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DPT Colossus: Atul Kumar Wins ₹25K Bounty For ₹2.20 Lakhs

Atul Kumar
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 5, 2019
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The second edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) Colossus Super High Roller (SHR) series is on the home stretch with two of its three events having crowned winners. The most recent event that culminated yesterday was the fast-paced ₹25K Bounty which had attracted a modest field of 41 entries resulting in the two-day event wrapping up on Day 1 itself. Topping the field was Atul Kumar (cover image) who took home an impressive payday of ₹2.20 Lakhs.

The event featured prominent names like Ankit Kapoor, Bharat Sharma, Mitang Soni, Tejas Moondra, Bobbe Suri and PokerGuru Staking’s Vikram Kumar but it was the new and upcoming players who stole the limelight.

Following the 10th place elimination of Kumar, the nine-handed final table was formed, but with only the top six places assured payouts, the race to finish in the money was intense.

Atul Kumar played exceptionally well on the final table, orchestrating the eliminations of Girish Nair and Vidur Singhal, to reach the heads-up finale alongside Abhinandan Sarda. Though Kumar had started on the backfoot, with Sarda taking the lead initially, he came back from behind and whisked the title away from Sarda, who he relegated to the runner-up spot.

DPT Colossus ₹25K Bounty Final Table
DPT Colossus ₹25K Bounty Final Table


Final Table Recap

Yogesh Choudhary was the first casualty on the nine-player final table. His were outlasted by Atul Kumar’s which bettered to a set of fives on the runout . Choudhary was ousted in ninth place.

Soon after that, Vaibhav Sharma pitted his against Ashish Kaushik’s . The board fanned out , and Kaushik’s two pairs knocked Sharma out in eighth place.

Sonit Magan had to bear the unfortunate tag of the tournament bubble when he was eliminated in seventh place by Vidur Singhal. The former’s trounced Magan’s , leading to his exit.

The lone female player on the final table, Sunita Sunder‘s dream run came to an end when her ran into Kaushik’s . The board revealed and Kaushik’s ace kicker won him the pot, while Sunder exited in sixth place. Incidentally, she was also the first player to finish in the money.

Sunita Sunder
Sunita Sunder

During level 13, an interesting three-way hand resulted in the elimination of Ashish Kaushik. Abhinandan Sarda, Kumar, and Kaushik, all went all-in pre-flop.

Ashish Kaushik

Abhinandan Sarda

Atul Kumar

The board brought , and Kumar and Sarda made two pairs, but Sarda raked in the pot with his better two pair. The board bricked for Kaushik ending his run in fifth place.

Finishing in fourth place was Girish Nair. With the board open , Singhal led out for 15,000 from the small blind, and Nair called from the big blind. Both players checked the turn . The river brought , and Singhal bet 20,000, while Nair shoved all-in for 50,000. Singhal snap-called and tabled . Nair turned over . Though both players had picked up straights, Singhal higher straight won him the pot eliminating Nair in the process.

Three-handed play continued till the next level before Vidur Singhal‘s were bested by Kumar’s . The board blanked and Kumar’s ace-seven kicker held on, resulting in Singhal’s third-place elimination.

The heads-up finale between Abhinandan Sarda (524,000) and Atul Kumar (296,000) began with Sarda enjoying a slight lead over the latter. It did not take long for Kumar to turn the tide in his favor and ultimately win the title.

Abhinandan Sarda
Abhinandan Sarda

On the final hand, Sarda moved all-in for 45,000 holding and Kumar called with . The community cards spread out and Kumar rivered a top pair to win his first ever DPT title, along with ₹2.20 Lakhs in prize money.

Atul Kumar
Atul Kumar

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Atul Kumar – ₹2,20,000

2. Abhinandan Sarda – ₹1,34,000

3. Vidur Singhal – ₹80,000

4. Girish Nair – ₹60,000

5. Ashish Kaushik – ₹50,000

6. Sunita Sunder – ₹40,000

Content & Image Courtesy: Online Poker News

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