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Gossip Column: Marle Cordeiro Makes a Controversial Vlogging Debut, Daniel Negreanu Shows His Bluffing Prowess & More

Negreanu, Gross and Cordeiro
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  • Namita Ghosh November 12, 2018
  • 5 Minutes Read

The grapevine has been buzzing with a lot of stories over the weekend and some of the stuff we’re hearing is shocking enough to have you forget the Monday Blues!

Vlogging it seems to have become the latest fad and most of the poker players are taking to it. We already knew six-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu to be an ardent vlogger but there’s a new kid in town this time, Marle Cordeiro, who has taken to vlogging in a big way. Or so it seems, by the fact that she’s been recently introduced by none other than one of the most popular poker vlogger’s – Joey Ingram.

Now, we like Ingram, we really do, and we take his opinion on poker seriously most times. But when Ingram went all the way propelling Cordeiro to the vlogging platform, it didn’t fare well with many people, who had much to say on her vlogging skills and even went on to discuss her personal life!

Coming back to Negreanu, in the latest and fifth week of the Team PokerStars Pro’s ‘Human Lie Detector’ interview, the tables were turned, quite literally. It was Negreanu who was interviewed by Jeff Gross, and he certainly showed us his bluffing prowess.

But what is this we’re hearing about poker pros on Twitter? A recent Twitter poll conducted by Patrick Leonard has confirmed that majority of poker players are unethical with many not minding stealing the blinds in an online game if their heads-up opponent gets disconnected!

Read on, folks, its gossip time!


New Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Grabs Attention

A new vlogger has surfaced in the poker fraternity and she has the poker circuit laughing and talking about her, not only for her vlogging skills, though.

Last weekend, poker player and vlogger Joey Ingram introduced Marle Cordeiro on Twitter.

He did mention that certain people were upset about the angle she was taking in her vlogs, but went on to inform that Cordeiro would be featured in his upcoming Poker Life podcast.

But what was talked about more than Cordeiro’s vlogging skills was the question of her finding a poker boyfriend, since Ingram admitted he was getting a lot of messages from people interested in dating her.

There was a tweet from Jamie Kerstetter that had us stumped for a minute.

On a serious note, she did come to Ingram’s declared podcast to discuss what made her take to vlogging and cleared the air on what people were saying about her tone and her expressions while she talked.

Ingram also had Kelly Minkin talking about Cordeiro in the podcast.

Like her or not, Cordeiro is surely here to stay, and her love life apart, looks determined enough to make a big impact in poker vlogging.

Daniel Negreanu’s Human Lie Detector Program Has Him Trying to Bluff

Our favorite poker player and vlogger Daniel Negreanu is quite active on Twitter, so when PokerStars declared the Team PokerStars pro would be running a Human Lie Detector program on Twitter and Facebook, where he’d interview a fellow Team Pro every week, and ask three questions, we were not surprised.

Over the past four weeks, Negreanu has interviewed the likes of Fatima Moreira de Melo, and Maria Konnikova. However, week 5 of the Human Lie Detector saw the roles being reversed. It was Negreanu who had to answer questions. Twitter and Facebook fans who could detect which of his answers were a lie won prizes like tournament tickets, PS4 and goody bags.

Poker fans on Twitter were asked to spot the bluff and tweet their answer with the hashtag, #HumanLieDetector along with their Stars ID.

But first, it was Jeff Gross trying to get the lie past Negreanu. From what we’ve heard, round one of Negreanu versus Gross saw Gross answering the questions that included his biggest phobia, and the most romantic thing he has ever done.

And like we saw, the script was flipped in the next round of Negreanu versus Gross. Gross shot questions like one thing about Negreanu that his poker fans didn’t know. Negreanu also talked about an embarrassing moment.

We have to say, Negreanu actually fibbed quite smoothly ‘cause Gross definitely got it wrong. Negreanu effortlessly managed to convince Gross that the embarrassing moment he had talked about was true, which it wasn’t. They don’t call him a poker superstar just like that; Negreanu sure knows his way around bluffing people!

Patrick Leonard’s Twitter Poll Results Say Most Poker Players Are Unethical

Poker is a game where the rules on the table are very clear and strictly followed. However, there are definitely a few gray areas, the ones that have us pondering over the ethics of it all, and these issues keep popping up from time to time. In a recent poll on Twitter, it came out that a majority of poker players would behave in what many would call unethical behavior in case they had the chance to while playing online.

Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard

It began with Patrick Leonard asking on Twitter, what players would do if they’re playing heads-up in a tournament and their opponent disconnects. A total of 7,531 people voted and 83% said that would actively steal the blinds, while only 17% said they would sit out and wait!

Phew some revelation!

Mike Matusow was among the people who responded.

But what really shocked us was the range of answers people gave. A lot many said, it’s an online tournament so they’d pillage the blinds. Others said they’d blind them out and there were some who disagreed that stealing the blinds was disgraceful at all, with the justification that all they were doing were maximizing their hourly as there was no guarantee their opponent would even reconnect.

As far as the poker ethics of the new age players is concerned, Matusow said it all.

Leonard then put up another poll to test the poker Twitterati’s ethics.

His poll that was all about what players would do if they found out that their favorite poker site has manual error on their account where they pay extra 25$ rakeback, got 1,148 votes and a majority i.e. 56% said they’d rake as much as possible. Not very ethical you see.

And then there was this other question. Leonard himself couldn’t believe the results.

All we can say is that Twitterati were commendably honest about their leanings in terms of ethics, even though as Matusow put it, there was a lot wanting in their poker etiquettes!

So this is all for this edition, we’ll be back soon with more interesting tidbits, stay tuned!

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