Goa Congress Defends Meet with Governor, Says BJP is Master of Cheap Theatrics After Parrikar – U-Turn Over Casino & Other Issues

Goa Congress Defends Meet with Governor
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  • PG News May 21, 2018
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Scoffing the allegations by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) that Congress is resorting to ‘cheap theatrics’ by meeting with Governor Mridula Sinha and staking a claim to form government in the State, Congress has now lashed back saying BJP is the “master of cheap theatrics and, cheap theatrics is a super specialty of Parrikar.

In a statement made in Panaji on Saturday, state Congress spokesperson Yatish Naik came down strongly against Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who, he alleged, vehemently opposed casinos operating on-shore in Goa before last elections and changed his stance later. The BJP specialized in theatrics in excessively dramatic behavior to win elections and hoodwink the people, he charged.

“When Parrikar was in opposition, he wore a t-shirt saying, ‘English Why? Mai baas zai!’ When he took a torchlight march in Panaji against casinos he said he would storm into casinos and close them down, but then he made a u-turn. These are cheap theatrics”, Naik said.

Reacting to the press conference held by two BJP MPs Narendra Sawaikar and Shripad Naik earlier last week, Naik said this shows that BJP “has scant respect for democracy in the country.”

Congress had emerged as the single largest party in last elections in Goa and so was perfectly entitled to meet Governor Mridula Sinha and submit a memorandum to “advise her to follow the precedent set by her counterpart in Karnataka and rectify the mistake made by her in 2017.”

Parrikar has been undergoing medical treatment in the US since last two months. Naik charged that the BJP should condemn its own, “headless government running in the state for the last two months, no cabinet meetings being held and collapse of the administration”.

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