Gossip Column: $2.50 Spin Results in $4 Million Windfall For German Gambler, Danielle “DMoonGirl” Andersen Wins Prop Bet & More

Mega Jackpot and Danielle Andersen
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We’re back with yet another edition of our Gossip Column! And this time have lots more to share!

It is often said that gambling has a lot to do with luck and oftentimes luck can be cruel. But every once in a while, lady luck does pay a visit, like she did for a German player who won a staggering $4 Million from a $2.50 spin on Stars Casino.

However, when you unwittingly challenge a CrossFit expert to a bench press competition for $2000, luck can do nothing to save you. Just be prepared to turn over the dough when you lose, like Lily Kiletto had to when she lost to Danielle “DMoonGirl” Andersen.

But when faced with the task to completing 12 Herculean challenges from the ‘Poker Gods’, it’s always good to have a little bit of help on the side and an incentive to look forward to. And no one knows this better than Arlie Shaban!

Meanwhile, the former World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Phil Ivey seems to have entangled himself in an incredibly messy legal drama that even the poker gods may have trouble getting him out from. In the same vein, two female River Rock Casino workers have also been arrested for participating in private home poker games.

Want to know the details? Well, read on!

$2.50 Spin Leads to $4 Million Windfall For German Player on Stars Casino

If you’re an avid online gamer chances are you have at one time or another tried your hand at online slots. As tempting as they are, more often than not people tend to eventually end up empty-handed. However, that was not the case for one German player who spun a slot for $2.50 at the Stars Casino and came out winning a whopping $4 Million jackpot!

Mega Jackpot
Mega Jackpot

Unbelievable isn’t it? But it’s the truth. A player residing in the Lower Saxony region landed the $4 Million Mega Fortune jackpot and could not believe his eyes, which according to the PokerStars blog, is a very natural reaction. In fact, PokerStars even have VIP managers who get in touch with jackpot winners to ensure their wellbeing and to transition their disbelief to belief.

Nonetheless, once the shock of winning somewhat subdued, the player alerted his wife of his latest status as a millionaire and the same cycle of confusion was repeated. Once the couple was assured of the $4 Million payout, the next confusion came as to what to do with such a massive amount?

The player told PokerStars that “some it will go to his family. And there’s relief in knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about paying his children through University any more. The renovations planned for their existing house will now move along much faster than the original long term plan suggested.”

The player even hinted that he may play a little more poker, “$4 million gives you time to practice a little.”

Danielle “DMoonGirl” Andersen Wins Prop Bet Against Lily Kiletto

Yet another prop bet has come to fruition. What had started as a game of poker on “Ladies Night” on Poker Night in America, escalated to a bench press competition for $2,000 between Lily Kiletto and Danielle “DMoonGirl” Andersen.

While Andersen was always considered a favourite to win given her passion for CrossFit, Kiletto had claimed that she could squat 300 pounds.

Nevertheless, on September 30, the two women finally went at it.

They both started at 75 pounds and went from there. In the end, Andersen made it to 120 pounds while Kiletto finished with 95 pounds.

And Kiletto had to fork up the $2000!

However, another bet awaits Kiletto and this time it’ll be a one-mile race against Jamie Kerstetter. Let’s hope she fares better then!

Arlie Shaban on a Journey to Win Platinum Pass

The ‘Poker Gods’ have taken live streamer Arlie Shaban for quite a whirlwind ride. From skinning Dutch lions to capturing Canadian goats, the challenges have not been easy but Shaban had managed to complete every one of them – at least till now.

Arlie Shaban
Arlie Shaban

And now that he has completed the task of capturing the Canadian Goat, the goat itself, Daniel Negreanu, revealed to Shaban what his ultimate prize will be after the completion of all 12 challenges.

Negreanu was live on a Twitch stream, along with Shaban, Benjamin Spragg and Jason Somerville, reviewing a recent hand history of Shaban’s as part of his third challenge. When the review session came to an end, Spragg received an in-client message informing him that the Poker Gods had sent Shaban his next challenge.

The ‘Poker Gods’ asked Shaban to tell the world about his deeds. The gods were even generous enough to give him a clue as to where he could look for help.

“You have our Canadian GOAT with you, and we want him back. If anyone can help you make a statement, he can. Once he has, set him free and he might just have one last piece of information to help you.”

Shaban did ask the six-time WSOP bracelet winner for help, and Negreanu immediately took to Twitter.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Negreanu also revealed to Shaban that the pot of gold at the end of all these 12 challenges was in fact a Platinum Pass worth $30,000 to the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship to be held in January 2019 in the Bahamas.

You can watch Shaban’s reaction to the reveal here:

So, as it stands, if Shaban completes all 12 challenges before the end of the year, he’ll have a PSPC Pass to his name!

Phil Ivey May Lose More to Borgata

There seems to be no end to ten-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey‘s legal troubles. After the endless court battles against Crockfords Casino and Borgata for “edge sorting” in baccarat and punto banco, Ivey and his gambling partner Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun have been sued for nearly $20 Million.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

While Gemaco Inc., which manufactured the cards, was able to get away scot free, Ivey and his legal team had pushed for a stay of execution on the payment of the $10.1 million to Borgata, arguing the payment of such a massive sum would do irreparable harm to Ivey’s bankroll and block him from being able to continue earning a living through his poker skills.

Last week, it was reported that Borgata had cross-appealed against Ivey in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and requested all parts of the original decision, in which the casino alleged fraud and sought huge reparations, that didn’t favour it be re-examined.

So how does this affect Ivey? Well, there is a chance that if the re-examination works to the favour of the casino, Ivey could be asked to pay over $30 Million, as the casino originally requested treble damages, a tripling of the at-issue amount.

VegasSlotsOnline has reported that “Borgata wishes to reconstruct Ivey’s sessions and essentially rake in their expected value from his baccarat hands. The casino claimed its mathematical edge over the roughly 1,800 hands Ivey played amounted to about $5.4 million.”

It seems that Borgata is now gunning for everything they can squeeze out of Ivey!

Dealing at Private Home Poker Game Leads to Arrest of Casino Employees

The arrest of two dealers for involvement in a private home poker game may lead to both employees losing their jobs.

Private Home Poker Game
Private Home Poker Game

According to CBC News, “two women, who are both workers at the River Rock Casino, were arrested this past spring after police raided an alleged poker house. British Columbia’s anti-gang agency reportedly informed the province’s Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch about the presence of the two workers at the game.”

In a statement made by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, owner of the River Rock Casino, the establishment said that “the incident could result in ‘termination’ of their employment.”

Following several months of surveillance of a rental space above an auto-repair business after alleged complaints from neighbours about “fancy cars” and “dressed-up” women arriving there in the middle of the night, the police raided the location on the early morning of March 14.

A total of $36,260 in cash and more than $15,000 in cheques was recovered by the police. They arrested and searched a total of 11 people, including the two casino workers.

One of the River Rock employees was “seated in the center right of the table and is believed to be the dealer,” court documents said. The other casino worker allegedly was playing in the poker game. Police said that one of the men in the game identified himself as a poker pro. Police claim that he had nearly $12,000 in his chip stack when the raid went down.

One of poker players at the scene told the police that he had been invited to the game by one of the casino workers after they had met in an “online poker strategies club.”

Even though the names of the workers were not released, it could still cause problems for the two female River Rock Casino workers.

“Great Canadian has zero tolerance for any of our staff having any relationship with an illegal facility, as do our regulators, and (we would) take immediate action against anyone found to be engaged in that type of activity, including termination,”the casino operator said in a statement.

That’s all for this edition, folks! We’ll be back with more interesting and engaging gossip soon, so stay tuned!

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