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Gossip Column: Kenney & Polk Exchange Blows in Twitter Fight, Miles Makes it to the Top 30 of the American Ninja Warrior & More

Gossip Column: Kenney & Polk Exchange Blows in Twitter Fight, Miles Makes it to the Top 30 of the American Ninja Warrior & More
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis June 22, 2021
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It’s been a while since Doug Polk appeared in our ‘Gossip Column’ feature, but he’s back in the spotlight in this report. This time squabbling with GGPoker Ambassador Bryn Kenney. The duo feuded on Twitter over making the best training content, following which Polk challenged Kenney to a $1 Million heads-up challenge. Kenney expectedly declined only to be trolled by the poker Twitterati.

The 2018 WSOP Main Event runner-up Tony Miles is now one step closer to winning his prop bet against Shaun Deeb. Miles has completed the ‘Qualifying Course’ on the American Ninja Warrior and was among the top 30 participants to progress to the next round. He has to complete at least one more round to win the prop bet and collect $75,000 from the four-time bracelet winner.

Moving on to the ongoing Landon TiceBill Perkins heads-up challenge, the duo has completed 3,728 hands of their stipulated 20,000-hand challenge across nine sessions. Tice booked a $16,349.74 profit on Day 9 and is presently in the lead for $112.238.92; however, he is still not on pace with the 9 BBs/100 handicap Perkins negotiated before the match.


Bryn Kenney & Doug Polk Engage in Twitter Fight Over Making the Best Training Content

Where there is a feud, you can be rest assured, Doug Polk will be there as well. It’s like the man can’t stay away from creating some sort of a ruckus. His latest feuding buddy is the All-Time Money List topper, Bryn Kenney.

Bryn Kenney - Emerald Poker Tour
Bryn Kenney


It all started on Father’s Day (June 20) when, while wishing all dads a ‘Happy Father’s Day,’ Kenney took aim at all of the poker training content creators, saying their products are “complete trash,” and they probably can’t beat the game anyway.

Polk responded in typical style leading to Kenney saying Polk would never be in the discussion for a best-ever in any game format. Things just snowballed from thereon.

Doug Polk



After encouraging Polk to come for WSOP 2021 and cross book 500% in every event, Kenney told him he’s ready to back somebody for up to $5 Million for yet another NL heads-up match while backing away from agreeing to play himself. Even after calling Polk nothing but a marketing guy who sells garbage.


Not one to take things lying down, Polk bounced back with a challenge of his own.


Kenney went about explaining how he was not willing to play a format Polk has been studying for the last few months and something that has been his specialty his entire career.


Kenney declining to Polk’s offer of a $1 Million heads-up challenge surprised many since the GGPoker Ambassador had challenged Phil Hellmuth to a $1 Million heads-up challenge in April. In fact, Kenney had even told Phil Galfond a few months back how the latter’s $200/$400 challenge offer is too small and not worth his time, suggesting that $2,000/$4,000 is more like it while also accusing him of chickening out against Luke Schwartz.

Expectedly, Kenney backing out of playing Polk led to many calling out the poker pro.


Tony Miles Makes it to the Top 30 of the American Ninja Warrior!

The 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event runner-up finisher Tony Miles is one step closer to winning his prop bet against Shaun Deeb. On the June 21 episode of the American Ninja Warrior, aired on NBC, Miles competed in the physically challenging “Qualifying Course” and made it through to the top 30.

Tony Miles
Tony Miles


Let’s quickly recap Miles’ long-standing prop bet with Deeb. Back in 2019, while having lunch in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they met over the WCOOP, Miles told Deeb that he frequently watched the American Ninja Warrior show with his parents and always wanted to compete on it. Deeb immediately said that they should make a bet on it, and that is how the ball got rolling on this bet.

Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb


Miles bet $5K on 25:1 odds that he’d be able to get on the show. If he makes it in a year, he’ll take home $125,000. If he can do it in the second year, the odds would drop to 20:1, and he’d earn $100,000. The odds decrease in the third year when he’d take home $75,000. If Miles still doesn’t make it to the show at all, Deeb will collect $5,000.

Miles was selected to participate in the American Ninja Warrior Season 11. However, he could not complete his bet as he splashed down on the third obstacle, Block Run. He also did not advance to the city finals.

He was selected once again for the 12th season, but the show was postponed with the global pandemic raging on. Sadly, on April 20, last year, Miles was involved in a bad motor vehicle accident in which he dislocated his clavicle and tore every ligament in his AC joint. He had to have complete reconstructive shoulder surgery followed by three months of rehabilitation. He was told by doctors that he would not be able to compete on the show as planned.

By the end of 2020, American Ninja Warrior was slated to resume production, and applications were due in December. At the time, Miles was just eight months post-op and struggling to do a single pull-up, decided to apply. Luckily, he was accepted once again.

The episode that aired on Monday night revealed that Miles made it through the ‘Qualifying Course’ and is now among the top 30 players to feature in the next round. Miles has to complete the next round to win the prop bet against Deeb.


Landon Tice Takes a $112K Lead Against Bill Perkins After 3,728 Hands, Still Struggling to Keep Pace With the Handicap

When the terms of the Landon TiceBill Perkins heads-up challenge had initially been revealed, many thought Perkins had negotiated the terms in his favor despite having the skill disadvantage. He enjoys a handicap of 9 BB’s/100 hands in their two-table, $200/$400 HUNL battle over 20,000 hands. This translates to a $720,000 head start for the entrepreneur-cum-poker enthusiast.

Bill Perkins
Bill Perkins


Tice had voiced his concerns after agreeing to such terms and is finding it out the hard way that Perkins could likely have got the better deal here.

Landon Tice
Landon Tice


Even though things had started out shaky for Tice, he has managed to pull himself together, and after nine sessions (3,728 hands), Tice currently holds a $112.238.92 lead. While he is only winning at 7.53 big blinds per 100 hands, with 16,272 hands still left in the challenge, Tice still has the opportunity to come out on top.


Day 9 Recap

Day 9 took place on June 20, and a total of 584 hands were played. Tice won the session, booking $16,349.74 in profits to extend his overall lead to $112.238.92.


The date for Day 10 has not yet been revealed.

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