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Dangal 100 Max Series is Coming Back For its 2nd Run on Poker Dangal From Oct 21-25

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  • Arpit Jain October 20, 2019
  • 2 Minutes Read

The Dangal 100 Max Series is coming back on Poker Dangal tomorrow. Precisely a month after making its debut run on the fast-growing site, the series will be hitting the Poker Dangal felts from Oct 21-25.

At a time when expensive re-entry tournaments rule the digital roster, it is refreshing to see Poker Dangal bring back this five-day series that guarantees high-octane tournament action to players on a budget. Catering more towards recreational players and other mid-low stakes enthusiasts, Poker Dangal has retained most of the elements from the debut run of the Dangal 100 Max Series with just one major change – the leaderboard prize pool has been increased from ₹75,000 to ₹1 Lakh.

The series was launched last month (Sept 17 – 21), and its second edition will commence on October 21, featuring an exciting ₹15 Lakhs in guaranteed prize money across 20 events. All days of the series will be headlined by a Main Event of the day, with the showstopper event being the ₹2,750 buy-in, ₹250K GTD Main Event on October 25.

The event’s schedule consists of four tournaments each day starting at 2 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm, and 10 pm respectively. All events at the series permit only 100 unique entries per tournament and will see the top 10% of the field get paid. The winner of the event will receive 20% of the prize pool, and the remaining 80% will be divided equally between 9 players, which translates into ITM positions getting 8x-10x returns on their buy-ins.


Deposit Codes

Poker Dangal is also giving away free tickets to the players looking for bang for their buck. Simply deposit ₹35,000 using the deposit code “PLAYALL” and get free tickets to all the tournaments at the series!

Players can also choose to get day-wise tickets, which can be availed using deposit codes for the individual days.

Deposit CodeDeposit AmountBenefits
Day 1₹10,000Tickets to Day 1 worth ₹2,255
Day 2₹12,000Tickets to Day 2 worth ₹2,695
Day 3₹15,000Tickets to Day 3 worth ₹3,300
Day 4₹18,000Tickets to Day 4 worth ₹4,290
Day 5₹16,000Tickets to Day 5 worth ₹3,960


Dangal 100 Max Series Schedule

Day 1October 212:00 PMEvent #1 - 35K GTDNLHE₹35,000₹385
October 214:00 PMEvent #2 - 50K GTDPLO₹50,000₹550
October 218:00 PMEvent #3 - 100K GTDNLHE₹1,00,000₹1,100
October 2110:00 PMEvent # 4 - 20K GTDNLHE₹20,000₹220
Day 2October 222:00 PMEvent #5 - 25K GTDNLHE₹25,000₹275
October 224:00 PMEvent #6 - 50K GTDPLO₹50,000₹550
October 228:00 PMEvent #7 - 150K GTDNLHE₹1,50,000₹1,650
October 2210:00 PMEvent #8 - 20K GTDNLHE₹20,000₹220
Day 3October 232:00 PMEvent #9 - 30K GTDNLHE₹30,000₹330
October 234:00 PMEvent #10 - 50K GTDPLO₹50,000₹550
October 238:00 PMEvent #11 - 200K GTDNLHE₹2,00,000₹2,200
October 2310:00 PMEvent #12 - 20K GTDNLHE₹20,000₹220
Day 4October 242:00 PMEvent #13 - 80K GTDNLHE₹80,000₹880
October 244:00 PMEvent #14 - 50K GTDPLO₹50,000₹550
October 248:00 PMEvent #15 - 250K GTDNLHE₹2,50,000₹2,750
October 2410:00 PMEvent #16 - 10K GTDNLHE₹10,000₹110
Day 5October 252:00 PMEvent #17 - 30K GTDNLHE₹30,000₹330
October 254:00 PMEvent #18 - 50K GTDPLO₹50,000₹550
October 258:00 PMEvent #19 - 250K GTDNLHE₹2,50,000₹3,300
October 2510:00 PMEvent #20 - 30K GTDNLHE₹30,000₹330

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