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Gossip Column: Gus Hansen Heading to Vegas Again, Daniel Negreanu Picks His PSPC Platinum Pass Adventure Winner

Gus Hansen & Daniel Negreanu
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  • PG News October 22, 2018
  • 5 Minutes Read

The gossip mills have been churning a lot lately, and it’s been a while since we saw one of our favorite cash game players Gus Hansen in the news. After a short break from the tables, Hansen is now heading back to Vegas for yet another exciting round of poker action.

Team PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu in the meantime, seems to have made his final choice for the winner of his Platinum Pass Adventure. Negreanu had designed the contest, asking the poker community to reach out and tell him about a charity or a cause near to their hearts. It was a tough pick for Negreanu but a Platinum Pass has been awarded finally!

Gus Hansen is Returning to Vegas For Poker

It’s that time of the year when Las Vegas casinos are buzzing with action mostly from the various tournaments that are running across town. With such a rush on, could Gus Hansen be left behind? Well the Great Dane is soon heading on a 15-hour trip to Vegas for what he hopes, would be a great Fall.

Or rather, would it be the start of a long winter, wondered the avid social media addict on Instagram.


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What is it gonna be?

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From what we remember, Hansen’s ‘great summer’ turned out to be a 70-day affair, where he logged in 650 hours of poker and kept railbirds on the edge with his shocking highlights including his adventures both on and off the tables.

Hansen also shared how he had to “sign away his first-born” to get a stack of Hong Kong dollars in and out of the country.

Hansen also showed off his social life on Instagram. Guess he’d be missing all that in Vegas, or will he!

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Monaco – saturday nite – Travolta style!

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Daniel Negreanu Selects a Platinum Pass Winner

The results of Team PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu’s PSPC Platinum Pass Adventure are out! While other Team PokerStars pros had chosen challenges involves vlogging, playing chess etc, Negreanu had opted for a sobering challenge, charity.

He had asked the poker community to tell him about a charity, cause or foundation close to their hearts. Much to Negreanu’s surprise, entries poured in by the thousands and it was becoming difficult for the six-time WSOP bracelet winner to choose a winner. Finally, he narrowed the list down to 75 entries, and then to five.

“It took me a couple of days to figure which of the five finalists were going to win the Platinum Pass and would play not only for themselves but for their cause of choice,” Negreanu admitted.

It wasn’t long before it decided that Jordon Matthews from Ireland was the rightful owner of a PSPC Platinum Pass!

Negreanu shared the news on Twitter.

Matthews has pledged to support two independent charities if he’s selected, The Comfort Zone which is a male suicide prevention service in the UK, and MIND, that works for spreading mental health awareness. Since 50% percent of his PSPC winnings are pledged to each cause, Matthews will not be taking home a single dime, even if he wins.

Negreanu not only awarded the Platinum Pass to Mathews, he will be also coaching the 22-year old player.

Not just this, Negreanu has also announced that he would be donating $2,500 to the charities of each of the other four finalists as well. Way to go Negreanu!

Watch Negreanu announcing the winner of his Platinum Pass Adventure here.

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