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DPT July 2018: Abhishek Tibrewal Wins ₹15K NLH Bounty For ₹3.48 Lakhs

DPT July 2018: Abhishek Tibrewal Wins ₹15K NLH Bounty For ₹3.48 Lakhs
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  • PG News July 30, 2018
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The fourth and final event at the 2018 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition, i.e., the ₹15K NLH Bounty started on July 29. Running alongside Day 2 of the ₹35K Main Event, this was a 9-Max fast paced event with 30-minute levels. Due to the fast pace of the event, the late registration window was open only till the end of level four and attracted a total of 184 entries.

Abhishek Tibrewal (cover image), who was part of the Poker Sports League (PSL) Team Rajasthan Tilters in 2017, battled out some tough competition at the final table and took single-handed responsibility for eliminating Kiran Nair, Vikas Kumar and the eventual runner-up Dishant Soni to take down the event and the top prize along with the DPT trophy.

Meanwhile, the only running event at the series, the 35K Main Event was halted once the nine-handed final table was reached and will continue play today for an added extra day.

Coming back to the ₹15K NLH Bounty, the event saw many familiar faces in attendance including the likes of Bharat Agarwalla, Young Gun Devesh Thapar, Adda52 celebrity pro Minissha Lamba, Zarvan Tumboli, Vaibhav Shah, Irshad Choudhary and Avinash Tauro.

Following the closure of late registration at 184 entries, only 100 participants still remained in the field. With only the top 18 places assured a min-cash of ₹17,078, with ₹3,48,381 reserved for the winner, the fight to the money bubble intensified.

Many runners such as Tammai Relwani, Hardik Shah, Anant Thapar and Abhijeet Shetty were eliminated empty-handed along the way.

However, many players made it in the money including Zarvan Tumboli (11th for ₹23,909), Vinod Megalmani (12th for ₹23,909), Asif Anis (13th for ₹20,493), Gaurav Kalra (14th for ₹20,493), Shashank Jain (15th for ₹20,493), Amit Kumar Singh (16th for ₹17,078), Vijay Aditay (17th for ₹17,078) and Rajesh Goel (18th for ₹17,078).

Sanjay S. (10th for ₹30,740) bubbled the nine-handed final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Srinivas Balasubramanian – 473,000

2. Sandeep Thakra – 243,000

3. Rajesh Rajpopat – 230,000

4. Abhishek Goyal – 206,000

5. Kiran Nair -201,000

6. Abhishek Tibrewala – 155,000

7. Dishant Soni – 116,000

8. Vikas Kumar – 106,000

9. Rajesh Patel – 58,000

Final Table Recap

The first to depart from the final table was the short-stacked Rajesh Patel. When action folded to Patel, he open-jammed with 1,17,000 from the cutoff seat. Srinivas Balasubramanian called from the button and tabled pocket rockets against Patel’s . The board ran resulting in Patel’s ninth place elimination.

During level 19, Rajesh Rajpopat led out for 35,000 from the hijack and Dishant Soni defended his big blind. The flop fell and Soni check-called Rajpopat’s all-in shove of 1,30,000. Soni tabled against Rajpopat’s . The turn and river did not help Rajpopat and he was ultimately railed by Soni’s pair of eights.

Soni was one again in the midst of the action and this time he eliminated Sandeep Thakral. Soni limped from the cutoff holding and Thakral shoved all-in from the small blind with . Soni called and the community cards spread out . Soni flopped a pair of queens and Thakral bounced out in seventh place.

Soon thereafter, Kiran Nair moved all-in for his last 90,000 and was called by Abhishek Tibrewala from the button. The runout brought and Nair’s failed to match up against Tibrewala’s and he exited in sixth place.

Finishing in fifth place was another star performer from the summer – Srinivas Balasubramanian. On the heels of his spectacular 9th place finish (for ₹7.04 Lakhs) in Event 11 – $365 Pot Limit Omaha – Giant at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Balasubramanian once again found himself on a final table, this time at the DPT ₹15K NLH Bounty event. But his time at the felt was short-lived and his quest for a maiden title was ended by Vikas Kumar, who opened from under-the-gun and Balasubramanian moved all-in from the big blind. Kumar called and tabled pocket tens against Balasubramanian’s pocket deuces. The board fanned out , and Kumar’s stronger pair won him the pot, busting Balasubramanian.

Srinivas Balasubramanian
Srinivas Balasubramanian

Next to go was Abhishek Goyal. In yet another preflop showdown, Goyal shoved all-in from big blind and Soni called. Goyal held and Soni tabled . With the board running , Goyal failed to complete his flush while Soni top paired aces to win the pot, busting Goyal in fourth place.

As the game moved to three-handed play, it was a battle of the blinds between Tibrewal in small blind and Vikas Kumar in big blind that wrote the story for the next elimination. Tibrewal moved all-in with and Kumar called with . Tibrewal flopped a pair of queens as the board brought eliminating Kumar in third place.

Dishant Soni
Dishant Soni

The heads-up match between Dishant Soni and Abhishek Tibrewal continued till level 25 with Tibrewal maintaining his chip lead throughout the course of play. On the last hand of the event, Tibrewal raised to 120,000 from big blind. Soni tanked for some time and eventually called to see the flop . Tibrewal checked and Soni shoved all-in with his remaining 500,000. Tibrewal snap-called and both players tabled their cards. Tibrewal held against Soni’s . The last two streets brought and . Soni was unable to hit his straight draw and Tibrewal’s pocket rockets triumphed to win him the DPT trophy and first-place prize money of ₹3,48,381.

Abhishek Tibrewal
Abhishek Tibrewal

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Abhishek Tibrewal – ₹3,48,381

2. Dishant Soni – ₹2,32,254

3. Vikas Kumar – ₹1,50,282

4. Abhishek Goyal – ₹1,16,127

5. Srinivas Balasubramanian – ₹95,634

6. Kiran Nair – ₹78,557

7. Sandeep Thakral – ₹64,895

8. Rajesh Rajpopat – ₹51,233

9. Rajesh Patel – ₹37,571

Content and Image Courtesy: onlinepokernews.in

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