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DPT February 2019: Nikita Luther Takes Down Career-First DPT Title in the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH For ₹6.80 Lakhs

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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly February 8, 2019
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The 2019 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) February edition got off to a strong start as the series-opener, i.e. the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH, registered a total of 187 entries. After two long days of fierce competition, 2018 WSOP Tag Team bracelet winner Nikita Luther (cover image) emerged as the champion.

Luther enjoyed an incredible run last year when she not only bagged the coveted WSOP gold bracelet, but also ran deep in two international events, namely ₫5,500,000 NLHE – Finale Superstack at WPT Vietnam (8th for ₫13,770,000 – ₹42,252) and the ₫22,000,000 NLHE – Main Event (11th for 135,160,000 – ₹4.32 Lakhs). Moreover, she was also appointed as the captain of Team India at the Global Teams Event held at the inaugural WPT Korea series.

The only feather missing from Luther’s cap of achievements was a DPT title. While the WSOP bracelet holder had previously finished runner-up in two DPT events in 2017 – ₹10,000 NLHE Ladies Event for ₹40,000 and ₹15K Bounty for ₹2,27,600, the ultimate prize had so far eluded her. Luther finally got the monkey off her back and after almost 8 gruelling hours of play today, she captured her first-ever DPT title for a whopping ₹6.80 Lakhs!

Luther had entered the final table with the second-biggest stack and played aggressively from the get-go. She even orchestrated the eliminations of Alok Ranjan, Rubin Labroo, Arjun Agrawal and Ankit Kapoor on the final table. Her heads-up opponent, Parikshit Dhall, was fifth in chips at the start of the day. He steadily built his stack and even eliminated Shreyabha Pandey en-route the final showdown. Though Dhall played well to reach the heads-up against Luther, the latter’s experience eventually got her the title as Dhall was relegated to a runner-up finish.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Ankit Kapoor – 8,65,000

2. Nikita Luther – 7,60,000

3. Arjun Agrawal – 7,40,000

4. Shreyabha Pandey – 5,25,000

5. Parikshit Dhall -5,00,000

6. Hidangmayum Somesh – 4,65,000

7. Rubin Labroo – 3,70,000

8. Alok Ranjan – 3,00,000

9. Ashraf Ali -1,50,000


Final Table Recap

Ashraf Ali was the shortest stack at the start of the final table, so it came as no surprise that he was the first player to be eliminated. Ali moved all-in from under-the-gun with , preflop. Overnight chip leader Ankit Kapoor called from middle position with . The board ran and Kapoor’s queen-high kicker eliminated Ali in ninth place.

Ashraf Ali
Ashraf Ali

Alok Ranjan, who was the next shortest stack on the final table, found himself bamboozled by a flop that turned his winning hand into his last hand. Ranjan who was in the small blind held and Nikita Luther was dealt in middle position+1. Luther raised to 50,000 and Ranjan shoved all-in. Luther promptly called. Before the flop opened, the odds of Ranjan winning the pot was about 71 percent to Luther’s 28 percent. The game was flipped on its heads when came on the flop, giving Luther the lead with three-of-a-kind tens which increased her chances of winning the pot to 91 percent. The and completed the board and sealed Ranjan’s fate, leading to his eighth-place elimination.

Alok Ranjan
Alok Ranjan

A level later, Rubin Labroo raised to 45,000 from under-the-gun+1, holding . Luther called from big blind with . The flop fell . Both players checked to see the turn . Luther led out for 40,000 and Labroo called. The final street brought and Luther moved all-in for 700,000. Labroo called yet again. Luther raked in the pot with a rivered two pair, as Labroo was busted out in seventh place.

Rubin Labroo
Rubin Labroo

With the blinds at 15,000/25,000, Hidangmayum Somesh‘s time at the final table ran out next. In a battle of the blinds, Arjun Agrawal bet 60,000 from the small blind with and Somesh jammed from the big blind holding . Agarwal called and the dealer turned over on the board. Agarwal rivered a full house and Somesh had to bow out in sixth place.

Hidangmayum Somesh
Hidangmayum Somesh

Though he brought about Somesh’s elimination, Arjun Agrawal failed to hold onto his stack much longer. He shoved all-in from under-the-gun holding and Luther called from small blind with . The board spread out . While Agarwal flopped a pair of kings, it wasn’t enough to beat Luther’s 10-high straight and the former walked away in fifth place.

Arjun Agrawal
Arjun Agrawal

With the last four runners left in contention, the race to the finishing line intensified. The first of the four to succumb to the pressure was Shreyabha Pandey. He moved all-in preflop from under-the-gun and got called by Parikshit Dhall from the big blind.

Shreyabha Pandey

Parikshit Dhall

The community cards brought and Dhall rivered three-of-a-kind fives to win the pot, eliminating Pandey in fourth place.

Shreyabha Pandey
Shreyabha Pandey

Overnight chipleader Ankit Kapoor‘s run came to an end in third place when he raised to 145,000 from small blind holding and Luther countered by jamming from the big blind with . Kapoor called to see the board open . The board was of no help to either player, however, Luther’s nine kicker held on, sending Kapoor to the rail.

Ankit Kapoor
Ankit Kapoor

The heads-up battle between Nikita Luther and Parikshit Dhall lasted for less than 30 minutes. Luther dominated the final table play and in the end the series-opener title and trophy were hers for the taking. On the final hand of the event, Dhall’s were no match for Luther’s . The board missed both players and Luther’s king high won her the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH title and the top prize of ₹6.80 Lakhs.

Nikita Luther
Nikita Luther

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Nikita Luther – ₹6,80,000

2. Parikshit Dhall – ₹4,55,000

3. Ankit Kapoor – ₹2,90,000

4. Shreyabha Pandey – ₹2,30,000

5. Arjun Agrawal – ₹1,85,000

6. Hidangmayum Somesh – ₹1,55,000

7. Rubin Labroo – ₹1,25,000

8. Alok Ranjan – ₹1,00,000

9. Ashraf Ali – ₹75,000

Content & Images Courtesy: onlinepokernews.in

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