DPT July 2018: ₹65K High Roller Opens With 166 Entries; Jugal Advani, Amrita Sethi, Farukh Shaikh & Eka Vedantham Lead 62 Survivors

DPT July 2018: ₹65K High Roller Opens With 166 Entries; Jugal Advani
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On the heels of the success of the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH, the third event on the schedule at the 2018 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition i.e. Adda52 ₹65K High Roller opened on July 27, in what turned out to be a very busy Friday, as three events played out simultaneously at the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. While the opening event crowned a champion in Jasven Saigal, the ₹35K Main Event played out the first of three starting flights.

The ₹65K High Roller expanded upon the success of this same event in the February edition, as the two-day tournament opened to a field of 166 entries with 1 re-entry option available to all players. Following several eliminations, the field was whittled down to 62 runners by the end of the day’s play. Leading the remaining hopefuls were Jugal Advani (398,500), Amrita Sethi (363,500), Farukh Shaikh (228,000) and ₹15K Deep Dive NLH runner-up Eka Vedantham (215,000).

The February edition of the event was taken down by the Ahmedabad-based Alok Birewar, who banked the first-place prize money worth ₹17.74 Lakhs after battling through a field of 100 runners.

Day 1 Recap

The event saw many of the leading names from the Indian poker fraternity in attendance including Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal, Amit Jain, Minissha Lamba, Young Guns Nishant Sharma, Abhinav Iyer and Sahil Agarwal, Anil Gulati, Mayank Agarwal, GPL India Bengaluru Hackers Team Manager Vidwath Shetty, Meherzad Munsaf, Avinash Tauro, and Kapil Arora among others,

In one of earliest hands of the event, Kunal Gupta opened to 300 from hijack, and got calls from the cutoff, Minissha Lamba from the button and a player in the small blind. The flop came . Small blind raised and Gupta and Lamba called while the player in the cutoff seat folded. The small blind led out for 1,700 on the turn . Gutpa called yet again and Lamba re-raised to 5,200, forcing the small blind to fold. Gupta called to see the river . Lamba tabled against Gupta’s and her set of sevens won her the pot.

Minnissha Lamba
Minnissha Lamba

Well-known poker pro Dhaval Mudgal was another notable in the thick of action Shortly after busting the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH, where he finished 13th for ₹56,000, Mudgal jumped in to play the High Roller. In a hand he played against Sandeep Thakral, Mudgal’s pocket rockets were pitted against Thakral’s . With the board running , Mudgal picked up a set of aces on the board to win a massive pot that got him the momentum for another deep run.

One of the first eliminations of the day was reported around level 5, when Asheque Elahi and Pradeep Sharma went all-in preflop. While the former held , the latter tabled . The community cards missed both players but Sharma’s aces held up, knocking out Elahi.

Sometime later, in a limped pot, Deepak Singh completed his small blind and action moved to Vikram Kumar in the big blind who raised to 6,800. Under-the-gun folded and Singh 3-bet to 14,600. Kumar 4-bet to 29,000 and Singh called Kumar’s all-in. Kumar tabled against Singh’s . Singh flopped a set on the rundown eliminating Kumar.

Mudgal emerged once again during the later stages of play as he orchestrated the double elimination of Shravan Chhabria and Neeraj Kumar. Chabbaria open shoved for 17,000 under-the-gun, Mudgal called from the button and Kumar 3-bet shoved for 27,000 from the big blind. Mudgal, who had both players covered, called and the three players tabled their cards.

Chhabria –

Kumar –

Mudgal –

The board ran and Mudgal paired his four railing both Chabbaria and Kumar.

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal

As the play came to halt at the end of level 14, only 62 hopefuls remained. While Jugal Advani (398,500), Amrita Sethi (363,500) and Farukh Shaikh (228,000) rounded up the top three ranks, numerous other players managed to bag big stacks including ₹15K Deep Dive NLH runner-up Eka Vedantham (215,000), Manoj Pentakota (158,000), Abhisek Panda (152,000) and Vishuri Jain (148,200).

Amrita Sethi
Amrita Sethi

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 1

1. Jugal Advani – 398,500

2. Amrita Sethi – 363,500

3. Farukh Shaikh – 228,000

4. Eka Vedantham -215,000

5. Hitesh Bhimjiyani – 201,500

6. Nikhil V – 191,500

7. Syed Saikh Amad – 176,000

8. Ashish Kuashik – 172,500

9. Manoj Pentakota -158,000

10. Ashish Munot – 152,000

Content and Image Courtesy: onlinepokernews.in

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