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Gossip Column: Dan Bilzerian Twitch Channel Gets Banned, Dan Cates Features in Graphic Music Video & Rapper Stormzy Accused of Hosting Drug-Fuelled Poker Game

Gossip Column Cover May 8
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly 1 year ago
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The two ‘Dans’ – Dan Bilzerian and Dan Cates created quite a stir this past week. While one, Bilzerian, received a ban from the poker streaming platform Twitch for possibly featuring sexually suggestive content on his latest live stream, the other, Cates, was a part of a steamy poker-themed music video that had some pretty graphic sexual content as well.

While these two seem to be having a great time, things don’t seem to be going all that good for British rapper Stormzy who recently came under fire from the media for allegedly hosting a drug-fuelled poker game at his home in Chelsea.


Twitch Bans Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Channel For Streaming Semi-Nude Models

Controversy’s favorite child Dan Bilzerian once again made the headlines when the Twitch account of his cannabis-selling company, Ignite, featured questionable content leading to the channel receiving a temporary ban.

Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian

On May 6, Bilzerian, who is mostly surrounded by beautiful models, issued a challenge on Ignite’s “workout” Twitch stream. According to the challenge, Bilzerian offered cash to any of the Ignite Girls who could complete a one mile run on a treadmill in under five minutes.

Kinsey Sue was to first to attempt the challenge. Bilzerian offered her a $30,000 reward if she was able to perform the sub-five-minute mile. Sue changed into an Ignite-branded bikini, before participating in the challenge, possibly to promote Bilzerian’s company since a video featuring women in bikinis is sure to get a lot of views. However, she was unable to complete it.

Kinsey Sue Undertaking the $30,000 Treadmill Challenge
Kinsey Sue Undertaking the $30,000 Treadmill Challenge

After Sue, Alex Abbate stepped up to the plate to take her chance at completing the challenge. She donned the Ignite-brand bikini, the camera operator panned around a clearly struggling Abbate, commenting that he was “getting a better angle.”

The challenge created quite the buzz on social media as it was pointed out by many Reddit users that the challenge was nearly impossible to complete by an average person, with the record for the fastest mile ever run by a woman standing at 4 mins 12 secs that too set in 1996. The record has since not been broken.

However, the absurdity of the challenge was not the reason behind Twitch banning the channel. Though neither Twitch nor Bilzerian has commented on the issue, it has been suggested that the reason for the ban was due to the “workout” stream’s violation of the platform’s rules on sexually suggestive or explicit content. The bikini’s worn by the women in the stream may have been the reason for Twitch temporarily banning the channel.

The ban has also led to the clips associated with this stream being inaccessible, therefore, it is impossible to verify if any other rules were broken throughout the broadcast.

Neither Twitch nor Bilzerian has revealed how long the account will be suspended for, but it’s likely that they will face at least a seven-day ban for breaking the site’s rules, meaning the earliest they will be back is probably on Tuesday, May 14.


Is Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates Going to Become the Next Poker Playboy?

While debauchery and hedonism are quite easily associated with Bilzerian, the other famous Dan in poker – Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates is known more for his poker prowess and prop bets with Tom Dwan than his exploits off the felts.

Dan Cates
Dan Cates

However, an image of Cates recently surfaced of him sitting at the center of a table surrounded by naked women overlooking a coastline. Poker vlogger Joey Ingram shared the picture on Twitter.

It quickly sparked questions regarding where Cates was and his motivation behind staging the photo. But as it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Ingram also tweeted a music video on May 6 that featured Cates playing poker with several scantily clad, and eventually naked women. It also featured a fairly graphic sex scene between Cates and one of his opponents.

Many from the poker circuit reacted positively to the video including Daniel Negreanu, Matt Berkey, and Brandon Shak-Harris.

Nonetheless, while the real purpose of the image and video are yet to be revealed, we hope they don’t get Cates in trouble with his girlfriend, who some are now claiming may be in an open relationship. Well, we just have to wait and see what the ‘Jungleman’ does next!


Rapper Stormzy Accused of Hosting Drug-Fueled Poker Game

British grime artist Stormzy has been caught in the eye of a media storm after video footage of him hosting a poker home game with drugs visible on the table was uploaded by the rapper’s girlfriend Maya James on Instagram.


The poker game was supposedly held at Stormzy’s flat in Chelsea, and the video featured the rap star, and others gathered around a poker table which comprised of cards, chips and also drug paraphernalia and plastic bags filled with unknown substances. None of the people in the video were seen partaking in the unknown substances.

The UK-based tabloid newspaper, The Sun, was able to obtain grainy screenshots from the post before it was deleted. The images depict what many are suspecting to be bags of cannabis and possibly other drugs.

Images Retrieved by The Sun
Images Retrieved by The Sun

A panorama view of the table also revealed a combination of chips, cash and see-through plastic bags.

Ongoing Poker Game at Stormzy's Home
Ongoing Poker Game at Stormzy’s Home

At the end of the video, the musician points to his custom poker table and warns players not to enter the “merky-rena,” a reference to his Merky record label.

Even though the tabloids have been quick to suggest that drugs were a part of the game, there has been little evidence to corroborate these allegations.

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