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DPT February 2019: Sajjan Barnwal Wins First-Ever Live Title in ₹15K NLH Bounty For ₹2.30 Lakhs

Sajjan Barnwal
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis February 11, 2019
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A busy Sunday at Casino Deltin Royale saw the headline event of the 2019 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) February edition i.e. the 35K Main Event play down to the final table. Running alongside the Main Event was the final event on the schedule i.e. ₹15K NLH Bounty that attracted a total of 120 entries. Besting the field was online pro Sajjan Barnwal (cover image) who clinched his career-first live title and added ₹2.30 Lakhs to his bankroll.

Known mainly for his exploits on the virtual felts, Barnwal has some major online title wins to his name most notably PokerStars India’s Sunday mainstay event, i.e. the Sunday Special ₹15 Lakhs that he took down on January 6 for ₹3.50 Lakhs. He entered the final table with the second-biggest stack and soon took over the chip lead, going on to eliminate six out of the final eight players, namely Ameya Gokhale, Rajiv Singla, Amit Tejura, Vishal Surana and Raajiv Sachdeva. He faced Vishal Lamba in the heads-up confrontation and following almost an hour-long battle, Barnwal finally emerged victorious.

In the post-event interview Barnwal talked about his love for the Bounty format saying, “Bounty is my favourite event and I have played almost all kinds of Bounty tournaments online that happen in India. Playing a live bounty tournament was long overdue.”

Discussing his final table strategy, he said, “One year ago I was not doing the things I did tonight, putting pressure, shoving a lot, using ICM pressure, but recently I have learnt these tactics from online players and now I am using them. And it’s working!”

Asked if this win will give him confidence to play more live events in the future, Barnwal said, “Yeah, of course. That will be a factor and I hope and can keep doing better in the future. Win more Main Events!”

The top 15 places were assured payouts and the first player to finish in the money was Manoj Singh (15th for ₹14,000). He was followed by Bhuvan Bansal (14th for ₹14,000), Ram Kakkar (13th for ₹15,000), Ashish Kaushik (12th for ₹15,000), Prashant Tiwari (11th for ₹20,000) and Havvana Merve Akkartal (10th for ₹25,000).

Jyothi Krishna bubbled the final table and finished 9th for ₹32,000.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Ameya Gokhale -6,41,000

2. Sajjan Barnal -3,52,000

3. Rajiv Singla -2,52,000

4. Amit Tejura – 1,53,000

5. Vishal Surana – 1,38,000

6. Vishal Lamba – 1,01,000

7. Raajiv Sachdeva – 92,000

8. Bharat Sharma -70,000

DPT February ₹15K NLH Bounty Final Table
DPT February ₹15K NLH Bounty Final Table


Final Table Recap

Short-stacked Bharat Sharma was unsurprisingly the first elimination on the eight-handed final table. He jammed from the big blind for 14,000 with and Ameya Gokhale looked him up from the cutoff with . The board ran out . While Sharma flopped a pair of treys, it wasn’t enough to beat Gokhale’s pocket jacks and the former exited in eighth place.

Soon thereafter, Sajjan Barnwal moved all-in for 150,000 from small blind with and Raajiv Sachdeva called from big blind for 62,000 holding . The community cards spread out and Barnwal picked up a pair of eighths on the turn to eliminate Sachdeva in seventh place.

Following Sachdeva’s elimination, Barnwal became unstoppable. Next on his list of victims was Vishal Surana. The latter open-raised form small blind and Barnwal shoved all-in from big blind. Surana called and both players tabled their cards.

Vishal Surana

Sajjan Barnwal

Branwal’s odds of winning the pot were a mere 16 percent, compared to Surana’s 84 percent, preflop, but it all changed on the runout as Barnwal raked in the pot with a turned three-of-a-kind sevens and Surana walked out in sixth place.

During level 18, Barnwal raised to 28,000 from under-the-gun with and Amit Tejura called from big blind holding . The flop fell and Barnwal took the lead with a set of sixes. Tejura led out with 65,000 and Barnwal moved all-in for 422,000. Tejura called with his remaining stack of 150,000 putting his tournament at risk. The and completed the board and Barnwal rivered a full house, ending Tejura’s run in fifth place.

Down to the last four players, Rajiv Singla raised from the button with and Barnwal shoved all-in from big blind with . The board fanned out and Barwal’s hand improved to two pairs of aces and nines which sealed Singla’s fate in fourth place.

Start of the final table chip leader Ameya Gokhale played well to reach the top three but fell short at third place. When Barnwal jammed from small blind with , Gokhale called from big blind with . The runout showed . Gokhale flopped a pair of kings, but Barnwal hit two pairs of queens and tens on the river to oust Gokhale in third place.

Vishal Lamba and Sajjan Barnwal were both playing in their very first live final table and started the heads-up play with the latter starting off with a 3:1 chip lead.

Vishal Lamba
Vishal Lamba

Play continued for less than an hour and on the final hand, Barnwal moved all-in for over 1 Million with and was called by Lamba from the big blind for 664,000 with . The runout saw Barnwal claim a decisive win, collecting ₹2.30 Lakhs in prize money.

Sajjan Barnwal
Sajjan Barnwal

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Sajjan Barnwal – ₹2,30,000

2. Vishal Lamba – ₹1,62,000

3. Ameya Gokhale – ₹1,05,000

4. Rajiv Singla – ₹75,000

5. Amit Tejura – ₹60,000

6. Vishal Surana – ₹50,000

7. Raajiv Sachdeva – ₹42,000

8. Bharat Sharma – ₹32,000

You can catch the final table live stream of the event here.

Final Table Recap:


With the last event of series now having crowned a champion, the only event yet to declare a winner is the ₹35K Main Event which will resume its final table at 5pm today.

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