of a heads-up deal.

Young Gun Anuj Yadav, the leaderboard topper and All Rounder trophy winner of the IOPC July 2021 edition, clinched his first IOPC title of this series when he took down the IOPC #57 – All Rounder 6-Max for 2.52 Lakhs.

Himanshu Aggrawal (Won IOPC#54 for 1.17 Lakhs) and Kritagya Sharma (Won IOPC#52 for 92,150) won the other IOPC titles on Day 9 of the series. PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer Singh Chadha grabbed the ‘Crusher of the Day’ title.

Vijay Pandit won Adda52’s The Ballers for 6.71 Lakhs.

Bharat Vasan came out on top in PokerBaazi’s The Weekly HighRoller to win 5.04 Lakhs, beating Nishant Kumar (2nd for 3.53 Lakhs) heads-up.

The third player on our tracked database to cross 10 Crores in recorded online earnings, PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Ahuja, took down PokerStars India’s Super Highroller, netting 2.96 Lakhs.

The other Friday winners were Ankit Mathani, Vishal Singh, Abhishek Sonu, Murali Mohan, Nitesh Mallanar, and Nishant Pandey!

Here are the Friday highlights!

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Spartan Poker

Day 9 of the IOPC January edition had six events on the tap. Leading the charge was the 50 Lakhs GTD IOPC#56 – Friday Spotlight that locked in 610 entries, collecting a guarantee-smashing 61 Lakhs prize pool. After nearly nine hours of gameplay, Sumeet ‘sumkr’ Modi walked away with the title and a whopping 10 Lakhs in prize money. Keeping with the trend that`s become all too common at the IOPC, he chopped the title heads-up with Vishal ‘TheBeard’ Bansal (2nd for 9.24 Lakhs).

Sumeet Modi
Sumeet Modi


Summer Modi’s Spartan Poker stats: Site Winnings: 10.98 Lakhs | Site Profits: 7.51 Lakhs

Kunal ‘SoormaBhopali’ Patni picked up 5.70 Lakhs in winnings on the back of four deep runs, which include:

Kunal Patni
Kunal Patni


> 4th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #56 – Friday Spotlight for 4,17,295

> 5th in PokerBaazi’s The Weekly HighRoller for 1,26,260

> 20th in Adda52’s The Ballers for 22,999

> 35th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #54 for 3,579

The 20 Lakhs GTD IOPC#55 – Friday Prime saw Chandan ‘IAmAllIn’ Das overcoming the 2,722-entry field to capture the title and the top prize of 3.57 Lakhs. A heads-up deal led to Dhirendra ‘BustedFish’ Kumar securing a runner-up finish worth 3.18 Lakhs.

Runner-up Dhirendra Kumar
Runner-up Dhirendra Kumar


Chandan Das’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 3.98 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 3.44 Lakhs

The 12 Lakhs GTD IOPC #57 – All Rounder 6-Max obliterated its advertised guarantee by 1 Lakhs after logging in a 600-entry field. Each of them signed up for 2,200, and the top 55 places walked past the money line. The three-time The Millionaire-winning Young Gun Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav came out on top to collect his first IOPC title of the series (his seventh overall) for 2.52 Lakhs, beating the user ‘FuffadJi’ (2nd for 1.60 Lakhs) heads-up!

Anuj Yadav
Anuj Yadav


The IOPC July 2021 All Rounder Trophy winner will be eyeing to win the All Rounder Trophy for a second consecutive time as last night he became the seventh player to book a seat in the 6 lakhs GTD IOPC #112 All Rounder SNG scheduled for February 6 (9 PM). The IOPC July 2021 leaderboard topper Anuj Yadav had placed third in IOPC #49 – High Roller for 12.30 Lakhs on Thursday and is the first player this month (year) to cross 50 Lakhs in recorded winnings. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 6.95 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 4.06 Crores | Annual Winnings: 51.05 Lakhs | Ranked #1 in the Monthly/Annual Winnings & Profits Leaderboard Standings

The 7 Lakhs GTD IOPC #53 – Monster Stack registered a 527 player field, and the 1,650 buy-in event paid out 39 places. The user ‘Ronywalker’ made quite the run last night with two top finishes, including winning the IOPC #53 – Monster Stack for 1.58 Lakhs. Ashish ‘X—factor’ Pareek placed runner-up for 1.05 Lakhs.

Himanshu ‘venomaster’ Aggrawal raced past the 674 runners in the 5 Lakhs GTD IOPC#53, banking a winner’s paycheque worth 1.17 Lakhs. Wednesday`s breakout winner Saransh ‘iammrmeeseeks’ Garg came second for 74,612.

Himanshu Aggarwal
Himanshu Aggarwal


Kritagya ‘Kritagya_1703’ Sharma took down the 4.75 Lakhs GTD IOPC#52 for 92,150, and Jaya ‘denb’ Bharathkumar Prajapati came second for 58,425.

Kritagya Sharma
Kritagya Sharma


The ₹2 Crores GTD Legends ran the first of its four starting flights on Friday. Day 1A brought in 290 players, and by the end of the stipulated 28 levels of play, only 33 bagged stacks for Day 2. PokerGuru Ambassadors Ashutosh ‘stupefy’ Balodhi (549,548) and Vivek ‘KasolHieghts’ Singh (541,375) bagged the two top stacks on Day 1A. The ₹27,500 buy-in event will run three more flights before all the qualifying stacks converge on Day 2 on Sunday (10 PM).

Ashutosh Balodhi
Ashutosh Balodhi


The ₹40 Lakhs GTD Wanderer continued to expand its field. Day 1E of the event drew 451 players. Ankit magnum736’ Saurabh (267,052), Sandeep ‘effuno Varma RS (221,584) and ‘AngryPitbull’ (218,841) carried forward the top three stacks from a qualifying field of 43 players who will return on Day 2. Along with 2,479 prior entries, the event has filled in a total of 2,930 entries so far. There are three more flights to go before Day 2 on Sunday (10 PM).

Ankit Saurabh
Ankit Saurabh


‘Vipannn’ (Won Night Rider – Monster Stack – ₹1.75 Lakhs GTD for ₹53,448) and ‘PSMKG7’ (Won The Centurion ₹50K GTD for ₹8,649) shipped the other Friday marquees on Spartan Poker.

Looking at the IOPC leaderboard standings, Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal (7,081 points) is still the player to catch at the top of the 1 Crore GTD leaderboard race. Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Bajaj (6,443 points) also retained his #2 position, with Kritagya ‘Kritagya_1703’ Sharma (6,188 points) moving up to the #3 spot.

IOPC Leaderboard Standings After Day 9

1Vinay 'BeepBeepImaJeep' Rajpal7,081
2Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Bajaj 6,443
3Kritagya 'Kritagya_1703' Sharma6,188
5Mohit 'thejoker' Mehta5,972
6Amit 'deshominisation' Kaushik5,922
7Mohammad 'Cupid stunt' Azhar5,768
8Saransh 'iammrmeeseeks' Garg5,698
9Anurag 'CultOfPersonality' Srivastava5,595



PokerBaazi`s 11,000 buy-in Friday headliner, 12 Lakhs GTD The Weekly Highroller, logged in a 214-entry field, and the top 27 places got a share of the guarantee-crushing 21.40 Lakhs prize pool. Bharat ‘ThinkFloyd’ Vasan was the last player standing and won the Friday title for the second time in five weeks for 5.04 Lakhs. Nishant ‘rektace’ Kumar placed runner-up for 3.53 Lakhs.

Bharat Vasan
Bharat Vasan


Bharat Vasan also cashed the 5 Lakhs GTD SPRINT (36th for 3,841). His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 2.98 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 65.68 Lakhs

The site`s second-biggest event of the day, 5 Lakhs GTD SPRINT, brought in 413 contestants. The 6.20 Lakhs prize pool was distributed among the top 54 finishers. Ankit ‘ankit9300’ Mathani was the last player standing and won 1.10 Lakhs after an even heads-up chop with Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla (2nd for 1.10 Lakhs).

Runner-up Harsh Dembla
Runner-up Harsh Dembla


Ankit Mathani’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 22.04 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 4.32 Lakhs

‘ramboczar’ (Won Daily Night SPRINT 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 49,370), ‘kalakhata’ (Won Holdem BOOST 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 45,880), ‘Amod’ (Won Hyper SPRINT 2 Lakhs GTD for 41,340), Abhishek ‘chipndchair’ Sonu (Won Daily Afternoon SPRINT 1 Lakh GTD for 39,410), ‘the21’ (Won SPRINT 1 Lakh GTD for 37,830), and ‘gaurav3194’ (Won PLO BOOST Monster 1 Lakh GTD for 23,150) championed the other PokerBaazi marquees.


PokerStars India

PokerStars India’s ₹10 Lakhs GTD Super Highroller logged in a 119-entry field last night, making for a generous prize pool collection of ₹13.52 Lakhs. The top 15 places got paid, and cutting his way across the competition was PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ Ahuja. The Chandigarh-based MTT pro Ahuja had placed fourth in the IOPC #49 – High Roller for ₹10.03 Lakhs just a day back, banked ₹2.96 Lakhs after defeating Aditya ‘ukid767’ Singh (2nd for ₹2.28 Lakhs) heads-up.

Ashish Ahuja
Ashish Ahuja


One of the top-ranked players of 2021, Ahuja, has gotten off to an even better start in 2022. While the Super Highroller victory is Ahuja’s third title in January, it has also earned him another “Super Achiever” tag by pushing him across the ₹10 Crore milestone in recorded online winnings! His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹10.06 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹3.91 Crores | Titles Won in 2022: #3 | Ranks #2 in the Monthly/Annual Standings | Finished #6 in 2021 Leaderboard Standings

Aditya Singh has been a revelation these past few weeks. Once again, he featured among the breakout performers of last night, pocketing ₹5.30 Lakhs in earnings on the back of four deep runs. His ITM finishes include:

> 3rd in Adda52’s The Ballers for ₹2,84,104

> 2nd in PokerStars India’s Super Highroller for ₹2,28,128

> 22nd in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #57 – All Rounder for ₹11,570

> 16th in PokerBaazi’s (7-Max) SPRINT for ₹6,381

The ₹1 Lakhs GTD Ultrasonic saw ‘betontheriverr’ outlasting the 140-player field and bagging the top prize of ₹23,593 (includes ₹14,033 in bounties). Manish ‘manish jangid’ Jangid came second for ₹11,791 (includes ₹2,231 in bounties).

Runner-up Manish Jangid
Runner-up Manish Jangid


betontheriverr’ (Won Ultrasonic ₹1 Lakh GTD for ₹23,593), ‘battlefury30’ (Won Afternoon on Stars ₹50K GTD for ₹15,319), ‘dopeinderx’ (Won Deepstack ₹50K GTD for ₹12,080), and ‘Monkey D. Wolfy’ (Won Primetime Grind ₹50K GTD for ₹11,241) won the other PokerStars India marquees.



The former Adda52 Millions winner Vijay ‘GajaniG’ Pandit overcame the 395-strong field in the 22.50 Lakhs GTD The Ballers last night to collect the lion`s share of the 27.06 Lakhs prize pool worth 6.71 Lakhs. The user ‘ratansanu’ placed runner-up for 4.06 Lakhs.

Vijay Pandit ITM-ed another two Adda52 marquees, collectively adding 6.77 Lakhs. His Adda52 stats: Site Winnings: 22.27 Lakhs | Site Profits: 15.69 Lakhs

The 4 Lakhs GTD Friday Bounty PKO attracted 236 entries to collect 5.78 Lakhs in the prize pool (including bounty pool). The former Adda52 Big Game winner Vishal ‘Mitsen’ Singh was the last player standing and won 1.05 Lakhs (including 24,080 in bounties). Siddharth ‘kab00m’ Gangwar placed runner-up for 65,046 (including 17,846 in bounties).

Runner-up Siddharth Gangwar
Runner-up Siddharth Gangwar


Vishal Singh also cashed the Bounty Adda (5th for 4,238), cumulatively adding 1.09 Lakhs. His online stats (excluding PokerStars India): Lifetime Winnings: 73.84 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 8.80 Lakhs

The other winners include ‘Hardik0990’ (Won Nighttide DST Adda 1.5 Lakhs GTD for 34,358), Murali ‘grind121’ Mohan (Won Afternoon Adda52 1.5 Lakhs GTD for 32,639), Nitesh ‘MallaNi’ Mallanar (Won Bounty Adda 50K GTD for 15,408), Nishant ‘stockfull’ Pandey (Won Freeze Out Adda 50K GTD for 14,562), and ‘Riskyboys’ (Won Evening Adda 50K GTD for 10,626).


MPL Poker

MPL Poker user ‘Radiation’ ran past a 211-entry field to win the 2.50 Lakhs GTD Friday Supreme for 58,750.



The user ‘Deliyal123’ bested ‘fiyaz’ (2nd for 6,600) heads-up to win Khelo365’s 30K GTD, Prime Time PLO for 10,500.


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