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DPT Xpress 2019: Sandip Jhawar Takes Down ₹10K Bounty For ₹85,000

Sandip Jhawar
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis March 17, 2019
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The fast-paced 2019 Deltin Poker Tournament Xpress (DPTX) Sikkim drew in a total of 47 entries, falling one short of last year’s 48 entries which saw Gurgaon based player Prashant Malik ship the event for ₹90,000. After 16 levels of grueling play, Sandip Jhawar (cover image) was crowned as the champion as he bagged his first-ever live title along with ₹85,000 in cash prize!

Jhawar had the third-biggest stack at the start of the final table, and he steadily worked his way to the top. After bringing about the eliminations of Sahil Parakh, and Nikhil R, Jhawar squared off against Jasdeep Nagpal.

Nagpal has had a successful series himself, and only earlier in the evening, he had placed fifth in the ₹15K Main Event for ₹62,000. Also, in the hunt for his maiden live title, Nagpal played aggressively on the final table but ultimately met his match in Jhawar. Jhawar had the chip advantage at the start of the heads-up finale, and Nagpal just couldn’t get much going. In the end, the title and trophy belonged to Jhawar, as Nagpal was relegated to the runner-up spot.

Several notable names were seen in action including familiar faces like Anant Purohit, Yuvraj Choudhary, Shivam Shukla, 2018 ₹15K Main Event winner Bhola Sharma and 2019 ₹5K Burn N Turn champion Debashis Bal. Besides Sharma and Nagpal, even the ₹15K Main Event third-place finisher Anish Kumar was seen in the fray.

With only the top six places assured payouts, the race to finish in the money was very competitive. Following the elimination of Aayush Aggarwal in 10th place, the nine-handed final table was formed.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Nikhil Arora – 165,500

2. Jasdeep Nagpal – 136,500

3. Sandip Jhawar – 90,000

4. Nikhil R – 88,000

5. Priya Agarwal – 54,000

6. Sahil Parakh – 52,500

7. Karan Sawhney – 46,500

8. Aditya P – 46,000

9. Kiran Bhujel – 26,000

DPT Xpress ₹10K Bounty Final Table
DPT Xpress ₹10K Bounty Final Table


Final Table Recap

Aditya P and Priya Agarwal were among the first two players to be eliminated on the final table; however, it was Sahil Parakh who had the misfortune of becoming the tournament bubble when his ran into Sandip Jhawar’s . Jhawar paired his jack on the flop to win the pot eliminating Parakh in seventh place.

During level 14, Karan Sawhney‘s were pitted against Nikhil R’s . The board showed , and Nikhil R flopped a pair of aces to eliminate Sawhney in sixth place.

A level later, short-stacked Kiran Bhujel jammed from the cutoff with , and Nikhil R was once again seen in action as he called with . The runout gave Nikhil R two pairs of aces and sixes eliminated Bhujel in fifth place.

Eventually, Nikhil R‘s time at the final table came to an end. He went head-to-head against Jhawar but his could not hold on against the latter’s which bettered to a pair of kings on the board .

Nikhil Arora followed his name twin to the rail soon after that. Arora’s were busted by Jasdeep Nagpal’s . The community cards spread out , and Nagpal found a pair of fives on the turn to oust Arora in third place.

Sandip Jhawar (442,000) was in the lead at the start of the heads-up play against Jasdeep Nagpal (243,000). Unable to bridge the chip gap, Nagpal ultimately surrendered the title to Jhawar.

Jasdeep Nagpal
Jasdeep Nagpal

On the final hand, Nagpal moved all-in for 200,000 with and Jhawar called holding . The board ran out and Jhawar’s pocket queens brought him his first live title and ₹85,000 in prize money.

Sandip Jhawar
Sandip Jhawar

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Sandip Jhawar – ₹85,000

2. Jasdeep Nagpal – ₹50,000

3. Nikhil Arora – ₹30,000

4. Nikhil R – ₹20,000

5. Kiran Bhujel – ₹18,000

6. Karan Sawhney – ₹13,370


The 2019 DPTX is now on the home stretch. With only the ₹10K Tag Team event left to play out later today, the series is heading towards a grand finale!

Content & Images Courtesy: Online Poker News, India

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