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Gossip Column: Former Poker Pro Anna Khait Implicated in a Plot to Spy on FBI & More

Gossip Column: Ex-Poker Pro Anna Khait Accused of Spying on the FBI & More
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 14, 2021
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Former Russian poker pro Anna Khait is back in the news! Wait, you don’t remember her? Well, that’s understandable given how she’s been missing from the poker scene for almost half a decade. Her last recorded live score dates to 2016, and her total live tournament earnings stand at $12,811. Nothing really to be remembered for. If you are still starving for context, think of her as the international version of our beloved Kangana Ranaut. An ardent Trump support who believes people don’t need to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Our story today isn’t about her radical and somewhat misguided political and medical beliefs, but on the fact that a recent New York Times report alleged Khait of being involved in an undercover operation to spy on the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

What are the allegations, and are they true? What does Anna have to say about the accusations? Read below to find out.

Nowadays, our ‘Gossip Column’ seems incomplete if we don’t mention at least something about a ‘Heads-up Challenge.’ Not to stray away from that trend, we sneak in an update of the Dan Smith vs. MJ Gonzales match. The duo played their third session on May 12, with Smith making a comeback by booking a $128,000 profit. He leads the challenge for almost $86,000.


Ex-Poker Pro Anna Khait Accused of Spying on the FBI

Former poker pro and Survivor contestant Anna Khait has been accused of being part of an alleged plot to spy on the FBI and other US government officials. The story, published in The New York Times identifies Khait as one of the female undercover operatives for conservative group Project Veritas.

Anna Khait
Anna Khait


Khait and her cohorts allegedly attempted to arrange dates with FBI employees to record them making derogatory comments about now-former President Donald Trump. The recorded statements would then be used to discredit the bureau.

Khait was allegedly involved in several operations. Among them was spying on a State Department employee in an attempt to discredit the government. According to the report, Project Veritas rented a large home in Georgetown, Washington, to carry out the operations for $10,000 a month. The alleged spies lived in the house while the plot was being conducted.

HR McMaster, former National Security Advisor and a lieutenant general in the army, was reportedly one of their targets. He was often painted as someone more loyal to the country than to Trump. A beautiful Texas journalist, Tarah Price, was reportedly paid $10,000 to try to seduce him to reveal his views about Trump.

According to the New York Times report, she was tasked to meet him at an Italian restaurant in Washington DC that he was known to frequent.

Meanwhile, Khait was allegedly given the task of filming and seducing State Department employees on fake dates to try and get them to admit that they disliked Trump and wanted to thwart him.

Even though news outlets claimed Khait was a part of the ‘honeytrap’ scheme, she has denied the allegations slamming the news outlets that have reported it.

Whether the New York Times report is true or fake, there is no denying that Khait has a history of making controversial Twitter statements. In fact, she was among the people who believed that the COVID-19 pandemic was not something to be worried about.

Her rather obnoxious attitude has often led to heaps of criticism from the poker community, so much so that last year, she announced that she had quit poker.


The 32-year-old has now gone on to claim that New York Times will get sued over their report.


Dan Smith vs. MJ Gonzales: Smith Leads For $86K After 3 Sessions

The heads-up match between the founder of Hybrid Poker, MJ Gonzales, and high stakes crusher Dan Smith played out its third session on May 12. The former WPT champion, Smith, who was trailing Gonzales by $42,000, bounced back with a $128,000 profit to take an overall lead of $86,000.

Dan Smith


The duo is playing $500-$1,000 NLH heads-up in Ivey’s Room at the Aria Resort & Casino. The third session was initially slated to occur on May 8, but the session was postponed by four days since the poker room was booked.

MJ Gonzales



Gonzales even went on to say that if enough people wanted to see the duo play, he would “get this professionally streamed live for you guys.”


The response was positive, with poker vlogger Joey Ingram even offering to help out.


Coming back to the third session, Gonzales said that it was a tough session, and even though he lost $128,000 to Smith, he was still happy. He claimed that there were “some pretty sick hands both ways.”


He even shared two fun hands that he played against Smith.


The date for the next session is yet to be announced.

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