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Danny van Zijp Wins Maiden WPT Title at WPTDeepStacks Brussels Main Event For €110,000

Winner of WPTDeepStacks Brussels Main Event Danny van Zijp
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 12, 2018
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The four-day long WPTDeepStacks Brussels €1,200 Main Event drew in 535 players at the Grand Casino Viage. Outlasting the massive field was Dutch star Danny van Zijp (cover image), who not only won his career-first WPT title but also posted his best live cash of €110,000, which includes a WPTDeepStacks season-ending event package worth €2,000.

A prominent presence in the European circuit, Van Zijp won his first live title in the €500 + 50 No Limit Hold’em at Light Town Poker Tour 2011, Eindhoven for €14,250. He has since cashed at 30 events and has total lives earning of over $300,000.

Speaking after his victory, Van Zjip said it felt great to win and he will be attending the WPT European Championships in Nottingham where he hopes to make another successful bid for the WPT Main Event trophy, followed by a cruise holiday that he has already booked himself on.

Final Day Recap

19 players returned for the final day and following 10 eliminations, the nine-handed final table was set up.

With 63 spots assured payouts, some notables who finished in the money included Alain Bauer (11th for $9,752), Gerry van Aalst (13th for $7,938), Aleksander Da Silva (16th for $6,577), Guillaume Darcourt (17th for $5,556), Julien Sitbon (21st for $4,649), Andrea Ricci (34th for $3,402), Isabel Baltazar (50th for $2,608) and Albano Llani (59th for $2,495).

Jean Seber (10th for $12,133) bubbled the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Danny van Zijp – 2,905,000

2. Paul van Oort – 2,655,000

3. Peter Jaksland – 2,450,000

4. Tal Sardal – 1,845,000

5. Jose Astima – 1,750,000

6. Cyril Mira – 1,690,000

7. Cheng-Wei Yin – 1,410,000

8. Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood – 730,000

9. Rico Roumen – 615,000

Final Table of the WPTDeepStacks Brussels Main Event
Final Table of the WPTDeepStacks Brussels Main Event

Final Table Recap

Right at the start of level 26, Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood bet 110,000 from early position with the flop open and Peter Jaksland called from the button. The turn came and Schoonbrood checked as Jaksland slid in a bet of 250,000. Schoonbrood moved all-in with and Jaksland called with . The completed the board and Jaksland’s two pairs of aces and queens eliminated Schoonbrood in ninth place.

Almost two hours later, with the flop showing , Cheng-Wei Yin bet 110,000 with and Danny van Zijp raised to 250,000 from cutoff with . Yin 3-bet to 700,000 and Van Zijp shoved all-in for 2 Million, prompting Yin to call. While Yin had flopped a king-high straight, Van Zijp had picked up two pairs of kings and queens. The on the turn improved Zijp’s hand to a full house and gave him the lead. The was inconsequential, as Yin was eliminated in eighth place.

Right on the heels on Yin’s elimination, one of shortest stacks on the table, Tal Saldar followed the former to the rail in seventh place. When Paul van Oort jammed from the button with , Saldar called from small blind holding . The board fanned out and Van Oort rivered a diamonds flush, knocking Saldar out of the competition.

Finishing in sixth place was Cyril Mira when he open-shoved with 450,000 from the button holding and Van Oort called from the small blind with . The board ran and Van Oort found two pairs of aces and queens on the board, eliminating Mira in the process.

Following the dinner break, Dutchman Rico Roumen opened from the button to 185,000 with . Van Zijp moved all-in from small blind with . Roumen called and the community cards spread out . Van Zijp improved to three-of-a-kind nines on the turn, with Roumen drawing dead. The river was inconsequential, and Van Zijp won the pot, resulting in Roumen’s fifth place exit.

Shortly thereafter, Peter Jaksland saw his tournament run end in fourth place after Van Oort raised to 175,000 from under the gun and Jaksland moved all in for 1,425,000 from the big blind. Thinking over his decision for seconds, Van Oort decided to make the call and both players tabled their cards. Van Oort held against Jaksland’s . He was safe through the flop but Van Oort paired his jack on the turn and held though on the river, sending Jaksland out.

The three-handed play saw chips being exchanged before Paul van Oort lost a big hand to Jose Astima to become short-stacked. Astima then raised to 300,000 from the button and Van Oort moved all in for 1,900,00 after Van Zijp folded from the small blind. Astima snap-called with versus Van Oort’s . “It’s my favorite hand,” said Van Oort who was at risk. The flop fell giving Astima top pair and he went on to improve to two pair on the turn. The river kept Astima ahead and Van Oort was eliminated in third place.

The heads-up match between Jose Astima (10,000,000) and Danny van Zijp (6,050,000) began with Astima extending his chip lead but Van Zijp snatched the lead right back.

Heads-Up: Danny van Zijp (Left) & Jose Astima (Right)
Heads-Up: Danny van Zijp (Left) & Jose Astima (Right)

The duel went on till the final hand saw Van Zijp making a raise of 375,000 and Astima responded by moving all in for 4 Million on which Van Zijp quickly called.



It was a pocket pair versus pocket pair fight but Zijp held the higher pair and the flop seemed to favour the latter as it ran , while the turn was the and the river was the . Van Zijp’s jacks held and he scooped the pot, also winning the title, while Astima was declared runner-up.

Winner of WPTDeepStacks Brussels Main Event Danny van Zijp
Winner of WPTDeepStacks Brussels Main Event Danny van Zijp

Final Table Results

1. Danny van Zijp – €110,000*

2. Jose Astima – €75,000

3. Paul van Oort- € 53,000

4. Peter Jaksland – €40,000

5. Rico Roumen – €30,000

6. Cyril Mira – € 23,000

7. Tal Sardal – €17,550

8. Cheng-Wei Yin – €13,550

9. Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood – €10,700

*includes €2,000 WPTDeepStacks season-ending event package

While WPT may have bid goodbye to the beautiful city of Brussels for now, the series will be visiting India starting tomorrow with WPT India kicking off at Casino Deltin Royale in Goa! Get ready for an exciting week of live poker action!

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