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Dalmia Group’s Caretel Infotech Launches Poker Website Poker Johny

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  • PG News September 19, 2018
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There has been a definitive boom in the Indian poker industry in recent years, and many multinational companies have trained sight on leveraging the increasing poker player base of India. After Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her industrialist husband Raj Kundra announced their new poker website, PokerRaj, Caretel Infotech, a company run under the banner of the Dalmia Group has ventured into online poker.

The company is gearing up for the launch of its new poker website, ‘Poker Johny’ that primarily offers free online poker games, along with real money poker.

Confirming this, CEO of Caretel, Rajesh Sehgal said, “We are still in the soft launch stage of Poker Johny. The site is offering games with bets of ₹1, ₹2 and ₹10 so that people can play real money games for less. But our main endeavor is to position Poker Johny as a popular virtual haunt for free online poker.”

The site’s ‘Why Poker Johny’ section states that Poker Johny is a team of young poker enthusiasts and will support skilled players, offering constant, 24×7 strong support, assist on-site players and resolve their queries at the earliest while at play. The site claims to take the social gaming challenge to an all new level with specialized weapons animations and is available on iOS and Android platforms as well.

“Mobile gaming is developing fast in India and people are looking at avenues to have fun and some kind of adventure that entertains them,” Sehgal said, when questioned why Caretel, that had primarily been involved in call center, BPO, IT-enabled, consulting, data entry, IVRS and software development was entering the gaming sector.

Sehgal stressed that with Poker Johny, the company was not looking at the gambling aspect per se. “We are looking at the entertainment quotient, where players can play to enhance their skills, and that’s how we are trying to promote Poker Johny. Even if players opt for real-money games on our site, we are giving almost 97% of it back.”

Evidently, Sehgal and his team have bigger plans for Poker Johny. “We are going to introduce certain more games as well. Very soon we are coming up with eight to ten new games, the kind that are currently not available in India.” In operating Poker Johny, Caretel plans to leverage its large employee base.

“We have nearly 2,500 people working for us and a majority of them are youngsters, aged between 18-25, who can play and promote the game. Imagine the kind of impact that would have! On top of it they are a kind of captive audience. So this is a headstart we have over others.”

Notably, Caretel was incorporated into the Sanjay Dalmia owned Dalmia Group in 2004. Clearly with Poker Johny, it now ambitiously aims to apply its rich industry experience to run a competitive poker website.

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