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Gossip Column: Kane Kalas Books WSOP Prop Bets With Shaun Deeb & Doyle Brunson

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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly May 11, 2019
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‘Tis the season to make prop bets,

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!’

That wondrous time of year is nigh, when the air is full of the clinging of poker chips, the shuffling of cards, the ecstatic cheering from the rail and euphoria of winning a gold bracelet! Yes, you guessed it! The 50th World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a little more than two weeks away and while the series brings with it electrifying poker action, nail-biting finishes, along with hilarious and often unbelievable shenanigans on and off the felts, there is something more to look forward to – Prop Bets!

Prop bets have become an intrinsic part of the poker lifestyle. From the biggest names to the rising stars, everyone wants a piece of the side action. But the ‘World’s Biggest Poker Festival’ seems to generate more prop bets than usual, possibly due to the excitement and heightened adrenaline around this mega poker festival.

It seems like the adrenaline rush has already kicked in as Kane Kalas has booked not one, but two prop bets. One against Shaun Deeb and the other against Doyle Brunson. Let’s take an in-depth look at what these bets are about.


Prop Bet With Shaun Deeb

In a YouTube video posted by poker vlogger Joey Ingram on his channel titled “(SHOTS FIRED) Shaun Deeb Addresses Negreanu Feud, Markup Comments & Upcoming 2019 WSOP Preparation”, dated April 30, Deeb talked about his prop bet with Kalas.

Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb

The latter wagered 5% of Joe McKeehen and his own action (2.5% each) against Deeb’s belief in 5% of Phil Hellmuth’s action in the WSOP Main Event.

Kalas commented on the bet saying that he feels confident he’ll be booking a win against Deeb by mid-July.

“I’m pretty happy about it,” said Kalas.


Prop Bet With Doyle Brunson

Kalas’s prop bet with Brunson is somewhat more complicated. According to the bet, if Hellmuth finishes in the top 1% of the Main Event field, Kalas will have to pay Brunson $50,000. In return, Kalas gets to pick ten players, each of whom worth $5,000 to him from Brunson’s pocket if they finish in the top 1% of the field.

Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson

Talking about his bet with the ‘Texas Dolly,’ Kalas said, “After that bet when we were talking about it on stream, Doyle [Brunson] spoke up and said that he also liked Hellmuth’s chances, so Doyle and I made a separate bet. McKeehen is on that list and I threw in myself, too. I feel good about both bets. Hellmuth’s obviously had tremendous success at the World Series, but he misses most of Day 1, where there’s a decent amount of value because he often likes to register near the end of the Day.”

Kalas has done some intensive research into player statistics and admits that while Hellmuth has “a huge edge” against amateurs, the playing field will be thinned out by the other poker greats who fill the leaderboard later in the tournament.

“I think you’ll see Hellmuth’s edge go down compared to a Joe McKeehan for example, or some of the people on my list, Jake Schindler or Justin Bonomo, for example,” Kalas predicted.


Kane Kalas’s Top 10 Picks

Kalas revealed the names of his top 10 pics on Twitter.

Kane Kalas
Kane Kalas

Explaining the reasons behind some of his picks, Kalas said, “Brian Yoon has just done fantastically in this tournament, He’s four for seven in cashing the Main and he’s gone deep a couple of times. Between regging late and Hellmuth missing a couple of hands after dinner breaks, in the top 100, he’s going to have to battle against some other great players and I’m fairly confident.”

He also elaborated that he did not pick Justin Bonomo on the basis of his WSOP Main Event record, but for his trailblazing form in live tournaments these last couple of years. “I didn’t think [Bonomo’s] early Main Event results were indicative of how he’d perform this year. He’s spent a lot of time in the last couple of years specifically on live tournaments.”

Many big names that did not make it on Kalas’ list, such as Timothy Adams and Christoph Vogelsang, but Kalas said it was because he couldn’t pick more than 10 players.

Regarding his own expectations, the online crusher-turned-live tournament player said, “Now that I play mix[ed games], there are so many events to choose from. While I prefer six-max and think I’m better at it, those fields are quite a bit tougher. For whatever reason, it seems every professional seems to love it and wants to play.”

“Obviously, the tournament I want to win most is the Main Event. It’s on my bucket list to win a bracelet, but I’m young and I’m confident it’ll happen in due time. Having a trophy case that’s full isn’t important to me, but I’d be pretty disappointed if, whenever I walk away from the game, I don’t have one in my back pocket,” Kalas concluded.

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