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Gossip Column: Plaintiffs’ Lawyer VerStandig States Stones & Kuraitis Not Involved in Postlegate Scandal; Postle & Kuraitis Break Silence

Mike Postle & Justin Kuraitis - Gossip Column
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly September 17, 2020
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What had started out as a whirlwind scandal back in October last year quickly turned into a long-drawn-out saga that dragged on for a year. It all began with Veronica Brill, a former commentator on Stones Live Poker at Stones Gambling Hall, accusing Mike Postle of cheating during the live cash games hosted at the establishment. The allegations sent shockwaves through the poker community, ultimately leading to a $30 Million lawsuit.

Veronica Brill
Veronica Brill


A total of 88 plaintiffs that included Brill had filed the lawsuit, not only against Postle but also against Stones Live production manager Justin Kuraitis, and King’s Casino (parent company to Stones Gambling Hall). On September 9, a court filing revealed that 60 of the 88 plaintiffs had accepted an undisclosed settlement.

Here is where the story gets a little tricky. With 60 plaintiffs accepting the settlement, there are still 28 non-settling plaintiffs, which includes Brill. These non-settling plaintiffs will now have to proceed without the counsel of lawyer Mac VerStandig since he has already withdrawn from the case with effect from September 11.

One of the most startling developments, in this case, has been VerStandig’s statement that neither Stones nor Kuraitis was involved in any sort of cheating. This statement was supposedly one of the conditions of the settlement.

Besides this unusual twist to the tale, both Postle and Kuraitis have finally broken their silence on the scandal.


Mac VerStandig States Stones & Kuraitis Were Not Involved in Cheating

VerStandig, who has tirelessly fought on behalf of players claiming to have been cheated by Postle, on Monday conveyed via a telephonic interview to The Sacramento Bee that, “A number of my clients chose to settle the case with the casino. t’s an amicable settlement that we’re happy to enter into.”

Mac VerStandig
Mac VerStandig


The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, although a Stones source said the payment amount was “nominal” and made to “show goodwill.”

He also went on to absolve Stones and Kuraitis from the scandal. “After reviewing the evidence with the cooperation of Stones, my co-counsel and I have found no evidence supporting the plaintiffs’ claims against Stones, Stones Live Poker, or Justin Kuraitis. My co-counsel and I have found no forensic evidence that there was cheating at Stones or that Stones, Mr. Kuraitis, the Stones Live team, or any dealers were involved in any cheating scheme. Based on our investigation, we are satisfied that Stones and Mr. Kuraitis were not involved in any cheating that may have occurred. While Stones has not spoken publicly regarding the details of their investigation during its pendency, its counsel and Mr. Kuraitis’ counsel have been immensely cooperative behind-the-scenes.”

Postle’s name was noticeably missing from the statement.


Postle Clarifies Stand Via Text Message

The main accused in this whole debacle, Postle, has also been one of the most enigmatic characters. Ever since the scandal began, he has oftentimes hidden from the media and the poker fraternity. Declining interview requests and even failing to appear for his court summons.

Mike Postle
Mike Postle


The prime accused finally made a statement via text message to The Sacramento Bee stating the following:

“As much as I’d like to say, all I can really say right now is that I have my side of this entire fiasco to tell. It won’t just shock the poker and gambling industries, but the entire world.

This all goes way beyond just my innocence but includes an entire incredible 17+ year story along with it, and what’s happened since the allegations. In fact, it’s such a mind-blowing story, that it’s being told to Dave Broome at 25/7 Productions who will be producing a wild documentary for the world to see it!

I’ve been waiting for many, many months on this and I’m anxious for it to finally come out. So to all the detractors and accusers who have asked, ‘Why hasn’t he spoken or provided his evidence of innocence and explanations?’

Well guess what? … Now you know.”

For those who don’t know, Dave Broome is a producer and writer, best known for hits like Ultimate Beastmaster (2017), The Biggest Loser (2004), and S.T.R.O.N.G. (2016). Needless to say, this is one documentary the entire poker community will is waiting to see.


Kuraitis Feels Vindicated

Kuraitis got wrapped up in the scandal for allegedly not taking other players’ complaints about the supposed cheating seriously. With his name finally getting cleared from the scandal, he feels vindicated.

Justin Kuraitis
Justin Kuraitis


“I would characterize the settlement as a complete vindication,” said Kuraitis’ lawyer Richard Pachter.

Unlike Postle, Kuraitis had a lot more to say. The statement, shared on Twitter, was a rather lengthy one. He wrote about how the allegations affected him and even went on to attack the poker community and poker media for unjustly accusing him.

The statement read: “In the fall of 2019, I watched as the ‘poker community’ and wanna-be ‘celebrity’ commentators on Twitter/YouTube falsely accused me of being a knowing participant in what was allegedly the ‘biggest poker cheating scandal in history.’ The allegations against me were false.

However, the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Gambling Control still conducted an investigation with which I completely and voluntarily cooperated. Because of the investigation and then civil litigation, I was counseled to remain silent and let the process play out without making public comment. I did so, all the while wondering if the record would ever be set straight, if the poker community would ever take me back and if those that falsely accused me would ever apologize or if they would just go on to the next effort to collect clicks and followers.”

“The Twitter mob is real, it is ugly, and it has real-life consequences,” he further wrote. “I have never before experienced so much hatred, ignorance, and even threats of violence.”

Kuraitis continues to be employed at Stones.


Poker Community Reacts

Well, the courts might have let the three accused go scot-free, but the majority of the poker community is not buying their side of the story. Several big names came out to voice the fact that the legal system’s inability to convict the accused does not equate to them being innocent.

Well, it seems though Postle, Kuraitis, and Stones have managed to escape the clutches of the law, the poker community isn’t willing to forgive and forget just yet.

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