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DPT Xpress 2018: Vivek Anand Baskey Wins Series Opener Burn N Turn Event For ₹1.55 Lakhs

Vivek Anand Baskey
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  • PG News September 28, 2018
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The inaugural Deltin Poker Tournament Express (DPTX) opened at Casino Deltin Denzong housed in Hotel Denzong Residency in Gangtok, Sikkim on Thursday.

Perfectly juxtaposed with the serene backdrop in Sikkim, that happens to be one of the only two states in India that allow casinos to operate legally, and the only land-based location to do so, is the run of events at the DPTX.

Casino Deltin Denzong is one of the three casinos currently operational in Sikkim and with commercial flights to begin at the recently completed Pakyong airport on October 4, the future of live poker in the ravishing state of Sikkim certainly looks very bright indeed.

On Thursday, the series’ inaugural event, Burn N Turn Event opened to encouraging numbers. There were 56 unique entries along with 14 re-buys and 52 add-ons, taking the total entry field to 122. Eventually, Vivek Anand Baskey (cover image) took the event down, defeating Sakwik Gupta in the heads-up play to claim the first-place prize money of ₹1.55 Lakhs, while Gupta banked ₹1.06 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

Brought together in association with Adda52, DPTX is a specially curated tournament series for low and medium stakes players, targetting casual players from across the country.

The field narrowed down to the final table after several hours of intense poker action and Niklesh Karnani ended up bubbling the event after running his eight-four against his opponent’s pocket tens.

The top 12 spots crossed the money line and Deepak Raina (11th for ₹12,000) and Uden Thendup (12th for ₹12,000) were the first two players who exited in the money.

Missing the final table action by a whisker was Ayush Agarwal (10th for ₹16,700), who moved all in for 53,000 from the cutoff and was called by the big blind with nine-seven. The board ran deuce-four-four-three-nine and Agarwal, who had king-queen couldn’t catch up to his opponent’s two pairs.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Nima Dawa Sherpa – 322,000

2. Ankit Takle – 302,000

3. Vivek Anand Baskey – 191,000

4. Karan Sahwney -148,000

5. Cyrus Pesi Sidhwa – 122,000

6. Harihar Venkata – 119,000

7. Vishal Gupta – 110,000

8. Satwik Gupta – 105,000

9. Rajiv Sachdeva – 78,000

Dominating the nine-handed final table was Nima Dawa Sherpa (3,22,000) followed by Ankit Takle (3,02,000), with the eventual champion Vivek Anand Baskey (1,91,000) rounding out the top three stacks.

Final Table Recap

The final table saw its first elimination in short-stacked Harihar Venkata who moved all in for his remaining 79,000 from the small blind and was called by the player seated in the big blind position. Venkata tabled ace-five while his opponent showed king-ten. Unfortunately for Venkata, a king appeared on the board, giving his opponent the winning hand, while sending Venkata out of the event in ninth place.

Soon thereafter, short-stacked Rajiv Sachdeva moved all in with card 3card 3 and the player from under the gun made the call with card 3card 3. Sachdeva managed to hit a pair of kings on the board but his opponent clipped a better pair of aces, and Sachdeva had to exit in eighth place.

By then, Vishal Gupta who was severely short stacked with only 70,000 in chips decided to move all in from the cutoff with card 3card 3. Gupta was called by the big blind who tabled card 1card 3. With no help coming his way, Gupta got up to leave for the rail in seventh place after his opponent clipped a pair of tens on the rundown..

The next casualty was Karan Sahwney who moved all in with card 1card 1 from the hijack and was called by the big blind holding jack-four. While Sahwney was looking in good shape to double-up, his opponent rivered a pair of fours to win the pot, knocking Sahwney out in sixth place.

Nima Dawa Sherpa saw his tournament life end when holding card 2card 3 he moved all in for 409,000 from the big blind and was called off by a player in the under the gun position. Sherpa’s opponent tabled card 3card 3 and his pocket sixes didn’t hold up. Sherpa left for the rail in fifth place.

Ankit Takle fell out next, in fourth place when he moved all in from the small blind with Jx 7x and was called by the big blind who tabled Jx4x. With the board opening 3x 5x 6x 8x 7x, Takle’s opponent completed a straight and scooped the pot.

Down to three-handed play, Cyrus Sidhwa, Satwik Gupta and Baskey were left in the running. Sidhwa was the shortest of them all and soon made his exit in when he open shoved for 155,000 from the small blind with card 2card 3 and was called by the big blind who tabled card 1card 3. The board ran card 3card 3card 3card 2card 1 and Sidhwa’s opponent hit two pairs, eliminating Sidhwa in the process.

The heads-up match between Satwik Gupta and Baskey was an intense affair as Gupta kept the aggression on to claim the lead. However Baskey continued his winning streak and the final hand saw Baskey`s card 2card 3 against Gupta’s card 1card 2. The board ran card 1card 1card 1card 2card 2 and Baskey hit two pairs relegating Gupta to a runner-up finish, while lifting the Burn N Turn trophy himself!

Vivek Anand Baskey
Vivek Anand Baskey

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Vivek Anand Baskey – ₹1,55,000

2. Satwik Gupta – ₹1,06,500

3. Cyrus Sidhwa – ₹71,000

4. Ankit Takle – ₹56,000

5. Nima Dawa Sherpa – ₹44,500

6. Karan Sahwney – ₹38,500

7. Vishal Gupta – ₹32,500

8. Rajiv Sachdeva – ₹26,500

9. Harihar Venkata – ₹20,500

While the Burn N Turn Event is now in the books, coming up today is the ₹10,000 Bounty Nuggets while the headline ₹15,000 Main Event will kick off on Saturday.

Keep following all the latest updates from DPT Xpress right here on PokerGuru!

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