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EPT Monte Carlo: Spain’s Raul Paez Takes Down €2,200 French National High Roller; India’s Ankit Ahuja Finishes 62nd

Raul Paez
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  • Arpit Jain May 1, 2019
  • 4 Minutes Read

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is the gambling hub of Monaco with a world-class casino, the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. The premiere venue is currently hosting the 2019 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT and most recently saw its two-day €2,200 French National High Roller crown a champion.

When the dust settled, Raul Paez (cover image) was the last player left standing after defeating France’s Antoine Goutard heads-up and took home the winner’s paycheck worth €200,400, and his first-ever live tournament trophy. Paez topped a star-studded final table that featured the likes of Dietrich Fast, Alan Lau, Romain Matteoli, and Harry Lodge.

The event attracted a total of 538 entries (including 110 re-entries) that helped create €1,043,720 in the prize pool, and 81 places were paid.

Ankit Ahuja was the sole Indian representative who made it in the money. Ahuja finished 62nd for €3,700 (~₹2.90 Lakhs).


Final Day Recap

The last day of play saw the 81 survivors return to the tables and notables who got dismissed early on in the day included David Peters (18th for €8,450), Julien Martini (23rd for €7,410), €1,100 Freezeout event champion Marius Kudzmanas (32nd for €4,870), Dutch footballer Royston Drenthe (35th for €4,870), Dario Sammartino (50th for €4,100), Christopher Frank (37th for €4,870), Jean-René Fontaine (56th for €3,700), Kristen Bicknell (59th for €3,700), Paul Newey (71st for €3,450), Maria Ho (73rd for €3,450), and Leo Margets (74th for €3,450).

India’s Ankit Ahuja managed to cross the money line but eventually fell in 62nd place at the hands of Antoine Goutard. Goutard opened with and Ahuja called off holding . The flop brought top pair for Goutard, and an open-ended straight draw for Ahuja and the latter check-called a bet to see the turn card open . Ahuja check-called again to see the completing the board. Goutard continued with a bet and Ahuja check-shoved sending Goutard into the tank. Goutard eventually decided to call and just like that Ahuja was eliminated in 62nd for €3,700 (~₹2.90 Lakhs).

Abedel Douair bubbled the final table after his ace-nine failed to catch an ace against Loic Dobrigna’s pocket kings.


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Romain Matteoli – 2,185,000
  2. Pablo Brito Silva – 4,275,000
  3. Loic Dobrigna – 1,230,000
  4. Antoine Goutard – 3,735,000
  5. Dietrich Fast – 1,560,000
  6. Alan Lau – 990,000
  7. Harry Lodge – 1,305,000
  8. Raul Paez – 860,000


Final Table Recap

Harry Lodge went on a downward spiral that eventually resulted in his early elimination. Lodge first lost a large pot to the eventual champion Paez, and the remainder of his stack went to Pablo Brito Silva.

Romain Matteoli was the next one out after losing a sizeable pot to Silva. Desperate to survive, he moved all-in with , and Loic Dobrigna looked him up with . With no help on the river, Matteoli was relegated to the rail in seventh place.

Dobrigna incidentally was the next player to exit. He opened the pot, and Goutard shoved with . Action folded back to Dobrigna who snap-called tabling pocket queens. Goutard, however, came out on top in the flip after hitting a straight on the river and with that play got five-handed.

Next up, Goutard shoved with , and Alan Lau decided to make the call with . Goutard rivered a queen to eliminate Lau in fifth place.

Pablo Brito Silva left in fourth place after his ace-four ran into the ace-ten of Goutard.

Dietrich Fast followed him out in third place after his king-queen was busted by Paez’s ace-ten.

The heads-up match between Paez and Goutard started with both players on the verge of closing a deal that would have them divide the prize money, keeping €10,000 and the trophy in play. However, after a quick smoke break, Goutard changed his mind and wanted to play for the official payouts.

In the end, the decision worked in Paez`s favor as he soon took down the title. On the final hand of the tournament, Paez limped in, and Goutard checked to see the flop . Goutard check-raised Paez here and the latter called. Goutard checked again on the turn , and Paez bet 400,000. Goutard called to see the complete the board. Goutard checked, Paez shoved and Goutard tank-called. Paez tabled for two pairs while Goutard flipped over to finish as runner up in the event.

Raul Paez
Raul Paez

Final Table Results (EURO)

  1. Raul Paez – €200,400
  2. Antoine Goutard – €125,500
  3. Dietrich Fast – €89,900
  4. Pablo Brito Silva – €70,100
  5. Alan Lau – €55,000
  6. Loic Dobrigna – €43,100
  7. Romain Matteoli – €32,250
  8. Harry Lodge – €22,340

Content & Images Courtesy: PokerNews

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