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Gossip Column: Leon Tsoukernik & Tony G Play Record-Breaking $1.82 Million Online Poker Hand; Security Guard Stops Armed Robbery at Houston Poker Room

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis January 21, 2022
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It’s been an exciting week, from the biggest hand in online PLO cash game history to the foiling of an armed robbery that took place at the Houston Poker Room.

The first story in today’s ‘Gossip Column’ edition is about the record-breaking hand that played out on crypto poker platform CoinPoker between high rollers Leon Tsoukernik and Tony G. The pot worth an astronomical $1.82 Million was eventually split between the duo.

Next up is the heroic story of Houston Poker Room security guard Trelynn “Tek” Robinson, who took a bullet to his shoulder while stopping an armed robbery attempt at the venue.


Leon Tsoukernik & Tony G Clash in the Biggest Hand in Online PLO Cash Game History

Thirteen years ago, Patrik Antonius and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom played a $1.30 Million pot on Full Tilt Poker. The over decade-long record was finally cracked on Wednesday, January 19, when Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik clashed in a hand that had a whopping $1.80 Million in the pot.

Leon Tsoukernik
Leon Tsoukernik


The worlds of poker and cryptocurrencies walk close together most of the time. On the crypto poker platform CoinPoker, cash game tables in digital currencies are available. It was on the site Tony G, and Tsoukernik got involved in a pot worth no less than $1,820,783.

Tony G
Tony G


Rob Yong tweeted about it.


The hand took place on a $1,000/$2,000 PLO cash table. The video of the hand did not show how the chips made it to the center. At the start of the video, it is visible that a player, “ATAKA,” playing from UTG+1, put around $7,679.69 in the pot.

Leon “LeonKings” Tsoukernik, owner of the King’s Casino, and Tony G subsequently got all their money in the middle, collecting a massive $1,820,783 (€1,604,111) pot. Tsoukernik had against Tony G’s .

The flop gave Tony G the outs for a flush draw, but he failed to hit after the turn brought . With the completing the runout, it was clear both players had two pairs of Aces and Jacks, ultimately resulting in a chopped pot.

Though the end result was not unexpected, it still made it in the history books as one of the biggest (if not the biggest) hands in online poker history!


Security Guard Foils Armed Robbery Attempt at Houston Poker Room

Poker and robbery aren’t exactly a new combination. We have heard of several instances where poker players have been robbed, either at gunpoint or had their homes invaded. In this instance, a robbery attempt took place at the Houston Poker Room and thankfully had a more hopeful outcome.

Earlier this week, a Houston Poker Room security guard, Trelynn “Tek” Robinson, put his life on the line to stop an armed assailant from holding up the poker game at the venue. The security guard was grazed by a bullet, but he suffered no life-threatening injuries.

Trelynn “Tek” Robinson
Trelynn “Tek” Robinson


Here is what went down.

Around 1 AM on Monday, January 17, a man armed with an AR-15 entered the Legends Poker Room, located on Richmond Avenue in Houston, Texas, and announced he was sticking up the poker game. Robinson, the security guard on duty, came up behind the assailant before getting into an altercation over the weapon.

The gun went off approximately 10 to 15 times during the struggle. During these discharges of the gun, Robinson was grazed with a bullet. Miraculously, Robinson could subdue the assailant, whose name has yet to be released, and handcuffed him before the police arrived.

“And he was asking me to give him the money,” Robinson said in an interview shortly after the incident. “But instead, I lunged towards him, fought him, wrestled him with the gun, it started to go off. A couple (of) things happened. I was able to tackle him down and put the handcuffs on him, arrest him.”

Sadly, the valiant hero did not come out of this harrowing incident completely unscathed. He sustained a dislocated shoulder from the bullet that grazed him. Nevertheless, his heroic deed saved close to 50 people inside the poker room.

Robinson was available for a video interview after the incident, in which you can see blood on his person and his arm in a sling.

“At about 1 AM this morning, our midwest patrol officers were dispatched to 9200 Richmond on the report of a robbery with shots fired,” said Houston Police Department Lieutenant Larry Crowson. “Initial indications were that several people had been shot; however, we did find out nobody had been shot.”

Crowson went on to talk about the struggle between Robinson and the unnamed assailant and was grateful nobody else in the poker room was injured.

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