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DPT July 2018: Day 1A of ₹35K Main Event Attracts 80 Entries, Shyam Jogi & Gaurav Gupta Bag Top Stacks

DPT July 2018: Day 1A of ₹35K Main Event Attracts 80 Entries
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The July edition of the 2018 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) started off with a bang at the luxurious Deltin Royale Casino in Goa on July 25. With the first event of the series, the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH, completed, action has now reached the bigger events on the schedule. The ₹35K Main Event is undoubtedly the biggest event of the series, with a staggering ₹1 Crore guaranteed prize pool. With three starting flights i.e. Day 1A, 1B and 1C, the event is expected to overshoot the guarantee.

80 players entered Day 1A but only 27 runners made it to the end of the day’s play, and will return to the felts for Day 2 on Sunday, July 29. While the event does not allow re-entries on the same day, but players who exited the event on Day 1A, do have the option to re-enter through the remaining starting flights.

The Main Event at the February edition was taken down by Dainik Mehta, who pocketed an impressive ₹23.19 Lakhs for his efforts.

Day 1A Recap

With late registration open till the end of level 9, the day opened with a field of 60 runners which included several familiar faces such as Mihir Thakkar, Mani Singh, Abhinav Jain, Gaurav Karla, Tejas Moondra, Ashish Ahuja, Vaibhav Shah, Sachin Kinger, Vaibhav Shah, YJ Kim and Anant Thapar.

In one of the early hands of the day, Kalra opened for 350 from the hijack and Rajesh Shukla 3-bet to 1,000 from the cutoff. The player seated in under-the-gun position and Kalra called to see the flop . Kalra raised to 7,000 and under-the-gun checked. Shukla immediately re-raised to 17,000 and Kalra shoved all-in while under-the-gun folded. The remaining two streets brought and . Both players tabled their hands and Shukla’s pocket rockets were cracked by Kalra’s who had clipped a set of fours on the flop.

One of the first eliminations of the day was Yash Brijwasi. The short-stacked Brijwasi moved all-in from the hijack for 4,600 and received a call from Abhijeet Shetty in the big blind. Brijwasi tabled against Shetty’s . The board ran Ax 8x Qx 9x 10x, while both players made two pairs on the board, Shetty’s two pairs of eights and tens were higher, allowing him to take down the pot eliminating Brijwasi in the process.

Right after the late registration for the event closed locking in 80 runners for the flight, the action folded to Deepak Tulani who went all-in from the button holding and was called by Shyam Jogi in the big blind with . The board fanned out and Jogi rivered a full house as Tulani exited the event.

One of the last eliminations of the day was Bharat Agarwalla. Jogi opened from cutoff and Agarwalla 3-bet from the button. Jogi 4-bet shoved all-in, prompting Agarwalla to call for his last 11,000. Jogi tabled against Agarwalla’s pocket jacks. The runout missed both players and Jogi’s higher pair railed Agarwalla.

Topping the remaining 27 runners from Day 1A is Ankit Kapoor who bagged 240,000 in chips, but close on his heels are Shyam Jogi (207,200), Uday Patel (156,900), Gaurav Gupta (133,700) and Satish (129,200) who round up the top five stacks.

Deepak Raina (81,000), Monish Kumar (80,000), Ashish Ahuja (62,000), Avinash Sinha (61,600) and Adithiyya SB (58,600) , all bagged sizeable stacks for Day 2.

Shyam Jogi
Shyam Jogi

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 1A

1. Ankit Kapoor – 240,000

2. Shyam Jogi – 207,200

3. Uday Patel – 156,900

4. Gaurav Gupta – 133,700

5. Satish – 129,200

6. Srinivas B – 119,900

7. Anup Palod – 115,200

8. YJ Kim – 105,500

9. Amit Sur -102,2000

10. Gaurav Chauhan – 89,000

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