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Gossip Column: Hustler Casino Live Investigations Reveal Staffer Stole $15K Chips From Robbie Jade Lew & Susie Zhao’s Murder Trial Testimony Concludes

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  • Namita Ghosh October 7, 2022
  • 4 Minutes Read

We’re getting frequent inputs in the Robbi Jade Lew versus Garett Adelstein standoff, where Adelstein has accused Lew of cheating during a live-streamed, high-stakes cash game session broadcast by the Hustler Casino Live (HCL). In preliminary investigations, High Stakes Poker Productions found that one of their production team members stole $15,000 in poker chips from Lew after the HCL broadcast while Lew was away from the table!

In March, we reported that the trial of 62-year-old Jeffery Bernand Morris, accused of the cold-blooded murder of former poker pro Susie Zhao, would be held from September 26 onwards. Michigan’s Oakland County Circuit Court conducted the process of hearing out testimonies from October over two days from October 3 to 4. The court heard the witnesses, including child Morris’ childhood friend. The court gave an off day for both sides to prepare their final statements before hearing the final statements in the case on Friday, October 6.

Hustler Casino Live Investigations Reveal Staffer Stole $15K Chips From Robbie Jade Lew

The cheating allegations by high stakes crusher Garett Adelstein’s allegations that Robbie Jade Lew cheated in a hand during a recent Hustler Casino Live (HCL) high-stakes cash game session are shocking enough. But even more bizarre are the latest investigation findings into the incident.

Robbi Jade Lew
Robbi Jade Lew


The show’s producer, High Stakes Poker Productions, which is looking into the cheating allegations, has revealed that after the hullabaloo over the alleged cheating after the show, Bryan Sagbigsal, a staffer, quietly snatched poker chips worth $15,000 from Lew.

According to the latest HCL tweet, Sagbigsal, who worked in High Stakes Poker Productions’ production team, snatched the chips “after the broadcast had concluded while Robbi was away from the table.”


According to the tweet, Sagbigsal admitted to taking the chips and has been terminated from service. Lew was informed of the matter, but she did not wish to pursue criminal charges against Sadbigsal.

The HCL tweet stated – “Without a victim, Gardena police told us they do not intend to pursue a criminal prosecution at this time.”


Robbie Jade Lew Lets the Matter Go

Interestingly this is the second time Lew has shown generosity during the incident. After an upset, Adelstein took her aside from the poker table to argue over the hand, Lew returned him the $135,000 he had lost in the pot, giving rise to the suspicion that she had cheated during the hand.

When contacted by PokerNews, Lew gave them the statement – “I received a call from Nick Vertucci earlier this afternoon, stating that an ancillary incident had been uncovered upon their extensive/ongoing investigation of Thursday night’s event. This incident involved one of their employees who was found to have discreetly removed and stolen three $5k brown chips from my chip stack post-stream. I asked Nick to disclose his name, at which point I could not recall having met the employee.”

She added, “Upon speaking to the detective, I asked for further clarity/information that helped me reach my decision not to press charges — the employee’s age/financial hardship and history of prior offences. Upon learning that the employee was relatively young, with minimal funds, and no history of prior offenses, I came to the conclusion that pressing charges was unnecessary to damage a young man’s life that would already be negatively impacted by the news of his wrongdoing and termination of his employment. I was further notified that the employee had already spent the $15k, at which point moving forward with a criminal charge made even less sense to me.”

The tainted Sagbiscal has been tweeting regularly about the cheating incident, even defending his employer company. While he has posted articles in the Las Vegas Chronicle, Sagbiscal doesn’t exactly have a clean past – back in 2017, he was involved in a robbery and prison escape, and the following year he was impinged with a battery charge. Sagbiscal was 18 then and incarcerated at the California Department of Corrections in Sacramento.

Lew appreciated High Stakes Poker Productions and HCL for their thoroughness in investigations and expressed surprise on being told of Sagbiscal’s criminal past.

“I specifically asked (the detective) that. They put me on hold and came back on the phone and said no priors,” she said.

Lew may have displayed unusual kindness towards Sagbiscal, but her reputation in the cheating saga remains under a cloud unless the investigations give her a clean chit.


Michigan Court Concludes Testimony in Susie Zhao Murder Case

Remember Susie Zhao, the Los Angeles live poker regular who was found brutally murdered in a state recreation area of Michigan in July 2020? Police had apprehended Jeffery Bernard Morris, a convicted sex offender with a violent criminal history, charging him with murder. Early this week, Michigan’s Oakland County Circuit Court conducted the testimony trials in the case. The trial began on October 3 and concluded over two days.

Jeffery Bernard Morris
Jeffery Bernard Morris


Morris, now 62, was detained in the Oakland County Jail and appeared before the court since he faces two felony murder charges for Zhao’s murder. The investigations revealed Zhao was sexually assaulted and burned alive.

The court reviewed nearly 200 pieces of evidence while hearing 17 witnesses. Among those who gave their testimony was a friend of Morris who saw him on the day of the murder, a White Lake Police Department detective, and a medical examiner. One of the key witnesses was an FBI agent who investigated the cellular phone data.

Michael McCarthy, appointed by the court as Morris’ defender, did not call any witnesses to support Morris’ not-guilty plea. Following the conclusion of the testimony, Judge Martha Anderson stated that the trial would have an off day on Thursday, to allow both sides of counsel to prepare their final statements.

The court scheduled the final hearing in the case on Friday, October 6, and will thereafter select 12 jurors to deliberate and pass a verdict on the case.


Testimonies – A Quick Recap

On the first day of trial, prosecutors made the case that Morris abducted Zhao on July 12, 2020. Morris then zip-tied Zhao and drove her into a state recreation area and “(took) his fist and he hit her” in the genital area before “sprink(ling) the gas can over her and … light(ing) her on fire while she’s still alive.”

On the second day of trial, a deputy medical examiner for the Oakland County Medical Examiner Office confirmed that Zhao had “extensive burning on at least 95% of the body surface area.”

The medical examiner also confirmed that Zhao had sustained a “laceration” in her genitals, which he called a “significant deep wound” that was “half an inch or less” deep and made by “a significant force.”

The prosecution asked whether it could have been a fist that made the impact (they allege Morris was obsessed with violent pornography and “used Zhao to make his violent fantasies come true”).

“It could be,” the medical examiner replied.

The medical examiner further told the court that Zhao had soot in her windpipe and had died of “thermal body burns with … soot inhalation,” noting that she was likely alive for “a minute or two” after being lit on fire.

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