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Gossip Column: Fee Taunts Negreanu With Lamborghini License Plate, Kid Poker Lashes Out on Hellmuth

Gossip Column
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly February 22, 2021
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Daniel Negreanu seems to be at the center of most controversies nowadays. Even though his highly debated Grudge Match with Doug Polk is now in the books, there seems to be more trouble brewing for the GGPoker Ambassador.

Polk’s Upswing Poker co-founder Ryan Fee took an opportunity to take a dig at Negreanu by showing off his brand-new Lamborghini that he purchased after what can safely be assumed as betting against Negreanu in the Grudge Match. To make matters worse, he customized his license plate to read “TYDNEGS,” aka “thank you, DNegs.”

While Fee was taunting him, Negreanu was doing a little lashing out of his own against his next HU rival, the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. Negreanu went on the PokerGo show, ‘No Gamble No Future’ to share his opinion on Hellmuth’s lack of respect towards promising poker players who are possibly better at GTO than both Negreanu and Hellmuth.


Ryan Fee Eggs on Daniel Negreanu With His Lamborghini License Plate

It seems like Daniel Negreanu has become the subject of mockery for quite a few people within the poker community. After Phil Hellmuth criticized his performance against Doug Polk in the Grudge Match, the latest person to throw shade against Kid Poker is Ryan Fee.

Ryan Fee
Ryan Fee


It’s well known that Fee, who is a good friend and business partner of Polk, doesn’t like Negreanu. And he recently cashed big bucks by betting against the latter in the Grudge Match. Adding insult to injury, Fee recently showed off his new Lamborghini that sports a controversial license plate.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

Poker Twitterati was quick to comment.

Even while the Grudge Match between Negreanu and Polk was underway, Fee and the Candian pro seemed to have traded insults several times.

Though the actual arch nemesis seems to have somewhat moved on from the rivalry, Fee appears to not want to let go. After Polk won $1.2 Million from his HU Challenge against Negreanu, Fee, who likely bet big on his friend (or bought some action in the match), made a killing after Polk won the challenge for seven figures. Using his winnings to buy a Lamborghini is acceptable, but perhaps customizing the license plate to read “TYDNEGS,” short for “thank you, DNegs,” may have been a bit too much.

Negreanu is yet to react to this latest taunt.


Daniel Negreanu Wants Phil Hellmuth to Accept Young Players as GTO Experts

After getting taunts thrown at him for the past few weeks, GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu did some mudslinging of his own. The six-time WSOP bracelet winner went on the PokerGo show, ‘No Gamble No Future,’ to share his opinion on Phil Hellmuth’s skill level.

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

Hellmuth recently defeated Antonio’ The Magician’ Esfandiari three times, at stakes of $50k, $100k, and then $200k in their High Stakes Duel showdown. However, Negreanu isn’t impressed by that feat.

“Obviously, that shit worked against Antonio (Esfandiari),” said Negreanu, “but that shit’s not gonna work against me.”

He went on to say: “The people within the poker community know I’m not the best poker player in the world. I’m not; he’s not.”

“They know … the best player in the world is probably some kid who hasn’t left his basement in two years because he’s grinding every single day,” Negreanu added.

Negreanu believes that Hellmuth needs to accept that the up-and-coming players are the real GTO experts.

“This is where I want to get Phil to at some point…to show some respect for this generation because I think he disrespects them on a regular basis.”

Hellmuth responded to Negreanu’s interview by claiming that he will win “9 more WSOP bracelets against all comers, including great players.”

While the details for the Hellmuth vs. Negreanu match-up are yet to be revealed, the two are definitely not letting go of any opportunity to rattle each other.

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