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DPT Colossus: Vivek Rughani Denies Minissha Lamba – ₹50K Warm-Up Title

DPT Colossus: Vivek Rughani Denies Minissha Lamba ₹50K Warm-Up Title
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  • PG News April 28, 2018
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The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) on Thursday made a return onboard Deltin Royale Casino in Goa for the inaugural Colossus Super High Roller Series. The series that had an advertised ₹2 Crores (estimated) in guaranteed prizes turned out to be quite a damper with many players even opting to sit out the ₹2 Lakhs Super High Roller given the poor turnout of 37 entries – including re-entries.

The opening 50K Warm-Up attracted a modest 61 entries and outlasting them all was Vivek Rughani (cover image) who denied Minissha Lamba the title and in the process bagged his first live tournament title along with ₹9.05 Lakhs in prize money!

Adding the glamour quotient at the series was the presence of cricketing sensation Chris Gayle and 888poker ambassador Sofia Lovgren, with both celebrities joining the action at the opening event,

Other notables in attendance included Kunal Patni and Nikita Luther, India’s WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant along with Young Guns Devesh Thapar, Abhinav Iyer, and Sahil Agarwal along with Abhishek Goindi, Amit Jain, Rajat Sharma, Sriharsha Doddapaneni, Vidwath Shetty, and Zarvan Tumboli.

Day 1 eliminations saw many big pros hitting the rails early like Amit Jain, Devesh Thapar, Abhishek Goindi, Amit Ajwani, Satish S P, Abhinav Iyer, Rajesh Rajpopat, and Roshan Bharat.

By the time the bags were brought out, the field had been cut to just 31 survivors with Aditya Sushant leading the way with a stack of 258,800. Other notables in the running included Dhaval Mudgal (240,900), Abhishek Jalan (145,400), Nikita Luther (125,100), Meherzad Munsaf (103,000), Sofia Lovgren (54,300) and Ashish Ahuja (29,800). Vivek Rughani was placed 15th with 64,300 in chips.

Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1

1. Aditya Sushant – 258,800

2. Dhaval Mudgal – 240,900

3. Abhishek Jalan – 145,400

4. Nikita Luther- 125,100

5. Meherzad Munsaf – 103,000

6. Aditya G- 89,000

7. Amit Ajwani- 87,000

8. Manish Lakhotia- 80,500

9. Vidwath Shetty – 79,600

10. Sandipan Das – 75,400

Day 2 action was equally fast paced with Sriharsha Doddapaneni, Rajat Sharma, Zarvan Tumboli, Sandipan Das, Abhijeet Shetty, Aditya G, Kunal Patni, and Vidwath Shetty, all missing out on the final table.

By the time the nine-handed final table was set, it was Young Gun Sahil Agarwal who was leading the charge with a stack of 610,000 followed by Manish Lakhotia (420,000) and Dhaval Mudgal (371,000).

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Sahil Agarwal – 610,000

2. Manish Lakhotia – 420,000

3. Dhaval Mudgal – 371,000

4. Mohan Vamji Devarapalli – 339,000

5. Vivek Rughani – 245,000

6. Minissha Lamba – 203,000

7. Sameer Chaturvedi – 212,000

8. Nikita Luther 180,000

9. Meherzad Munsaf – 144,000

Final Table Recap

Mohan Vamji Devarapalli took the ninth spot and with seven players making it in the money, the money bubble burst on Nikita Luther. It was a clash between the two ladies, with Minissha Lamba opening, and Luther jammed with only to see Lamba turning over after making the call. The board ran the and Lamba railed Luther from the event in eighth place.

Nikita Luther
Nikita Luther

The first player to bust in the money was Sameer Chaturvedi who opened with pocket fives and Dhaval Mudgal called. On the Jx 3x 4x flop, Chaturvedi continued and Mudgal called to see the turn 4x. Chaturvedi led out once again and Dhaval called to see the river 6x. Chaturvedi confidently jammed and was snap-called by Mudgal who showed pocket sixes for a rivered full house and took down the pot.

Sameer Chaturvedi
Sameer Chaturvedi

Next up, Meherzad Munsaf’s dream run ended in sixth after he jammed his short stack with and got called by Minissha Lamba who tabled . Lamba hit two pairs on the board to stack up, while Munsaf exited.

Meherzad Munsaf
Meherzad Munsaf

Manish Lakhotia was out next after he jammed with pocket fours and got one caller in Dhaval Mudgal who tabled @:8s. Mudgal hit a three-of-a-kind on the board to axe Lakhotia in fifth place.

Manish Lakhotia
Manish Lakhotia

The erstwhile chip leader Sahil Agarwal exited next. Agarwal moved all-in with and Lamba snap-called with . Lamba further improved to a set on the board and raked in the pot.

Sahil Agarwal
Sahil Agarwal

Down to three-handed play, Dhaval Mudgal bowed out to set up the heads-up battle between Vivek Rughani and Minissha Lamba. Mudgal jammed with and Rughani called with . The board ran and Mudgal was sent packing.

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal

Minissha Lamba started the heads-up confrontation in the lead but Rughani battled vigorously and soon got ahead.

Minissha Lamba
Minissha Lamba

On the final hand, Rughani’s were up against Lamba’s . The board ran and just like that, Rughani picked up his first live title!

Vivek Rughani
Vivek Rughani

Final Results (INR)

1. Vivek Rughani – ₹9,05,800

2. Minissha Lamba – ₹5,73,700

3. Dhaval Mudgal – ₹4,52,900

4. Sahil Agarwal – ₹3,62,300

5. Manish Lakhotia – ₹2,71,700

6. Meherzad Munsaf – ₹2,42,000

7. Sameer Chaturvedi – ₹2,11,100

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