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DPT Xpress 2018: Prashant Malik & Deepak Raina of Gurgaon Blasters Win Tag Teams Event For ₹60,000

Prashant Malik and Deepak Raina
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  • PG News October 1, 2018
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The four-day long Deltin Poker Tournament Express (DPTX) has now closed out its inaugural run. Aimed at giving mid to low stakes players a chance at experiencing live tournament poker, the series was quite successful in bringing out some new faces as well as attracting a few tournament regulars.

The last event of the series was meant to be player’s choice, wherein the players were given the option to chose from various formats i.e. Teams event, Heads-up or a Satellite event for WPT India ME.

Players decided to play the ₹5K + ₹5K buy-in Teams Event and nine 2-player teams registered for the event. Once the last hand was dealt, it was Team Gurgaon Blasters (cover image), comprising of ₹10K Bounty winner Prashant Malik and Main Event fourth place finisher Deepak Raina, who took down the event and banked the first-place prize money of ₹60,000.

To make the event more interesting and fun, players were asked to name their teams and following are the names they came up with:

1. Purple Patch (Firoz Khan and Ankit Takle)

2. Flop to Jovanu (Mahipal Vala and Kirti Patel)

3. The Determinants (Varun Rajput and Gaurav Gupta)

4. Gurgaon Blasters (Prashant Malik and Deepak Raina)

5. Machhliya (Arjun Agarwal and Prateek Pandey)

6. Delhi Belly (Ritesh Tripathi and Karan Sawhney)

7. Benguluru Tigers (Rakesh G.R and Jason Pareira)

8. Shiva Squad (Manish Lakhotia and Rishab Dalmia)

9. Poker Worriors (Satwik Gupta and Manjit Jajoo)

Final Day Recap

Team Machhliya was the first to depart from the competition. Team Shiva Squad opened from under-the-gun and was called by UTG+1, hijack, Team Machhliya in the cutoff, button and the blinds. The flop fell card 1card 3card 3, Team Shiva Squad led out for 1,200 and the action folded to Team Machhliya who put in 4,000. Button and small blind folded and big blind called, prompting Team Shiva Squad to move all-in for 11,300. Team Machhliya called, while the big blind folded.

Shiva Squad card 3card 3

Machhliya card 3card 2

While both teams had flopped three-of-a-kind sixes, Team Machhliya was in the lead with the nine-high kicker coming into play. The turn and river brought card 2 and card 1, giving Team Shiva Squad the lead with a full house and eliminating Team Machhliya in ninth place.

Soon thereafter, Team Delhi Belly opened from under-the-gun with card 1card 3 and Team Poker Worriors shoved all-in from small blind holding card 3card 2. Team Delhi Belly called. Team Poker Worriors paired their ace on the board to eliminate Team Delhi Belly in eighth place.

At the end of level 5 late registrations were closed, and with no new team joining the fray the total tally of teams remained 9. The chip counts of the seven teams still gunning to the trophy and top prize were as follows:

Seven Handed Chip Counts

1. Shiva Squad – 33,600

2. Benguluru Tigers – 24,100

3. The Determinants – 22,300

4. Gurgaon Blasters – 18,100

5. Purple Patch – 14,000

6. Flop to Jovanu – 13,000

7. Poker Worriors – 9,900

It took another two hours of play before the next elimination. Team Gurgaon Blasters raised to 3,200 from the button and Team Flop to Jovanu jammed from the small blind for 8,400. Team Gurgaon Blasters tanked for some time and then decided to call.

Gurgaon Blasters card 3card 3

Flop to Jovanu card 3card 3

The board fanned out card 3card 3card 2card 3card 1 and Team Gurgaon Blasters found two pairs on the board, thereby sending Team Flop to Jovanu to the rail in seventh place.

Finishing in sixth place was Team Benguluru Tigers, who moved all-in for 4,200 from small blind and Team Purple Patch called from the big blind. Team Benguluru Tigers tabled card 3card 3 against Team Purple Patch’s card 2card 3. The community cards opened card 3card 3card 1card 3card 3 and Team Purple Patch flopped a straight to take down the pot, while Team Benguluru Tigers had to exit the competition.

However, Team Purple Patch couldn’t extend their stay in the event for long and during level 11, they shoved all-in for 7,100 from big blind and were met with a call from Team Poker Worriors from under-the-gun position.

Purple Patch card 2card 3

Poker Worriors card 3card 3

The runout card 3card 3card 3card 3card 3 missed both teams and Team Purple Patch bowed out in fifth place.

Down to four teams, the action folded to Team Gurgaon Blasters who moved all-in from small blind holding card 1card 2. Team The Determinants called from big blind with card 3card 3. The board ran card 1card 2card 2card 3card 3 and both team picked up sets, but Team Gurgaon Blasters’ three-of-a-kind tens was stronger than Team The Determinants trip nines and the latter was relegated to the rail in fourth place.

During level 12, Team Poker Worriors pushed all-in from the button and were called by Team Gurgaon Blasters from small blind and Shiva Squad in big blind.

Poker Worriors card 2card 3

Gurgaon Blasters card 3card 3

Shiva Squad card 1card 2

The rundown card 3card 3card 3card 2card 1 didn`t connect with any team, but Team Gurgaon Blasters won the pot with their jack kicker ending Team Poker Worriors’ run in third place.

The heads-up play began with Team Gurgaon Blasters in the lead with 81,000 in chips and Team Shiva Squad trailing with 54,000. The match-up continued for about an hour and on the final hand of the event, Team Gurgaon Blasters shoved all-in from the button for 86,000 and Team Shiva Squad called with their remaining stack of 49,000.

Gurgaon Blasters card 3card 3

Shiva Squad card 3card 3

The community cards opened card 2card 2card 3card 1card 3. While Team Shiva Squad flopped a pair of fives, Team Gurgaon Blasters picked up a higher pair of sevens to eliminate the former in the runner-up spot and take away the trophy and top prize of ₹60,000.

Prashant Malik and Deepak Raina
Prashant Malik and Deepak Raina

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Gurgaon Blasters (Prashant Malik and Deepak Raina) – ₹60,000

2. Shiva Squad – Siliguri (Manish Lakhotia and Rishab Dalmia) – ₹30,000

While this series has come to an end, but the response to the inaugural DPT Xpress seems to be encouraging enough for us railbirds to expect a repeat of the series in the near future.

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