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Danny Wong Wins Mega Millions XIX For $234,297 After Three-Way Deal

Danny Wong
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  • PG News August 18, 2018
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The Bicycle Hotel Casino in Los Angeles played host to the Mega Millions XIX event as part of the 2018 Mega Millions series and attracted over 8,600 entries, generating a monumental prize pool of $1.7 Million for an event with a $130 buy-in and $100 re-buys.

Several big names were seen in action including Gordon Vayo, Barry Woods, Ari Engel, Jordan Cristos and Brett Murray. Topping the monstrous field was Danny Wong (cover image), who orchestrated the eliminations of Joseph Szegedy and Bill Collins on the final table. Eventually the remaining three players, Wong, DJ Alexander and Tony Chu, decided on a three-way deal with Wong taking home the top prize of $234,297, along with the trophy.

Other notables who finished in the money included Allan Le, Ryan Daut, Marvin Rettenmaier and Allen Cunningham.

Ari Engel tried to capture another title at the series following his victory in the $160 Mega Millions XVIII Quantum Reload for $319,442, but his deep run ended in 21st place.

Final Table Recap

Short-stacked Dathan Kuppin was the first elimination on the nine-handed final table after he was railed by Bill Collins.

Meanwhile, Wong was left with only 10 big blinds and pitted his against Shant Marshlian’s pocket kings on the flop . Wong rivered a diamond flush yo double up through Marshlian.

Next up, action folded to Nicholas Ronyecz who shoved all-in for 4.5 Million, following a raise and calls from Collins and another player. Ultimately, Ronyecz’s king-jack was defeated by Collins ace-queen and the former was busted in eighth place.

Next to go was Shant Marshlian. His ace-eight fell short against Joseph Szegedy’s , who paired his Queen on the turn to eliminate Marshlian in seventh place.

Following Daniel Chung‘s exit in sixth place, Wong doubled up yet again through Tony Chu. On an ace-high board, Wong moved all-in holding ace-ten which overpowered Chu’s ace-seven and his stack swelled up to 18 Million.

Szegedy then doubled up through Collins putting Wong in the chip lead with 28.5 Million, while Collins was right behind him with 23.5 Million.

Joseph Szegedy lost his place next when his pocket eights ran into Wong’s tens. He was eliminated in fifth place.

Half an hour later, Bill Collins and Wong locked horns on a board reading . Wong had bet on the flop and shoved on the turn prompting Collins to call.

Danny Wong

Bill Collins

Both players picked up pairs on the board, but Wong’s sixes were stronger than Collins threes. Wong improved his hand to a three-of-a-kind when a six fell on the river, ending Collins run in fourth place.

The final three players looked at the numbers, and after some initial hesitation, a deal was struck. Danny Wong, DJ Alexander and Tony Chu elected to chop up the remaining prize money, with Wong raking in the lion’s share of the prize pool for $234,297 along with the title, while Alexander and Chu took home $168,900 and $136,325 respectively.

Danny Wong
Danny Wong

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Danny Wong – $234,297*

2. DJ Alexander – $168,900*

3. Tony Chu – $136,325*

4. Bill Collins – $77,025

5. Joseph Szegedy – $58,655

6. Daniel Chung – $45,670

7. Shant Marshlian – $35,915

8. Nicholas Ronyecz – $28,125

9. Dathan Kuppin – $21,410

*denotes a three-way deal

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