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DPT July 2018: Series Makes Strong Opening With 326 Entries in ₹15K Deep Dive NLH; Jasven Saigal, Shashank Desai, Eka Vedantham & Dhaval Mudgal Headline 16 Survivors on Final Day

DPT July 2018: Series Makes Strong Opening With 326 Entries in ₹15K Deep Dive NLH; Jasven Saigal
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With the excitement and adrenaline of the eight-week long 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) concluded, the action has moved to the home turf, specifically to the beautiful coastal state of Goa. The 2018 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition kicked off at the deluxe Deltin Royale Casino in Goa yesterday with the first event of the series, i.e. ₹15K Deep Dive NLH.

Making its inaugural run, the two-day event with 2 re-entries allowed fetched a total of 326 entries (269 unique entries and 57 re-entries). The top 26 places were assured a payday of a minimum assured ₹30,000, with the winner set to take home an impressive ₹10.77 Lakhs!

At the end of Day 1, only 16 players managed to survive for Day 2. At the top of the leaderboard is Adithiyya SB (577,000) followed by PokerBaazi Team Mentor Jasven Saigal (527,000) and Shashank (482,000). Eka Vedantham, Chiraag Sodha and Dhaval Mudgal are the other notables in contention.

Day 1 Recap

Several hands into the tournament, Sandeep Thakral who was at the verge of busting, bounced back after winning a pot from Akhilesh Singh with his ace-queen holding up against Singh’s queen-ten.

Next, Karma Pandey’s pocket tens were coolered by Sridhar Ramineni who opened the pot from under the gun for 450 and got 3-bet from the hijack to 1,150. Pandey put in a 4-bet for 3,500 and Ramineni jammed for 10,375. Pandey tank-called with pocket tens while Ramineni showed pocket kings. The rundown failed to resurrect Pandey`s fortunes.

After Tejas Moondra tripled up through Raj Ramakrishna and Ashit Sharma, another pivotal hand saw Thakral eliminating both Chandrakant and Akhilesh at one go. With the flop opening , Thakral bet 2,500 from middle position while Chandrakant made the call behind him. Akhilesh went all in for 12,000 from the hijack seat and Thakral also moved all in for 19,000. Chandrakant called.




The and completed the board and Thakral won the pot with the pair of sevens, eliminating both Chandrakant and Akhilesh.

Next up, an interesting battle of the blinds was seen. On the flop , Firoz Khan from the small blind bet 4,200 and Avinash Tauro called off from the big blind. The turn saw Khan moving all in for 12,000 and Tauro called Both players tabled their cards and Khan had against Tauro’s . The river was the and Tauro took down the pot while Khan was relegated to the rail.

Vidushi Mehra’s tournament run was ended by Dhaval Mudgal who raised to 6,000 and Mehra called from the big blind. Mehra moved all in for 20,000 on the flop and Mudgal called. Mehra tabled 9x 10x for a straight draw while Mudgal showed ace-king for a flopped pair of aces. The turn and the river missed Mehra and she was eliminated.

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal

Vikram Kumar who had quite a swingy ride all through the day then faced the heat. It all started when, Kumar woke up with and jammed his remaining stack of 10,000. Kavin Shah made the call from the big blind with . The board ran and Kumar picked the pot with his queen-kicker. However, shortly thereaftwe, Kumar was on the button and when the action folded to him he looked down at and shoved for 23,000 on which Cyrus Naterwalla snap-called with from big blind. The runout was and Naterwalla hit two pairs, eliminating Kumar.

Adda52 celebrity pro Minnisha Lamba’s tournament journey also ended around the same time. Lamba had chipped up early in the tournament but her stack started dwindling after a couple of rough hands. On her final hand, Tarang Patel had moved all in and Lamba called from the button, putting her tournament life at risk. Lamba tabled while Patel showed . The runout was and Patel clipped a queen to eliminate Lamba.

Minnissha Lamba
Minissha Lamba

Down to just 42 players the tournament organizers announced the payouts. Jasven Saigal and Sandeep Thakral were the two top stacks close to the money bubble.

The money bubble finally burst on Deepak Singh who went out to a brutal suckout.Holding in the small blind, Singh jammed for 88,000 to the min-open by Raj Ramakrishnan from the button. Ramakrishnan made the call with @:9d and the board came . Ramakrishnan rivered a straight and Singh who had got it in good was forced to retire just one place shy of the money.

The first elimination in the money was Young Gun Ashish Munot in 36th place. Soon thereafter it was Anant Purohit’s time to go. He shoved for 70,000 from cutoff with and was called by Jeevan Kumar from the big blind with . The board ran missing both players and leading to Purohit’s elimination in 35th place. Both Munot and Purohit pocketed ₹30,000 each.

Other notables who reached the money included Ankush Aryan (22nd for ₹40,000), Jeevan Kumar (23rd for ₹35,000), Shyamrag Ramchamaran (24th for ₹35,000), Tejas Moondra (25th for ₹35,000), Deepak Raina (26th for ₹35,000), Sridhar Ramineni (28th for ₹35,000), Yasheed Doppanavr (29th for ₹30,000), Gaurav Dalmia (30th for ₹30,000), Rahul Rajendra (31st for ₹30,000), Rahul Bajaj (32nd for ₹30,000) and Abhishek Milan Chinya (33rd for ₹30,000).

GPL India Mumbai Jetsetters manager Kavin Shah and Deepak Tulani were the last eliminations of the day and the duo was eliminated in the same hand. Tulani shoved for 100,000 from hijack holding , prompting Shah to shove over the top for 170,000 with . Adithiyya SB who had them both covered, called from the button with pocket queens. The board opened and SB’s pocket queens held up. Shah was eliminated in 17th place and Tulani in 18thplace. Both players cashed ₹47,000 each.

16 players bagged chips at the end of play and the double knockout on the last hand of play gave Adithiyya SB a late surge that propelled him to the top with 577,000 in chips, with Jasven Saigal (527,000) and Shashank Desai (482,000) not far behind. Others who finished with healthy stacks include Chirag Sodha (198,000), Dhaval Mudgal (194,000), Cyrus Naterwalla (152,000) and Ritesh Kathwani (103,000).

Jasven Saigal
Jasven Saigal

Chip Counts At The End Of Day 1

1. Adithiyya SB – 577,000

2. Jasven Saigal – 527,000

3. Shashank Desai- 482,000

4. Sachin Kinger – 451,000

5. Gaurav Lauu – 448,000

6. Raj Ramakrishna – 370,000

7. Sandeep Thakral – 322,000

8. Eka Vedantham – 311,000

9. Somshekar – 228,000

10. Shashank Mengade – 222,000

11. Vikrasha – 214,000

12. Chirag Sodha – 198,000

13. Dhaval Mudgal – 194,000

14. Cyrus Naterwalla – 152,000

15. Ritesh Kathwani -103,000

16. Shri Krishna Walla – 92,000

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