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Gordon Wilcox Wins Maiden Gold Ring in WSOP Circuit Foxwoods $1,700 Main Event For $169,052

Gordon Wilcox
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  • PG News August 28, 2018
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The second stop of the 2018 World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) is being hosted at Foxwoods, Connecticut. Besting a field of 519 runners, Gordon Wilcox (cover image) won the $1,700 Main Event and his maiden WSOPC gold ring.

With the win, the 60-year old restaurateur from Boston has added an impressive $169,052 in prize money to his live tournament earnings. He has also earned a free entry into the 2018-19 Global Casino Championship that features a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

“I feel happy. I guess I feel relieved, honestly,”Wilcox said after the win. “These guys ran a great tournament, they always do here at Foxwoods. I have been playing here since day one, my players card starts with a zero. I have been coming here for 26 years. I played with a lot of big name players on their way up in the poker world.”

“I really couldn’t have done this without the help of a special woman names Erin Ryan, and my family who works with me. Without all of those people I couldn’t play. They watch over and protect me,” Wilcox added.

Wilcox had to navigate across a very tough field on his way to victory. The most difficult challenger turned out to be seasoned pro Dylan Wilkerson whom he eventually relegated to the rail in fifth place.

In the heads-up match with professional player Jason Bolton, Wilcox got into several grueling hands but eventually emerged triumphant and claimed the title.

A prize pool of $786,000 was created over the entry field and the top 54 finishers made it in the money. Notables who made the cut include Nicholas Pupillo (14th for $10,378), Mark Perry (24th for $6,133), Brock Wilson (26th for $5,268), former WSOPC Foxwoods Main Event champion Samuel Taylor (32nd for $4,088), Lowell Kim (34th for $3,616), and Stephen Song (52nd for $2,987).

Final Table Recap

The nine-handed final table began towards the fag end on Day 2 and following the elimination of Michael Deloge in ninth place, play was halted with the remaining eight finalists returning to the felts on Day 3.

It took over 50 hands before the final table saw its first elimination of the day. Justin Carey was eliminated in eighth place by Wilkerson who tabled card 1card 1 and was dominated by Carey’s card 3card 2, but he spiked a three-outer on the rundown card 1card 3card 2card 3card 2 to win the pot.

Sean Kelly then clashed with Wilkerson who held ace-five against his king-ten. Wilkerson’s hand improved to an ace pair on the flop that remained on top even though Kelly paired his king on the river. Kelly was eliminated in seventh place.

Manny Okrah then moved all in from middle position for 740,000 and was called by Wilcox from the big blind. Okrah tabled card 3card 3 against Wilcox’s card 2card 3. The board ran card 3card 2:24hcard 1card 3 and Wilcox rivered a king to eliminate Okrah in sixth place.

In the very next hand, Dylan Wilkerson was shown the door. Wilkerson raised to 120,000 from the cutoff and Wilcox called from the small blind. The flop was card 1card 2card 3 and Wilcox checked. Wilkerson bet 150,000 and Wilcox made the call. The turn was the card 3, Wilkerson bet 300,000. Wilcox check-raised to 2 Million and Wilkerson moved all in for 3,580,000, putting his tournament life at risk. Wilcox called, Wilkerson tabled card 1card 1, good for the nut straight and Wilcox’s card 3card 3 needed a lot of catching up to survive. The latter needed a five or a four on the river and there was a shocked silence as the card 2 appeared on the river, turning the odds in Wilcox’s favor, while Wilkerson was eliminated in fifth place.

Dan Chalifour was the next player to be eliminated. Giuliano Lentini raised to 160,000 from under-the-gun and Chalifour moved all in from the big blind. Lentini called and tabled card 2card 2. He was trailing Chalifour’s card 2card 2, but was able to hit two pairs on the card 3card 3card 3card 3card 1 runout, eliminating Chalifour in fourth place.

The three handed play saw Guiliano Lentini losing a big pot to Bolton but then he doubled up right back. However, he went on a losing drive and was finally put at risk in a hand where he moved in all in on the button for 390,000 and Wilcox called off from the small blind. Bolton called as well and the three players checked it down till the river on the board card 3card 2card 3card 3card 3. Here Wilcox led in for 1 Million on which Bolton folded. Wilcox tabled card 1card 2 against Lentini’s card 1card 3 and collected the pot, sending the latter to the rail in third place.

Heads-up, Jason Bolton moved all in on the button for 2 Million and Wilcox called from the big blind. Bolton’s card 3card 2 were dominated by Wilcox’s card 3card 2. As the flop came card 1card 3card 2 giving Wilcox a pair of nines, Bolton got up to leave. Though the card 3 turn gave Bolton some hope, the card 2 bricked out. Hitting the rail in second place, Bolton conceded the title to Wilcox, who snagged his maiden WSOPC ring.

Gordon Wilcox
Gordon Wilcox

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Gordon Wilcox – $169,052

2. Jason Bolton – $104,576

3. Giuliano Lentini – $76,269

4. Dan Chalifour – $56,613

5. Dylan Wilkerson – $42,459

6. Manny Okrah – $32,395

7. Sean Kelly – $25,161

8. Justin Carey – $19,657

9. Michael Deloge – $15750

Meanwhile, the closing event of the WSOPC Foxwoods stop, $400 NLHE Double Stack has kicked off, and registration for the players and re-entry also closed after level 9. A prize pool of $111,210 was collected from the 337 entries that registered for the event.

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