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Gossip Column: California Gambling Bureau Permits Hustler Casino Live to Continue Streaming, Amazon Added as Defendant in Moneymaker Paypal Lawsuit in Singapore

Gossip Column: California Gambling Bureau Permits Hustler Casino Live to Continue Streaming
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  • Namita Ghosh October 13, 2022
  • 4 Minutes Read

Garrett Adelstein has been very aggressive in his allegations against Robbi Jade Lew, charging her of cheating in a hand during the live-streamed Hustler Casino Live cash game. The incident has become a major controversy with several new allegations. Adelstein has since also charged Bryan Sagbiscal, a former HCL employee found stealing $15K poker chips from Lew for colluding!

The grapevine was heated on how the show continues to air amidst the ongoing investigations. To put this matter to rest, the show’s producers put up a statement clarifying that they have communicated with the California Bureau of Gambling Control about the incident and have received permission to continue live-streaming cash games from the venue.

For the second time, the class-action lawsuit filed by Chris Moneymaker against the digital payment processor PayPal has been expanded. Even though Moneymaker is no longer a part of the lawsuit, over 4,000 individual plaintiffs have joined the lawsuit. The Bensamochan Firm handling the case has announced that a claim for “mass arbitration initiative” has been filed in Singapore not just against PayPal but also Amazon.


California Gambling Bureau Permits Hustler Casino Live to Continue Streaming

The recent cheating row between Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew has blown into a major controversy, so much so that it has been reported by several mainstream media outlets in the USA.

While Hustler Casino Live (HCL) and High Stakes Poker Productions are investigating the incident that occurred during a live-streamed HCL show, the California Bureau of Gambling Control (CBGC) has been monitoring the developments closely. Following the incident, the CBGC communicated with the HCL. Amidst voices demanding that the show stop while the investigations are underway, the show’s producers have confirmed they have the bureau’s approval to continue live-streaming and airing the show.

Hustler Casino Live tweeted the news.

In the statement, HCL owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman updated that the casino management was contacted by the CBGC and gave the bureau a briefing on the ongoing investigations into the incident. After going through the details, and the audit of the technology and protocols used for the HCL, the CBGC has let the show’s producers continue live-streaming poker games on its YouTube channel.

Not that the show went off the air following the cheating controversy. The live stream continues to run Monday to Friday from 5 PM (PT).

This has predictably not gone well with many poker players. Once a regular on the show, Matt Berkey is one of several players who let out their displeasure on the news.

Nick Vertucci has defended CBGC`s decision. In his podcast aired on Sunday, Vertucci pointed out that there’s no hard evidence against Lew. He said – “It was because the players kept playing. Nobody knew (at the time) what was happening. No players even thought there was a problem. Matter of fact, if you watch their interviews or talk to them, I’m not saying they feel that way now, but in the heat of it, they didn’t even think anything was wrong.”

“If we stop the game or we stop the stream for two or three months, yeah, there are big monetary reasons that are not good for us. But that’s not the reason, although that would have been considered, believe me. But the reason is that we didn’t know what happened. We just have one person saying one thing and nobody else saying it at the time.”

You can watch the podcast below.


Moneymaker Lawsuit Against PayPal Filed in Singapore, Amazon Added as Second Defendant

Remember how last year, Chris Moneymaker, the iconic 2013 WSOP Main Event champion, slapped a class-action lawsuit against the payment processor firm PayPal for freezing his online account for six months before seizing his entire balance worth $12,229?

Chris Moneymaker
Chris Moneymaker


While PayPal subsequently refunded Moneymaker his funds, prompting Moneymaker to withdraw from the case, the player’s lawyer, Eric Bensamochan, found other account holders who had had their accounts frozen and funds seized, allegedly unlawfully. In the latest development on this front, the class action lawsuit has been expanded again, with Amazon also named as a defendant.


The Bensamochan Firm that is handling the lawsuit has announced that a “mass arbitration initiative” has been filed in Singapore, not just against PayPal but also Amazon.

The leading law firm also issued a statement: “The practice of dominating digital platforms to unilaterally seize users’ money due to an alleged policy violation without due process has been going on for years. Despite the mounting complaints, those platforms have been maintaining the practice, partially due to the cost and difficulty for small balance users to initiate an arbitration proceeding against those platforms.”

The firm also expressed the belief that blockchain technology could change how class actions and mass arbitrations are litigated against big digital platforms.

Though Moneymaker had backed out from the lawsuit, Poker League of Nations founder Lena Evans joined the suit as the initial action’s lead plaintiff, charging that her accounts were also illegally seized.

Lena Evans
Lena Evans


Apart from Evans, over 4,000 individual plaintiffs have signed up in the case, making an aggregate claim of over $7 Million. The Bensamochan Firm is joined by Schreiber & Schreiber Inc. and other law firms in representing the group.

Chris Moneymaker tweeted last month that anyone looking to join the mass- arbitration against PayPal should sign a Contribution Agreement Form and open an OpenBlock Wallet.


Why Was Amazon Added as a Defendant?

The Bensamochan Firm, in the presser, explains – “In working with our partner firms, we uncovered similar conduct by Amazon.com whereby Amazon is seizing funds from its sellers for alleged violations of Amazon’s internal policies. The Bensamochan Firm and our partners take any theft of people’s hard-earned money very seriously, and we will continue to bring the fight to those who think they can operate this way with impunity. We also want to continue to thank Chris Moneymaker, Lena Evans, and everyone in the community who has shown us support.”


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