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Gossip Column: Negreanu & Galfond Book Back-to-Back Winning Sessions in Their Respective Challenges

Gossip Column - Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk, Phil Galfond vs Chance Kornuth
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly December 22, 2020
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Two of the biggest names in poker today, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Galfond, have found the winning momentum in their respective challenges. But where Galfond has firmly established himself in the driver’s seat in his heads-up challenge against Chance Kornuth, Negreanu has quite a long road to travel to get out of the red zone.

The High Stakes Feud, aka, Grudge Match of the century, saw the six-time WSOP bracelet winner register two consecutive winning sessions against Doug Polk. However, Negreanu is still trailing the latter by $696,327.92.

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Galfond, on the other hand, had taken over the lead from Chance Kornuth in the 38th session. He has won another three sessions since to pull ahead to $352,000 in overall profits.


Grudge Match: Daniel Negreanu Wins Back-to-Back Sessions, Still Trails Doug Polk by $696K

With 11,318 hands now in the books, the Grudge Match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk is edging close to the 12,500-mark (the first hurdle at which the losing player can call off the challenge or chose to continue playing for another 12,500 hands). Stuck almost $1 Million at one point, the GGPoker Ambassador has since staged a commendable comeback with two back-to-back winning sessions but is still trailing Polk by $696,327.92.

Daniel Negreanu v. Doug Polk
Daniel Negreanu v. Doug Polk


Day 19

Day 19 took place on December 12, and Negreanu went into the session, staring at a $957,932.57 deficit. After taking several blows in the past sessions, the Canadian pro finally had a six-figure winning day and closed out the session with a profit of $143,642.37 after 834 hands. However, he was still trailing Polk by $814,290.2 after a total of 10,784 hands in the challenge.

Watch the highlights of the session below.


Doug Polk Celebrates 32nd Birthday!

Before the next session took place, the rivals had almost a weeklong break. On December 16, Polk celebrated his 32nd birthday.

His tweet seems to have rubbed Daniel Shak the wrong way.

Many came to Polk’s support.

Despite all the support he received, Polk still apologized for his comment (maybe with a hint of sarcasm sprinkled on top).

Amidst his ongoing Grudge Match, Polk shared a rather sweet tweet about his arch-nemesis.


Day 20

Session 20 played out on December 22, and it was yet another winning one for Negreanu. Over the course of 534 hands, Negreanu raked in $117,962.28 in profits. Polk continues to dominate the challenge with an overall profit of $696,327.92 after 11,318 hands.

Watch the highlights of the session below.

With 20 sessions now in the books, here is how the Grudge Match has gone thus far.

SessionLive/OnlineNo. of Hands PlayedWon ByProfitOverall Lead
1Live200Daniel Negreanu$116,000Daniel Negreanu - $116,000
2Online424Doug Polk$218,292.78Doug Polk - $101,792.78
3Online382Doug Polk$166,239.03Doug Polk - $268,031.82
4Online366Daniel Negreanu$87,166Doug Polk - $181,365
5Online365Daniel Negreanu$207,281Daniel Negreanu - $25,916
6Online637Doug Polk$93,542.68Doug Polk - $67,625.81
7Online591Daniel Negreanu$222,832.70Daniel Negreanu - $155,206.89
8Online457Daniel Negreanu$23,000Daniel Negreanu - $179,000
9Online377Doug Polk$205,521.74 Doug Polk - $26,371.78
10Online852Doug Polk$117,624.38 Doug Polk - $143,996.16
11Online416Doug Polk$120,023.59Doug Polk - $264,019.75
12Online684Doug Polk$332,178.14Doug Polk - $596,197.89
13Online476Daniel Negreanu$17,780.32Doug Polk - $578,417.57
14Online788Daniel Negreanu$13,000Doug Polk - $565,417.57
15Online452Daniel Negreanu$46,581.88Doug Polk - $514,000
16Online824Doug Polk$160,348.99 Doug Polk - $674,000
17Online662Doug Polk$101,713.33Doug Polk - $784,560.96
18Online980Doug Polk$173.362.61 Doug Polk - $957,932.57
19Online834Daniel Negreanu$143,642.37 Doug Polk - $814,290.2
20Online534Daniel Negreanu$117,962.28Doug Polk - $696,327.92

Galfond Challenge: Phil Galfond Takes $300K+ Lead After 4 Consecutive Winning Sessions Against Chance Kornuth

Run It Once founder Phil Galfond seems to be running over his heads-up challenger, fellow poker coach Chance Kornuth, in the Galfond Challenge. With 41 sessions behind them, only 13,500 hands are left for the challenge to culminate. Galfond presently holds a commanding $352,000 lead after 21,500 hands.

Phil Galfond & Chance Kornuth


Session 40

Galfond bulldozed into the 40th session on December 17, holding a $259,000 lead. And the holiday season seems to agree with Galfond, as he registered another $20,000 profit for the day.

After 21,000 hands, Galfond had accrued $279,000 in overall profits.

Watch the highlights of the session below.


Session 41

A day later, Galfond and Kornuth returned for the 41st session. Another 500 hands were played between the duo, and Galfond extended his advantage by another $73,000, taking his total profits to $352,000.

Watch the highlights of the session below.

Following Session 41, the Galfond Challenge is now on a hiatus for the holidays.

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