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Dustin Foster Wins Maiden Live Title at WPTDeepStacks Pittsburgh Main Event For $87,366

Dustin Foster
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  • PG News October 30, 2018
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The Season 5 WPTDeepStacks Pittsburgh Main Event started on October 25 at the Rivers Casino and pulled in a total of 432 entries over the course of three starting flights, generating a $419,040 prize pool. Texas native Dustin Foster (cover image) outlasted the field to lay claim to his maiden WPTDeepStacks title, along with posting his career-best live cash of $87,366, which includes a $3,000 championship prize package. His career earnings now stand at $93,506.

Commenting on his win, Foster said “I’m really excited, super sweaty, pretty nervous. It was a tough final table, especially the heads-up battle. It was nuts some of the hands we had heads up, it was crazy.”

“We traded chips a couple times. I got it in bad when I gave him the chip lead, and then got lucky and doubled up. Then after that we were just playing back-and-forth, back-and-forth. It was a big roller-coaster ride really,” said Foster when he was asked about his heads-up match against runner up Paul Ferdiani.

“It’s a beautiful city, I had a great time, and it’s a very nice casino and staff here,” said Foster when he was asked about his WPTDeepStacks tournament experience at Rivers Casino.

Following the completion of the three starting flights, 79 runners returned to the felts for Day 2 and the field whittled down to the final nine by the end of the day’s play.

The top 54 places received payouts which included the likes of Keith Morrow (14th for $5,929), Matthew Vensko (18th for $4,868), Jamie Rottelini (21st for $4,056), Nick Pupillo (24th for $3,416), Alan Findlay (27th for $2,808), Frank Dellaria (30th for $2,301), Casey Yontz (37th for $2,043) and Michael McNeil (49th for $1,789).

Dennis Zollo (10th for $7,135) bubbled the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Carl Digiorgio – 2,115,000

2. Jared Palmer – 1,895,000

3. Mark Bowersock – 1,715,000

4. Matt Emmel – 1,635,000

5. Blake Naperiala – 1,530,000

6. Dustin Foster – 1,415,000

7. Brian Patterson – 1,275,000

8. Paul Ferdiani – 870,000

9. Peter Vitantonio – 570,000

Final Table
Final Table

Final Table Recap

The first casualty on the final table was the player with the shortest stack, Peter Vitantonio. He jammed from the early position for 500,000 with and Matt Emmel called from the big blind holding . The board ran and Emmel flopped two pairs of kings and queens, as Vitantonio departed in ninth place.

After the players returned from the first 15-miinute break of the day, Blake Napierala moved all-in for 875,000 from small blind and Jared Palmer called with his last 770,000 from the big blind. Napierala tabled pocket queens against Palmer’s . The dealer revealed on the board which was of no help to Palmer and he was eliminated in eighth place.

Following Palmer to the rail was Brian Patterson in seventh place. With over 500,000 in the pot and the flop open , Carl Digiorgio shoved from the button holding and Patterson check-called all-in from small blind hoding . The and completed the board and both players flopped three-of-a-kind fives, but Digiorgio’s ace kicker held strong agiainst Patterson’s hand, leading to the latter`s elimination.

Finishing in sixth place was Matt Emmel who pitted his against Digiorgio’s . The community cards fanned out and Digiorgio rivered two pairs of aces and deuces that sent Emmel to the rail.

Soon thereafter, Paul Ferdiani raised all-in for 1,675,000, preflop, from the button with and Blake Napierala called with his remaining 1.55 Million from the big blind with . The runout missed both players and Ferdiani’s higher pair won out against Napierala’s pocket tens, ending his run in fifth place.

Down to four-handed play, Carl Digiorgio moved all-in, preflop for 1.7 Million on the button. Dustin Foster called from the big blind and had him covered.

Carl Digiorgio

Dustin Foster

The board brought and Foster picked up a pair of kings on the flop to eliminate Digiorgio in fourth place.

About 20 minutes later, just after level 33 began, Ferdiani moved all-in for 3.35 Million from the big blind with the hole cards . Mark Bowersock called with and had him covered by just 25,000 from the small blind. The rundown fell and Ferdiani improved to a full house on the river, resulting in Bowersock’s third place elimination.

The heads-up play commenced with Paul Ferdiani (7,525,000) taking a slight lead over Dustin Foster (5,435,000), but the chip lead exchanged hands several times. On the final hand of the event, Ferdiani jammed from the button for 2 Million with and Foster called with . The board spread out . Foster’s flopped pair of kings defeated Ferdiani and won the former his career`s first WPTDeepStacks title, along with $84,366 in prize money, which includes the $3,000 championship prize package.

Dustin Foster
Dustin Foster

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Dustin Foster – $87,366*

2. Paul Ferdiani – $59,136

3. Mark Bowersock – $38,022

4. Carl Digiorgio – $25,566

5. Blake Napierala – $19,658

6. Matt Emmel – $16,309

7. Brian Patterson – $13,667

8. Jared Palmer – $11,046

9. Peter Vitantonio – $8,437

*includes a $3,000 WPTDS Championship Package

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