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Gossip Column: Is Caesars Entertainment on Sale?! Caesars & WSOP Sale Rumours Resurface; Professional Sports Gambler James Holzhauer Shatters Single-Game Earning Record on Jeopardy

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  • Namita Ghosh 1 year ago
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If you’ve read the headline, we’re sure you’d say “Oh I’ve heard that before!” But no, it seems talks of Caesars Entertainment that owns and operates the world-renowned poker brand, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) selling off is now back in the news and for good reason! After Billionaire investor Carl Icahn joined the board of the company, he seems to have influenced the company`s board in favor of a sale. If there is smoke, there could be a bit of fire as well, and if the fresh spate of rumors turns out right, Tilman Fertitta could very soon add Caesars to the list of casinos he owns!

It is true that sports bettors need to have a very sharply honed level of knowledge on what they’re laying their money on the line for, but who’s to say they can’t use his gambling instincts to win at other games?! Most usually do, and so has James Holzhauer who made a historic run on the popular TV show, Jeopardy by using some really mean gambling strategies! There’s more juicy detail on these stories, read on.


Caesars on Sale Again? Talks of Caesars Sale Resurface

We’ve heard the rumors in Las Vegas earlier, that Caesars International (CZR) was planning to lay off the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and host the World Series of Poker (WSOP) elsewhere.

The possibility of Caesars selling out has also been discussed before, but the rumors gained ground end of February after billionaire investor Carl Icahn struck an agreement with the company that got him 9.78% ownership and allowed him to bring three directors on board.

Evidently, Icahn has suggested that the gaming organization should put itself up for sale to capture its receding tide of fortune. With his clout, the famous investor it seems has been able to make people listen. The latest insider reports emanating from Vegas indicate that there is definitely some “discussion” going on to consider selling Caesars, and though it’s still at a very speculative stage, the fact that Caesar’s may be up for sale soon is something!

Also, it looks like the sale discussions have turned specific, and heading towards the list of possible buyers, selling Rio and what’ll happen to the WSOP.

In a recent tweet, Las Vegas Locally also claimed that a source has said that the Rio is in the process of being sold.

Later, the New York Post wrote an article claiming that CZR was getting “ready to put itself up for sale as soon as this week.”

According to the article, the Caesars’ board had approved a sales process under pressure from Icahn. After Mark Frissora stepped down, the company has been running without a CEO and hasn’t named a replacement yet. The NYP post also names Tilman Fertitta as the possible buyer for CZR. It appears that Fertitta who owns many casinos in Las Vegas and other locations was “recently invited to conduct due diligence using the casino company’s records.”

This isn’t the first time that Caesars has given access out of its financial records to someone. The company had earlier allowed its rival, Eldorado Resorts a sneak-peek into its finances. Though it’s valued at $5.6 Billion on the NASDAQ stock market, it also carries a debt burden of $18 Billion and emerged from bankruptcy in 2017.

Though Caesars seems to be cutting corporate costs and has seen a slight rise in its share price, a sale could be imminent if the casino giant is unable to spin its fortunes around fast!


Professional Sports Gambler From Las Vegas Shatters Single-Game Earning Record on Jeopardy!

Like poker players, sports gamblers often align their instincts with knowledge when making a decision. But for Las Vegas-based professional gambler James Holzhauer, keeping to an aggressive gambling strategy seems to have paid off the most.

James Holzhauer
James Holzhauer

Holzhauer first came on the TV show Jeopardy episode on April 4 and returned $43,680 richer. He got back to the show two more times after that, and won easily, earning $38,926 first and then $50,845 in these two trips.

Early this week, Holzhauer went back to the show, and played the ‘Daily Double.’ He decided to go ‘all-in’ – relying heavily on his gambling skills. After getting through the Daily Double, Holzhauer did tone down his bet the second time, though, but with a strategic sized bet of $25,000. He breezed past that as well.

“I think it was a huge advantage that I don’t blink at gambling large amounts of money when I think I have a big edge. I approach both sports betting and ‘Jeopardy!’ with the same attitude: What can I do differently than the average person to give myself an edge?” Holzhauer said after his trailblazing performance at the show.

Entering Final Jeopardy, the 34-year old wagered $38,314 on the final clue. Interestingly, his answer to the last question matched his daughter’s birthday – 11/09/14 and Holzhauer added a message for her “Happy birthday Booger!”

Well, it was a massive bet but paid off. Holzhauer won $110,914! This is just about the biggest amount anyone has ever won on the show in a single day. If Holzhauer’s four-day performance at Jeopardy has earned him a total of $244,365 in all, if counted through April 11, he has won six days in a row on Jeopardy, picking up a total of $325,877.

No wonder then that the show host Alex Trebek put it out in words, asking if Holzhauer was another Ken Jennings in the making. “Is it too soon to start thinking about Ken Jennings comparisions?!” He was referring to the time when in 2004, Jennings had clinched an incredible 74 wins for more than $2.4 Million.

Before choosing sports gambling, Holzhauer ran a poker strategy site. As a sports gambler, he began with predicting baseball outcomes before moving to football, basketball and eventually hockey. Apparently playing on Jeopardy has been Holzhauer’s long-standing dream.

“I told my dad that I wanted to invest in a stock market for sports teams when I grew up and promised my beloved granny that I would appear on ‘Jeopardy!’ one day.”

So he did, and when he got on the show, he deviated from the usual and chose to follow an unconventional and aggressive approach to the game.

Watch Holzhauer’s latest single-day record win on Jeopardy here

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