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Gossip Column: Doug Polk Seeks Challengers For Live $100/$200 Heads-Up Challenge, Brewer Denies Using RTA After GGPoker Ban & More

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 6, 2022
  • 3 Minutes Read

After weeks of only hearing about cheating allegations, we may now have a heads-up challenge to look forward to. Doug Polk recently tweeted seeking out challengers to a live $100/$200 heads-up challenge to be streamed from his poker club, The Lodge Card Club. Dan Cates responded to the challenge, further extending it to Bryn Kenney and Phil Hellmuth.

Speaking of Bryn Kenney, as the web of the cheating scandal widens, high-stakes pro Chris Brewer is the latest player to get caught in it. He was reportedly banned from GGPoker for using RTA software. Even though Brewer denied those charges, he did admit to using pre-flop charts and therefore felt the ban was fair.

After all the virtual mudslinging, we also have a report of a physical altercation! A fight recently broke out at Hustler Casino’s poker room and quickly escalated when one of the players made a ‘Yo Momma’ comment.


Doug Polk is Invites Challengers For a Live $100/$200 Heads-Up Challenge at The Lodge

Heads-up challenges are back, and once again, Doug Polk is asking for challengers for a live $100/$200 HU challenge. The challenge would be streamed live at The Lodge Card Club.


Polk was immediately bombarded with suggestions on who he should do the challenge with.


Dan’ Jungleman’ Cates responded to the challenge. In fact, he took it a step further, challenging Bryn Kenney and Phil Hellmuth.


As expected, Cates’ tweet garnered a lot of reaction.


Polk is yet to respond to Cates.


Chris Brewer Denies Using RTA Software Following GGPoker Ban

Cheating allegations are being slung left, right and center nowadays, and the latest to get caught in them is Chris Brewer. The high-stake pro recently tweeted, admitting that he was banned from GGPoker for using real-time assistance but denied the charge against him. However, he did admit to using pre-flop charts, a charge also accepted by Spaniard Sergi Reixach, who was banned for the same offense.


As is expected in such cases, the poker Twitterati had a lot to say. While many appreciated his statement, others were offended by his use of pre-flop charts.


So far, in all of this cheating storm, Brewer is the only player to have stepped up and spoken openly without any prompting by aggressive tweets aimed at him or otherwise.


Fight Breaks Out at the Hustler Casino Poker Room

A video recently surfaced on Twitter showing two players at the Hustler Casino poker room. It is unclear what happened leading up to when the video starts, but it kicks off with a tense argument involving two players standing up from the table.


The situation seemed controllable until one of the players cracked a ‘Yo Momma’ comment leading to an escalation. The player who had his mom insulted took major offense to that comment and started moving aggressively with his hands up towards the other man.

The video shows the bald man running the other way before grabbing a side table to swing at the other man. It’s unclear if any injuries were sustained from the table strike, but it appears as though the other man took a direct blow to the head.

Moments later, a security guard fired a taser at the man who swung the table, who then fell to the ground crying, “he [the other guy] hit me first!”

It is unknown if any charges have been filed from the incident.

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