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DPT July 2018: Awnish Singh Wins ₹35K Main Event For ₹35.04 Lakhs

DPT July 2018: Awnish Singh Wins ₹35K Main Event For ₹35.04 Lakhs
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  • PG News July 31, 2018
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The 2018 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition has concluded and it was undoubtedly a raging success. The four-event series that was held onboard Casino Deltin Royale in Goa witnessed massive participation in all events. With three events already finding winners in PokerBaazi Team Mentor Jasven Saigal (₹15K Deep Dive NLH for ₹10.77 Lakhs), Baadshah Team Pro Eka Vedantham (₹65K High Roller for ₹27.15 Lakhs) and Abhishek Tibrewal (₹15K NLH Bounty for ₹3.48 Lakhs), the headline event of the series, i.e., the ₹35K Main Event was the last to crown a champion with an extra day added to the schedule.

The Main Event amassed a massive field of 457 entries across the three starting flights; 80 entries from Day 1A, 153 entries from Day 1B and finally a huge field of 225 entries on Day 1C. The top 49 places were assured a min-cash of ₹70,000, with ₹35.04 Lakhs reserved for the champion and as expected the race to the finish line was full of hurdles.

But overcoming all the obstacles and topping the gigantic field was Awnish Singh (cover image). A relatively lesser known personality in the Indian poker community, Singh was up against some well-known names such as Sailesh Lohia and Bhuvan Bansal on the final table. Even though Singh started the final table placed fourth in chips, his stack of 905,000 was far behind the chip leader Ankur Sehgal who started off with 2,910,000. While he held back during the early stages of the final table, he gradually revealed his more aggressive side as the play progressed. He entered the heads-up play trailing Vidur Singhal but eventually made his way to the top to take down the title along with the top prize of ₹35.04 Lakhs.

Post his win, Singh was found saying, “It’s my first tournament win, it’s really good and I ran super lucky. He (Singhal) should have won but I was very lucky.”

Day 2 Recap

Several notables were eliminated along the way on Day 2 including Manish Lakhotia (11th for ₹2,35,000), Alvi Ahmad (12th for ₹2,25,000), Sunny Grrewal (13th for ₹1,80,000), Prashanth Seka (14th for ₹1,80,000), Neel Joshi (15th for ₹1,80,000), YJ Kim (16th for ₹1,48,000), Gaurav Gupta (17th for ₹1,48,000), the chip leader of Day 1A Ankit Kapoor (20th for ₹1,32,000), Deepak Singh (21st for ₹1,32,000), Young Gun Vivek Singh (26th for ₹1,10,000), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (30th for ₹94,000)

Piyush Uday Chitnis (31st for ₹94,000), Vikram Kumar (35th for ₹86,000), Mayank Agarwal (41st for ₹78,000), Rajeev Kanjani (42nd for ₹78,000) and WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant (47th for ₹70,000).

Concluding play on Day 2 was the 10th place elimination of Nitin Arora. Action folded to Ankur Sehgal who opened for 120,000 with , Nitin Arora 3-bet shoved for 490,000 with and Sehgal called. The board came and Sehgal rivered a set of fives. Arora (10th for ₹2,75,000) became the last elimination of Day 2, bubbling the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Ankur Sehgal – 29,10,000

2. Sailesh Lohia – 24,55,000

3. Vidur Singhal – 17,45,000

4. Awnish Singh – 9,05,000

5. Gautam Raju – 8,55,000

6. Rugal Advani – 8,30,000

7. Bhuvan Bansal – 7,90,000

8. Raunak Moch – 6,20,000

9. Mukunda Dasharathy – 3,45,000

Final Table Recap

Final table action resumed on Monday with the entire action live streamed (with delay).

Rugal Advani who started in the middle of the pack was seen in the thick of things right from the get go. On the first hand of the day, Sailesh Lohia raised to 120,000 from middle position with pocket kings. Advani called from big blind with . The flop brought . Both players checked to see the turn and Advani was in the lead with two pairs – jacks and tens. He checked and Lohia fired a bet of 125,000 prompting Advani to shove all-in for 660,000 Lohia tanked for a while and then decided to fold. Advani increased his stack to 1.1 Million.

In the very next hand, Raunak Modi moved all-in from the button with . Action folded to Advani in the small blind who called with . The community cards spread out and Advani rivered a higher pair of aces ending Modi’s run in ninth place.

In an interesting hand not long thereafter, Gautam Raju raised to 136,000 from under-the-gun and Vidur Singhal called from the big blind. The flop fell , Singhal checked and Raju bet 85,000. Singhal called to see the turn . Singhal checked once again and Raju fired a bet of 170,000. Singhal smartly folded his against Raju’s .

With only 345,000 in chips, short-stacked Mukunda Dasharathy moved all-in from under-the-gun seat. On his left, chip leader Ankur Sehgal called and Lohia in the big blind took him time before joining in with a call to see the flop open . Both Sehgal and Lohia checked through to see the turn . No action on the turn and the river also got checked around. All three players tabled their cards.

Mukunda Dasharath

Ankur Sehgal

Sailesh Lohia

Lohia’s flopped pair of fours won him the pot to put him firmly in the lead with 2.8 Million in chips, while Dasharath was railed in eighth place.

Bhuvan Bansal, who was among the shorter stacks at the start of the final table, changed gears at this point. He raised to 175,000 from early position with and Advani called with . The flop missed both players, Bansal bet 270,000 and Advani folded his pair of tens while Bansal’s stack increased to 1.6 Million.

Soon thereafter, Awnish Singh took a big pot off Sehgal when he 3-bet to 600,000 from the button with after Sehgal’s open of 200,000 from the cutoff with . Sehgal folded his better hand and Singh’s stack swelled to 1.7 Million.

A while later, the short-stacked Gautam Raju put his tournament life at risk and shoved all-in with 320,000 from big blind against Sehgal who had initially raised the pot to 200,000. Sehgal called and tabled and Raju turned over . The community cards brought . Raju’s pair of nines could not beat Sehgal’s pair of jacks and Raju had to depart in seventh place.

Next up, the action at the final table intensified following back-to-back eliminations of Rugal Advani and Ankur Sehgal.

First, Awnish Singh raised from the button with pocket rockets and Advani moved all-in from big blind with . The board ran and Advani had to exit in sixth place as Singh became chip leader with a stack of 3.9 Million.

In the very next hand, Lohia raised to 260,000 from under-the-gun and Sehgal moved all-in for 495,000 from the hijack. Bansal also shoved all-in with 1.5 Million from the button and Lohia folded. Bansal tabled and Sehgal showed . Hoping for an ace on the board to beat Bansal’s pair, Sehgal instead found . Bansal’s stack grew to 2.5 Million while Sehgal bounced out in fifth place.

Four handed play started with eventual champion Awnish Singh in the lead with 3.9 Million in chips while Vidur Singhal was the shortest stack with 2.3 Million.

Hereon, action somewhat slowed down as the slugfest for chips continued. The first report worthy hand saw Singh opening for 300,000 and Singhal called. Flop opened and Singhal jammed with . Singh tank called tabling . The turn and the river completed the board and Singhal won the huge 5.1 Million pot jumping straight from the short stack to the chip leader while Singh got down to 1.2 Million in chips.

Next up, Singhal limped from small blind with and Lohia raised it to 420,000 with . Singhal changed gears and announced a raise to 1 Million. Sailesh took no time in moving all-in with his stack of 2.4 Million putting Singhal to a decision and he eventually folded.

The remaining players went on to trade chips till a point that nearly all had similar stacks with Singh leading the lot with 19 big blinds.

In the last hand before break, Singhal picked up pocket kings and limped in from small blind while Lohia jammed from the big blind holding . Singhal made the easy call and won the pot on the rundown to eliminate Lohia in fourth place.

Three way, Singhal had more than half chips in play and the next big hand came when short-stacked Bhuwan Bansal scored a double up! Singhal opened and Bansal jammed with . Singhal made the call tabling and lost out on the rundown .

Despite doubling up, Bansal was the next player to hit the rail. Singhal opened for 500,000 and Bansal shoved with his 1.5 Million stack holding . Singhal made the call showing and busted Bansal after the board ran .

Heads-up, it was Singhal in the lead with 7.6 million in chips against Awinesh Singh who started with 4.4 million. Both players had locked in a minimum ₹22.74 Lakhs but there was still over ₹12 Lakhs in play with ₹35.04 Lakhs reserved for the champion!

With the blinds very shallow, Singh though short was in no mood to give up and started chipping up. In a limped pot, the flop got no action and on the turn , Singhal bet 400,000 with and got the call from Singh who held . The river completed the board, Singh bet 800,000 and took down the pot when Singhal check-folded, and with that he took over the chip lead.

Singh went on to dominate the play for the next few hands and then another interesting hand came by. Singhal opened for 500,000 with and got 3-bet from Singh who held . Singhal insta folded and Singh added more to chips to his stack.

After trading chips for a couple of more hands, things heated further as Singhal opened to 500,000 from the button with and Singh called with to see the flop . Singh checked, Singhal bet 500,000 and Singh decided to shove for 6.9 Million with eight high! Singhal went into a deep tank and decided to call saying, “this is the sickest call of my life’!

Both players were at the edge of their seats as the dealer turned and burned the which gave Singh an open ended straight draw but the river sealed the pot for Singhal who doubled up to now hold the lead.

The swingy heads-up continued as Singh open shoved for 3.7 Million with and Singhal woke up with pocket queens to make the call. Singh clipped a king on the window and doubled up to reclaim the chip lead.

This time, Singh didn’t take much time and sealed the title in what came to be a nail biting finish. Singh led out for 700,000 with and Singhal called with . The flop got checked around and on the turn, Singhal bet 950,000. Singh decided to jam with a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw and got the call from Singhal. The river completed the flush for Singh, who was crowned the champion!

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Awnish Singh – ₹35,04,000

2. Vidur Singhal – ₹22,74,000

3. Bhuvan Bansal – ₹14,60,000

4. Sailesh Lohia – ₹11,28,000

5. Ankur Sehgal – ₹8,66,000

6. Rugal Advani – ₹6,88,000

7. Gautam Raju – ₹5,46,000

8. Mukunda Dasharathy – ₹4,31,000

9. Raunak Modi – ₹3,45,000

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