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Gossip Column: Mike Matusow Draws Flak For Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Talk 

Gossip Column - Mike Matusow
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  • Namita Ghosh September 2, 2022
  • 3 Minutes Read

The post-COVID-19 world has been polarized in different views about the relevance of the vaccines developed for the virus. Knowing poker players like Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, they can’t keep shut about it!

One of the most vocal players out there, Matusow, has an opinion on just about anything. The four-time bracelet winner recently dipped his feet in another Twitter storm after replying to a tweet where he trashed the vaccine. Not many liked his opinion, and some had mean things to say.

On September 1, Matusow responded to a user, Cre8’s tweet, stating that the vaccine hasn’t changed much in the post-pandemic world and is possibly killing more people than protecting them against the virus.

Now, Matusow isn’t someone everyone would agree to, even though the owner of “The Mouthpiece” podcast is blatantly in-your-face. In September 2021, Matusow was in the news – and not for the right reasons – for charging an exorbitantly high 1.5X markups on his buy-in packages for the WSOP high roller events. Two months later, he demanded that tournament organizers should stop allowing maximum late registrations.


Wavering Opinion?

Going by the way Mike Matusow has swung for and against the COVID-19 vaccine, we can’t say if you can trust him for his word on the subject.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was raging high in June 2020, Matusow was among those opposing the use of face masks during live tournaments in Las Vegas. He even compared wearing face masks to abortion!

Last year in August, he reportedly advised his Twitter followers to go for the vaccine. That was quite shocking since, for over 18 months, Matusow had repeatedly called the pandemic a “Democratic hoax,” claiming the democrats were overplaying the situation and the infection. But that changed after he contracted the virus twice himself.

Some of his past tweets seriously advise on the need for vaccination.

The tweet prompted Matusow’s close friend, the ever-vocal Daniel Negreanu, to comment – “Man, you are all over the place, but I’m glad to see you finally get it right.”

Earlier this year, in February, he congratulated Russia for coming out with a vaccine.

Given Matusow’s wavering opinion on the subject, it is not surprising to see his latest tweets on the subject drawing flak.

Others took a direct dig at him for owing money to others or for incidents like the markup controversy.

Matusow had to bear the brunt of some mean reactions.

Seeing all the vitriolic responses makes us think Matusow, “The Mouth,” may decide to remain shut for some time now. Or will he?

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