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DPT July 2018: Jasven Saigal Wins ₹15K Deep Dive NLH For ₹10.77 Lakhs

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  • PG News July 28, 2018
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The atmosphere at Casino Deltin Royale in Goa was laced with excitement as the inaugural event of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition, ₹15K Deep Dive NLH continued yesterday with its final 16 final runners returning to the felts. Hours of play later, PokerBaazi team mentor Jasven Saigal (cover image) posted a thumping victory and captured the event trophy!

It was redemption of sorts for Saigal, who had a rough summer in Las Vegas particularly the brutal beat in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event where on Day 2C, Saigal clashed with poker superstar Phil Ivey, who cracked Saigal`s flopped two pair with a turned flush, ending Saigal’s run in the event.

In the ₹15K Deep Dive NLH, Saigal took the higher ground early on and entered Day 2 with the second biggest stack. He coasted his way into the final table where he defeated Baadshah Team Pro Eka Vedantham in the heads-up play to claim a handsome payday of ₹10.77 Lakhs.

While Goa circuit tournament regular Vedantham, who was signed up by Baadshah Gaming as team pro and mentor for their Pro-Hunt mentorship program in March, fell short of claiming his maiden tournament title, a runner-up finish still got him a sweet ₹7.14 Lakhs payday.

A total 326 players had entered the tournament including 269 unique entries and 57 re-entries, and the top 26 places were assured a min-cash of ₹30,000.

Midway through Day 1, the money bubble burst on Deepak Singh whose run was brutally cut short when his pocket jacks were cracked by Raj Ramakrishnan’s rivered straight.

Later, GPL India Mumbai Jetsetters Team Manager Kavin Shah and Deepak Tulani were busted in a single hand in 17th and 18th place respectively, both banking ₹47,000. With their elimination, the remaining 16 players bagged their chips for the day.

Day 2 Recap

Dhaval Mudgal who had brought a stack of 194,000 to Day 2 soon fell out. Mudgal moved all in with for 154,000 and was called by Somshekhar in the small blind with . The board ran and Somshekhar collected the pot, busting Mudgal (13th for ₹56,000) in the process.

Others who followed him to the rail were Vikas Shah (11th for ₹70,000), Cyrus Naterwalla (12th for ₹70,000), Chirag Sodha (14th for ₹56,000) Srikrishna Vasudeo (15th for ₹56,000) and Ritesh Khatwani (16th for ₹47,000).

Sandeep Thakral (10th for ₹87,000) bubbled the final table and with his exit, the remaining nine survivors came together on the official final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Adithiyya Sb – 760,000

2. Raj Ramakrishnan – 690,000

3. Sachin Kinger – 610,000

4. Eka Vedantham – 545,000

5. Shashank Mengade – 530,000

6. Jasven Saigal – 515,000

7. Shashank Desai – 495,000

8. Som Shekhar – 455,000

9. Gaurav Law – 290,000

Final Table Recap

The final nine were just the right mix of pros and new faces. Soon enough, action folded to Adithiyya Sb who fired a bet from the small blind. Raj Ramakrishnan went all in from the big blind for 400,000 with and was called by Sb with . The board ran and Sb paired his jack on the turn, enough for him to collect the pot and eliminate Ramakrishnan in ninth place.

Next it was Shashank Desai’s turn to head out for the payout desk when Kinger moved all in from under the gun with for 440,000 and Desai called from the button with . Kinger’s pocket sevens held up on the rundown and Desai was knocked out in eighth place.

Som Shekhar’s deep run in the tournament ended next with him hitting the rail in seventh place.

Next up, Sachin Kinger jammed all in from the button for 280,000 and Mengade called off from the small blind. Mengade tabled against Kinger’s . Kinger’s rivered pair of queens on the rundown couldn’t match Mengade’s flopped set of sevens and he was eliminated in sixth place.

Adithiyya Sb had surged to the top in chip counts on Day 1 but hit a rough patch on the final day. His run was ended by Vedantham in a hand where the latter limped with from under the gun. Sb pushed all-in for 99,000 from the cutoff with , and Vedantham instantly called. The board ran and Vedantham locked up the pot with pocket jacks while Sb fell out in fifth place.

Vedantham then sent Shashank Mengade packing. Mengade announced all-in for 447,000 from under the gun and Vedantham made the call. Both players tabled their cards.


Mengade .

The board came and Vedantham won the pot with an ace-high straight, eliminating Mengade in fourth place.

With only the final three left in the fray, Gaurav Law moved all in from the button with and Saigal shoved on top from the small blind with . The runout was and Saigal’s pocket aces held up, relegating Law to the rail in third place.

Confronting Eka Vedantham now in heads-up play, Saigal wasted no time in securing his dominance. He kept digging into Vedantham’s stack one hand after the other till the duo reached the final hand where Vedantham open raised to 160,000 and Saigal moved all in. Vedantham made the call and tabled pocket kings against Saigal’s ace-seven. The board ran seven-five-deuce-seven-ten, giving Saigal three-of-a-kind sevens as well as the title!

Jasven Saigal

Jasven Saigal

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Jasven Saigal – ₹10,77,000

2. Eka Vedantham – ₹7,14,000

3. Gaurav Law – ₹4,56,000

4. Shashank Mengade – ₹3,50,000

5. Adithiyya Sb – ₹2,80,000

6. Sachin Kinger – ₹2,25,000

7. Som Shekhar – ₹1,78,000

8. Shashank Desai – ₹1,38,000

9. Raj Ramakrishnan – ₹1,08,000

Content and Image Courtesy: onlinepokernews.in

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