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Feng Dashuai Wins Silk Road Cup Main Event For CNY 400,000 (~₹40.51 Lakhs)

Feng Dashuai Wins Silk Road Cup Main Event For CNY 400
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  • PG News July 26, 2018
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One of the biggest poker tournaments in the history of Xi’an, China was held from July 19 to July 24 at the Xi‘an Baoyulin Poker Club. The Main Event of the third edition of the Silk Road Cup attracted a massive field of 1,112 runners, decimating the CNY 1 Million guarantee that cumulated to a prize pool of CNY 2,224,000 (~$328,750). The event witnessed participation from several well-known names including Wenling Gao, Lu Di, Ma Haisheng, and Wang Wei, but topping them all was the local hero Feng Dashuai (cover image), who claimed the title and the top prize worth CNY 400,000 (~$59,000).

Final Day Recap

With only the top 90 places assured a payday, 243 participants started Day 2 with hopes of making it in the money. The money bubble was reached in the 17th level and Aijie Hu became the unfortunate bubble boy.

Only 21 players remained to carry the fight to the final day. Leading the 21 hopefuls was Dashuai who had started the day with only four big blinds. He battled for 12 hours on the final day to take home the championship title, making this his second career Main Event win following his victory at the China Tour Hefei Main Event in 2016.

Following the elimination of Sun Hui in 10th place, the nine-handed final table play commenced.

Final Table Recap

The first to go from the final table was Chen Guo when his pocket kings lost out to Shi Pengfei’s pocket rockets confirming his ninth-place elimination.

Following Guo to the rail was Wang Qiang. He pitted his pocket fours against Feng Dashuai’s pocket tens. With the board running , Dashuai clipped a set of tens, ending Qiang’s run in eight place.

Soon thereafter, Sun Hao went all-in holding and received a call from Wang Hao with . The community cards fanned out bringing Hao three-of-a-kind fives, while Hao had to move on to collect the seventh place prize money.

However, Wang Hao couldn’t keep his place at the final table for too long. When Fang Ning went all-in from small blind holding ace-jack, Hao called from big blind with pocket deuces. The runout jack-queen-king-king-jack was in Ning’s favour, and Hao bounced out in sixth place.

Next to go was Niu Bin in fifth place. Bin went all-in from the button with and was called by Dashuai from big blind holding . The community cards brought . While Bin managed to pick up a pair of kings, it could not hold on against Dashuai who paired his ace on the board.

Sometime later, Shi Pengfei went head-to-head against Dashuai. Both players tabled their cards with Pengfei holding against Dashuai`s . The board missed both players and Dashuai’s king kicker was good enough to win him the pot and eliminate Pengfei in fourth place.

Finishing in third place was Li Liang. Preflop, Dashuai opened from small blind, Liang shoved from big blind and Dashuai called. Liang tabled against Dashuai’s . The rundown came and Dashuai’s pair of kings busted Liang’s pair of queens.

Liang’s elimination set up the heads-up play between Fang Ning and Feng Dashuai, with Dashuai starting off with a 4 to 1 lead over Ning prior to the start of the finale. On the final hand of the event, Ning’s were up against Dashuai’s . The board completed and once again Dashuai’s king kicker held on against Ning’s hand to not only win him the pot but also the championship and the first-place prize money of CNY 400,000.

Feng Dashuai
Feng Dashuai

Final Table Results (CNY)

1. Feng Dashuai – CNY 400,000

2. Fang Ning – CNY 200,000

3. Li Liang – CNY 134,500

4. Wang Qiang – CNY 100,000

5. Shi Pengfei – CNY 70,000

6. Wang Hao – CNY 53,500

7. Sun Hao – CNY 42,000

8. Wang Qiang – CNY 34,000

9. Chen Guo – CNY 29,000

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